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    sure! I had it saved somewhere but somehow lost it ; v ;
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    I know someone did a write up for a "proper" ending of LVD2 for us, but i dont remember who ; v ; it was nice lol
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    Yess, i occasionally go back and read through that RP xD
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    no brain, only booba

    no brain, only booba
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    I have not been active on here in... years. I've popped in and lurked every now and then but wow, I have a lot of RP memories here. I kind of want to try being active again and if any of my past friends that are still here see this, HI!
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    Username: -Xero-
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    General Schedule: It really depends on my work schedule since it's mostly random. I can't do weekends cause I either work or I'm spending time with my boyfriend.
    I've noticed a pattern of being off on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I'm always off on Thursdays.
    Time Zone: CST??
    Roll me for critical role: If for whatever reason it's possible to be a critical role now then sure. It may make me more motivated to post. If not it's fine.
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    who dis lol

    who dis lol
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    I've been seriously debating on going back to college. I've gone before to try and get my basic classes done at North West Vista (a community college) but ended up dropping out within 2 or 3 months because I didn't like it.

    Now I'm wanting to go back and try and get a degree in either Game Art & Design and/or Animation. The school I'm looking at is the Art Institute in San Antonio. I know... it's the Art Institute; but I literally have no other options. This is the only school that I can go to in my city that will teach me what I want to learn. I've tried looking up other schools and there aren't any other ones really...

    I've talked to a guy who was a customer where I work about the Art Institute and he said "Yes, it's way too expensive for what it is. But it's not a bad school." He went on to say a few other things like everybody he's known that went there got a job right off the bat after graduating pretty much or got a job because they were in school.

    The only reason why I'm hesitant about going is because of how expensive it is. I think it costs over $17,000 a year; maybe more. I can't remember. I've asked my grandmother about helping out with pay she said since I dropped out last time I would have to pay for my first semester, which is fine. I'm pretty sure my mom is fine with it because she keeps telling me that I should go back to college.

    My boyfriend keeps telling me to do it. He's very supportive about the whole thing, which I appreciate very much. I'm just not sure... I'm afraid of going and then not liking it and then dropping out again.

    Does anyone have any thoughts and advice?
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    ☆ OOC THREAD ☆

    There were a lot of things that had happened in Oda City lately. A Mutant Mafia had recently been going around terrorizing and destroying places around the city, outbreaks of corrupt Boju, and a few other things. People have been worrying over their safety within the city and wondering why no one has tried to take action yet. The city is slowly getting worse and worse with its crime rates due to the mafia; and there have been more and more dangerous creatures seen around the outskirts of the city as well (people believe it is because there is a corrupted Bojuyeba lurking nearby).

    Ro and Hiro were walking around a shopping mall as they were both out running errands for Ryoichi. They lived with him and the only thing he asked for in return was to help with patients or to go out shopping for whatever supplies they needed. Ro was carrying a few plastic bags and was looking at a list of things they needed.

    "Hmm... We have bread, cereal... ramen, meat, food for the rat..." Ro continued to mumble out the list of things they got and turned to Hiro who was struggling behind and carrying a bunch of science equipment, "Well I got everything we need for food... What about what Matoi wanted?" Hiro practically dropped everything onto the ground, possibly breaking something in the pile as he did, "I got all the crap he wanted. Why the hell does he even need all this?"

    "I've learned to not question it and just roll with it honestly..." Ro replied, not even sure why Ryoichi wanted any if it herself. She sighed and helped Hiro pick everything back up and began to walk towards home, "You know, I don't see why we don't just get a damn car already. It doesn't have to be fancy; Ryoichi makes enough money to be able to pay it off doesn't he?" Hiro grumbled as he spoke.

    "Not exactly... most of the money he makes goes towards buying new medical equipment for the patients and paying rent."

    "Well you'd think he'd buy equipment from people who weren't so shady or who'd actually have sterile syringes..." Hiro pulled out a syringe with a rusty needle as he spoke.

    "We don't need the needles thankfully... But even if we did, and they weren't rusty like that one, we clean them pretty well ourselves already."

    After a while of walking and talking, they were finally able to get home and Hiro dropped everything onto the dining table and Ro began to put things away. Hiro went into the living room and plopped himself onto the couch with a groan, "Ey, Matoi! We got the crap you wanted, the least you could do is come out of your damn room and look at it!"

    "Hiro, don't be rude! You're lucky we don't have any patients here right now!" Ro shouted from the kitchen as she heard Hiro shouting at Ryoichi. She then noticed a note on the fridge that looked like it was left by Ryoichi and read it.

    I've gone out. Went to run a few errands.
    Be back late.

    Feed Pudge for me. ♡

    Ro sighed and took the note off the fridge and walked into the living room, "He's not even here." She handed the note to Hiro and he read it too, "What the hell? Why did he tell us to go get errands if he was going out to get crap himself?"

    "You know Matoi, he never tells us anything." Ro then walked back into the kitchen to continue putting things away. "Yeah well if you ask me he doesn't pay us enough for the crap he makes us do."

    "He doesn't pay us, Hiro... We live here as our payment."

    "Exactly why he doesn't pay us enough!"

    "Hey, you're lucky we even took you in when you escaped the facility! I could've just left you out there you know! Now stop your b*tching and help me put this stuff away!" Ro was getting a bit irritated at Hiro for talking about Ryoichi that way. Sure she was a bit annoyed that he never told them anything about what he was doing, but in a way she owes him for basically adopting her.
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