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    Finally! Been waiting for this since so long ago...

    You haven't lost your touch at all.
    Post by: Xuan, Apr 21, 2009 in forum: Archives
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    Finally~ Updated by the author. It's been quite some time, and all the old authors are less active than before.
    Post by: Xuan, Mar 18, 2009 in forum: Archives
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    Hmm, well, I skip the part not related to KH (By that I mean only a smal part of the story... Hah) and I found myself moved once again by certain scenes in KH1. The ending was so perfect! Sigh~~
    Post by: Xuan, Feb 18, 2009 in forum: Archives
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    I dunno... The first few paragraphs feels like I've seen before somewhere, very very familiar.
    Post by: Xuan, Jan 22, 2009 in forum: Archives
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    LOL, the ending is really unexpected. GJ!
    Post by: Xuan, Jan 1, 2009 in forum: Archives
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    Long time no see!

    I see our queen (I absolutely refuse to use improper English!) has gotten fatter over the days...

    *laugh runs*
    Post by: Xuan, Nov 10, 2008 in forum: Forum Families
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    Cute, and fits the actual world. Well, my country at least. It's just so freaking hard for the guys to ask the girls they like out! So the girls moved in instead~~
    Post by: Xuan, Oct 28, 2008 in forum: Archives
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    Maybe the lack of people in KH-Vids...
    Post by: Xuan, Oct 20, 2008 in forum: Forum Families
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    In many cases, never.
    Post by: Xuan, Oct 20, 2008 in forum: Archives
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    Aw, sweet!

    Makes me hope that Kairi and Sora really kiss in the future series...
    Post by: Xuan, Oct 5, 2008 in forum: Archives
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    Super hearing? Nah, he just 'identifies' certain sounds that would come up if you ever turn on your laptop. It might not even have any connection with your laptop, perhaps creaking of the floors is enough... After all, he owns the house.
    Post by: Xuan, Sep 8, 2008 in forum: Forum Families
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    Sora was probably the one hurting the most, despite all these Kairi craziness. After all, Kairi doesn't remember... But Sora did.
    Post by: Xuan, Aug 24, 2008 in forum: Archives
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    Hahaha, that sounds pretty good actually.
    Post by: Xuan, Aug 20, 2008 in forum: The Spam Zone
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    Howdy, it's been a long time since I've been here, how's everyone doing?
    Post by: Xuan, Aug 7, 2008 in forum: Forum Families
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    Lolx, it's an ok piece of work. Nice job.
    Post by: Xuan, Jul 24, 2008 in forum: Archives