Birth by Sleep [Terra] - English Boss Battles

A collection of boss battles in the game, from Terra's side of the story.

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Download all of the boss battles, from Terra's side of the story, by clicking here. These videos are from the English dub.
File offered in ZIP format. The file is 934 MB.
Destroy the Orbs of Light
Defeat all of the Unversed (Enchanted Dominion)
Master Wheel
Defeat all of the Unversed (Castle of Dreams)
Protect Cinderella
Symphony Master
Defeat all the Unversed (Dwarf Woodlands)
Magic Mirror
Defeat all the Unversed (Radiant Garden)
Trinity Armor
Defeat all the Unversed (Olympus Coliseum)
Olympus Coliseum (First Round)
  • Description:
    Terra's first round of the tournament.
  • Length:
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    38.2 MB
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Unversed in Space
Defeat all the Unversed (Deep Space)
Experiment 221
Race with Captain Dark
Defeat all the Unversed (Neverland)
Peter Pan
Defeat More Unversed! (Neverland)
Master Eraqus
Vanitas and Master Xehanort
Master Xehanort
Lingering Spirit
Mysterious Figure
Armor of the Master
  • Description:
    Armor of the Master Boss Battle
  • Length:
  • Filesize:
    153 MB
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    Direct Download (AVI)
No Heart