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    I have a question.
    a couple of years ago when I was kind of active around here, there was an epic code that was never released. The "Roxas' Keyblades" code, which just as the name implies, gives Sora, Roxas' Oblivion and Oathkeeper (Boss glowing and floting behind him).
    was it ever "re-discovered"????
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    Hey guys.
    I wanted to request a code to change the Voice Type of the hunter.
    I already tried this one:

    0x01349218 0x000000xx
    xx ranges from 1-20 in hex and I replaced it 0C (number 12 in Hex)

    and gave me no results.

    Hope you guys can help me!
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    hey guys.
    I'm half Chilean, and half Danish, born in Chile too :P
    how are ya all?
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    ah, just gotta like with it....
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    yeah, can be pretty rough.
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    Sup! How are ya doing?

    Sup! How are ya doing?
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