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    True. My way leans towards completion of the journal versus item gather.

    If you're having problems with Demyx too, keep Donald on the "Help Sora" mode (or whatever it happened to be called - I'm talking about the one where he focuses mostly on supporting Sora versus offensive tactics.), and stay more towards the center when he summons water clones. If you haven't gotten that information yet. :3

    That's what I used during that part in the Hades (Paradox) cup (: Except I used both X&triangle. (Reaction command impluse - use index&middle finger for max usage.)
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    It's kind of got a shonen-ai (boy's love) theme to it, so if you don't at all like that kind of content, I'd suggest you shy away, but it's not too bad (even for those who tetter on the edge of acceptance and rejection.) Very light on the love-y, but it may be a just-above-average dication. (Or, something to read when you can concentrate.)

    Criticism, tips, reviews, or just comments are always accepted. <3

    Oh, and also - those who read it, please don't spoil who the story's about. It's meant to make the reader feel good for recognizing the characters in the story, and give a surprise for those who don't figure it out, you know?
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    I didn't really play the cups until after I finished the game up to the final battle. If you do that, you can sweep right through the cup with Final (mmmm, glide. <3) and have more than enough time to beat Cerberus.

    Especially if you have Fenrir and/or Ultima equipped.
    Just as a side note.
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    I'm such a newbie when it comes to AMV's, haha. They're all Kingdom Hearts (because Kingdom Hearts videos are the only videos I have a lot of at the moment... Can't download 50 cutscenes from other games with my computer's memory so close to crashing on me, hahaha) so.. yep.

    I'd love critcism/tips/reviews... maybe even just little words of encouragement, neh? Please and thanks, hehe <3

    [Edit :: Mod please move this. I'm new, sorrryyy. xD]
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    I sort of expected more Marluxia fans... And a few more Zexion fans, maybe o.o

    Not surprised about Axel though. :3

    Personally, my favorites are Saix&Zexion <3
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