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    I do that with my best friend alll the time. It's fun! But I hurt my back one time. When she did it, she fell flat on her face! I have it recorded on my phone.
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    Welcome back:]
    Screamo and drawing are some of my favourite things, too.
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    Twilight!!!! But Lion King comes in as a close second.
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    I'm obsessed with Twilight. But mostly Edward Cullen. My best friend and I have daily fights about "Who's the most obsessed?" and "Who has the most picture in her locker?". It's hilarious really. The very first time I saw it in theaters(I've seen it 17 times in theaters), when Edward's face first came onto the screen, I jumped up from my seat and screamed out for everyone to hear,"EDWARD I FREAKIN' LOVE YOU!!!" and I'm dead serious, everyone turned around and stared at me.
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    I'm kinda the same way. I do not have an open mind. And despite lack of proof, creationism is what I believe happened. I'm a Christian, so I believe God created everything.
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    ya. :) im so bored...XDD
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    I'm new.

    Hi there, I'm Wulphie!
    I'm sort of a retired member so you won't see me on alot.
    But I still come here SOMEtimes.
    Enjoy KHV as much as I did.
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    Getting older

    This site has been my home for a little over a year now, and I'm getting older and I realized I can't relate to mush here anymore.
    I might come on rarely, but only once in a blue moon. So, I have some goodbyes I'd like to say.
    Ms.Scarlet- You were one of the first friends I made on this site, when I had only first come here as Rinoa. I'll always remember you as the best and closest friend I made here. I do hope our paths cross one day.<3
    Xephos- What can I say? You were also one of my first and best friends here. I'll never forget you!:3
    Destiny's Force- You were always so great and I looked up to you as the greatest fic writer ever. Keep on writing, and I know you'll be great one day. :D
    To anyone else I missed, I'm sorry, and I'll never forget anyone here. I do hope sometime in the future, I get to meet you all again someday.
    Someone I missed in my goodbyes:
    Renegade(or whatever your username could be now, oh whatever you know who you are)- You were one of the funniest members I met on here. I'll always remember you. :)
    Well, I guess I'm ending up like my brother "The Great" Hero Form.
    My time here was pretty short, I never made it to my 1,000'th post and a lot of other stuff like that....
    To every friend I've met here...

    for now.......
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    I think that's a pretty good idea.
    We need a section where we can talk about what we believe in and stuff.
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    If you stopped coming here, but just came back, I guess you don't know me.
    I'm Wulphie!, or if you knew me before, my old username is Rinoa.
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    that was badass.
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