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    Your counselor and teachers are failures at their jobs, they failed to put themselves in your position and respond accordingly; failed to understand you. I understand that the 'special treatment' they're attempting only makes you feel ostracized from the rest of the student body and the fact that they're only trying to help makes it worse because they're failing badly. I say that you confront them about how you feel, they'll listen if they really earned their occupation. As with any negative-oriented cravings, which I have struggled with myself, I suggest that you find something or someone to hold onto; to be strong for. You already tried to confide in someone and that failed, but you could always try an object that you can cling to for the strength of will you need. It doesn't have to be strictly religious, anything symbolic that you gave or can give meaning to will be fine. Your world's crashing down, it's hard to believe in anything.... but you're stronger than you know. The only one who controls your life is you, a life that can do anything you will it to. That's tremendous power, you know, and you are the only one who can really direct it in whichever direction you choose. I'm sure that everyone who has posted on this thread so far believes in you, and so do I. Be strong. ^_^
    Post by: Zexion of the Twilight, Jan 8, 2011 in forum: Help with Life
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    Hello? Did you quit?

    Hello? Did you quit?
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