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    Eh? What's going on? :0
    Post by: Xephos, Oct 8, 2016 in forum: Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ
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    Long time no see. ^^

    Long time no see. ^^
    Profile Post by Xephos for Bareri-San, Apr 30, 2015
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    My return will start with this thread. XD

    Steam: Xephos49 (I should be top result but to be exact, )

    League of Legends NA: Xephos0

    I'm currently trying to get into a Youtube/Livestream career so if anyone wants to join, you are most welcome. :3

    If you are trying to add me, pm me here or where you're adding me so I know where you're from. XD I like to organize where I added people from.
    Post by: Xephos, Apr 30, 2015 in forum: Gaming
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