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    Profile Post

    I know right?

    I know right?
    Profile Post by Zeff for Catch the Rain, Nov 4, 2008
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    Well atleast some more people read this!:)
    Anyway like I said I will be visiting but not so much =P
    Anyway I think the majority of you guys dont know me*Reffers to second post*
    Post by: Zeff, Oct 8, 2007 in forum: Departure Hall
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    Seeya guys!

    Well im leaving now....Simple as that. I guess I got borred here casue well I had nothing to do?(my freinds here are still leet so dont think im leaving cause of joo)
    If anyone plays Fiesta you will see me at the forums there!
    Anyway goodbye to all that actually care!:)

    I might check here and then but I wont really post just usernotes and pm.
    Thread by: Zeff, Sep 20, 2007, 7 replies, in forum: Departure Hall
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    Awww your too nice!
    Post by: Zeff, Sep 2, 2007 in forum: Introductions & Departures
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    Why dont we go with her?!? And we can be her bodrgaurdzzzz! See: Us:guns::guns2::guns3: Bad guy::ninja:= DEAD!!!!!!! And alive Rain!!!! WEWT!
    Post by: Zeff, Sep 2, 2007 in forum: Forum Families
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    Dont talk to my new buddy like that! *Slaps*
    *Gives everyone BUT mouse PIE*
    Post by: Zeff, Sep 2, 2007 in forum: Departure Hall
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    Isnt that a bit off topic?
    (But than again I never knew a make shift sig could get meh a buddy...*Thanks sig*)
    Post by: Zeff, Sep 1, 2007 in forum: Departure Hall