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Oct 6, 2011
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Nov 12, 1991 (Age: 32)
twilight town (like i would really say where lol)
none sadly at the moment


Moogle Assistant, 32, from twilight town (like i would really say where lol)

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Sep 1, 2012
    1. GAG1
    2. Rhiscx
      Thank you very much.
    3. Rhiscx
      I hope you had a good time. Aww lucky, I wish I had one. Mine was alright. had Christmas and my birthday so that was fun.
    4. Rhiscx
      Hey there. How have you been?
    5. Rhiscx
      Oh I see. Yes Happy holidays to you as well.
    6. Rhiscx
      You didn't get what for a day?
    7. Rhiscx
      Yeah that promo was awesome. And yes we got a new skin and I'm glad you got a new computer congrats!!!
    8. YumiFireFox
      So I just got my computer to work properly today and as soon I get on here my life had ended... The new Kh 3Ds video is out and so I watch it right. Guys I love this Game so much that I was practically crying but when the part where it's the new opening comes out I died and just broke down it was short but so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      And on other note what the heck it with the new look? I get off for a day look what happens
    9. Rhiscx
      Ikr? It's a shame it'll be banned as soon as it gets published in America. But I will still want it for my collection.
    10. Rhiscx

      She is called The Creator God of Light Horakhty.
    11. Rhiscx
      Actually they are going to make a card far more powerful than Exodia.........we are all so dead.
    12. Rhiscx
      What if I play a god card? 0_o I win.
    13. YumiFireFox
      Yugi-oh Rock Paper Scissors!

      1st a story
      I’m pretty sure someone came up with this already but if not I totally call credits for this. Yesterday when I was bored and left out of a duel and just sitting there seeing my friends play. I yelled Guys Yugi-oh Rock Paper Scissors!!! because of how their cards were working. They all look at me like what?

      Yeah! It goes like this

      “Monster Beats Magic”

      “Magic beat Traps”

      “Traps beat Monster”

      Ok so it plays like this.

      It’s a two player game get your decks, mix them up for all i care

      Don’t look at your cards and just like you do when you draw get only one then you and opponent put them down face up on the field,table what ever you're playing on lol and who ever has the winning of those up top wins.

      And as for decks with more cards just keep going until who ever has less cards decks out. Than add up from however many points you got. Don’t count ties kk

      Thats pretty much it have fun lol
    14. Rhiscx
      Thank you. Got through part one of my math pretty easily, but I have my Health tomorrow.......actually 12 hours form now.
    15. Rhiscx
      Oh, interesting. Well good luck to you with the money thing. And I hope you reach your dream, whatever that may be.
    16. Rhiscx
      Thank you. So, what major/school are you looking into?
    17. YumiFireFox
      So I am loving all my games right now. I just replayed my KH bbs and now on to the 1st one lol might as well go in story order right? So I'm happy that I got the stuff I wanted for my birthday, now for Xmas I want Sora x Roxas lol god I wish. No but I do want the necklaces of them both. And right now I'm a little occupied with Halo Anniversary.Omg it's killing me that I only need I think 3 more achievements for Anniversary. I need these 3 if anyone wants to help.
      That Just Happened
      Complete the level “The Library” on Heroic difficulty or higher without dying.
      (This one was weird I did it with my boyfriend and only he died but I didn't get it so how does this one work?)
      Speed Reader
      Complete the level “The Library” on Legendary difficulty in 30 minutes or less.
      (Hell no...)
      Never Tell Me the Odds
      Escape “The Maw” on Legendary with at least a minute left on the count down.
      (This one I can maybe but it's hard lol)
    18. Rhiscx
      My Holiday had it's ups and downs, but it wasn't bad in the end. This week the pressure is on as I count down to my finals and having to work on last minute stuff. That's ok, at least you got your power back on.
    19. eentje
      Haha, Yes, one time I decorated a cake, and it looked really good, but by the time I arrived at my friends home, it wasn't looking that nice anymore... she still ate it though...
    20. Rhiscx
      Well, Black Friday came and went, and Christmas is around the corner. Maybe you can get your bf or someone to get you a new one. You could just hint it to them.
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    Nov 12, 1991 (Age: 32)
    twilight town (like i would really say where lol)
    none sadly at the moment
    completely in love with this game series no joke i have them all and will one day have the final mixes too

    games reading music drawing


    i need more of Sora Roxas in my life[SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]