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    //Satoya High School//

    Carmen awoke from her stupor, slightly confused. It was like someone that was controlling her had just sort of left her for a while. trying to get her bearings, she decides to stay silent until she can gather enough information to get up to speed on things
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    Carmen listened to Dale and his lecture with a small interest. 'No magic...Principle...Questions...Respect...Polite. Okay' she thought, making a mental list. As they walked, she took in the surroundings, creating a mental map, her eidetic memory serving her well as they traversed the halls, from twists and turns to the amount of torches on the walls. If stuff went belly-up, she was going to be ready.
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    Carmen sat on a corner of the table staring absentmindedly at the floor, subconsciously listening in on other people's conversations. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Scarlett and Dale conversing. 'Hmm' Carmen thought, 'Scarlett has seemed to hate the guts of everyone that has walked into this guild except for Dale...' . "I wonder..." she mumbled, letting her mind drift.
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    Carmen signing up for Satoya Highschool
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    "No, don't worry about it Johanna" replied Carmen, "I have no problem with it, my sister, Jade, was the one that always hated anything to do with flowers. She was allergic to the pollen". Carmen gave a small smile and looked at Johanna and Alessia. "I've heard stories of this girl, Scarlett. Is she really that bad?" Carmen asked the girls.
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    "I'm fine, thanks Alessia," Carmen replied "Just tired from the journey here, now all I want to do is sleep" Carmen leaned back onto the matress. "Scarlett treating you badly Johanna?" she said "Don't worry, I'm sure she'll warm up to us eventually". Carmen wasn't so sure about Scarlett, she acted like the was superior to everyone and that all of humanity should bow at her feet, but in her eyes she could see something...different.
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    Carmen walked down to the dorm where Johanna and Alessia had settled down and walking out of the dorm was...'oh my God, Scarlett is here as well?! Oh Dear Lord help me' Carmen thought. She sat down at the bed that was left and heaved a sigh, her forearms resting on her thighs. "Hello everyone" Carmen asked the room in general, "How's your day been so far?"
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    Carmen observed many of the members in the Guild Hall, developing a strong urge to sock that (Still rather unattractive) Scarlett girl square in the face. "Could she be any more obnoxious?' Carmen thought to herself 'Whatever, it's her life, she's welcome to ruin it however she finds suitable, and she was off to a flying start'.
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    Carmen watched the fight happen in the Guild Hall with mild interest; leaning against the wall, one leg cocked up against it, flipping her dagger in her left hand. Her beautiful hair fell over her left eye and she brushed it behind her ear. Her eyes followed the (rather unattractive) red haired girl who proceeded to rest her feet on the table. 'Pff' Carmen thought to herself with slight disgust, 'Another prissy, uptight, unprofessional waste of space who thinks she's Queen of The Universe. My heart is about to burst with excitement'. She rolled her eyes and refocused on the fight, silently placing mental bets on who would win.
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    Name: Carmen

    Gender: Female

    Race: Half-Elf

    Age (Min of 16): 19

    Description: Tall, Slender, Sexy Build, Beautiful Dark Red Hair, Bright Green Eyes, Nimble (Looks Strikingly like Mara Jade). Especially When On Night Raids or Fulfilling Weapon Orders, She Wears a Skin-Tight Black Tunic with a Black Hood and Mask to Cover Her Nose and Mouth.

    Weapons: Finely Crafted Elven Dagger


    AS: Quick Blitz, Thunder and Blizzard.

    Strengths: Long Distance and Hand-To-Hand Combat, Freerunning, Deception,
    Seduction, Thievery

    Weaknesses/Fears: Sword Combat, Giant Gelatinous Cubes

    History: No One Quite Knows Carmen’s History, and the Ones Who Do Know...Are Dead

    Other: She Can Get You a Great Weapon, Usually In Mint Condition…For a Price!

    Build Chosen: Speed

    Build Weakness: Magic
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