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    (OOC: Yeah that would be great. I'm glad someone actually is interested. ^-^ I'll add you. Go ahead and tell your friends about this rpg.)
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    Takes place before the Buu Saga after Cell is defeated. A mysterious stranger uses three wishes on the dragonballs for all saiyan existance including the planet and those that have died to be restored, for saiyans who have lost their tails regain them back and for the Evil King Piccolo to come back to life. No one knows who this stranger is or what reasons he/she may have for these occurances.


    All rules from the general RP section also count here, but with some small additions.
    Posts must be a minimum of 10 lines long.
    NO godmodding.
    A decent level of grammatical knowledge and correct spelling is expected.
    Swearing and inappropriate content will not be allowed, yes this is more about serious RP, but bear in mind the minimum age of the site.
    Break the rules frequently and you will receive a warning.

    *All posts are to be in character. The only exception for talking out of character shall be displayed as follows.
    Example: (OOC: *say what you're going to say*) OOC means out of character
    *You may post as often as you like, but be sure everyone does.
    *You may play up to three characters, but please make a commitment to stay as those characters.
    *OC *OWN CHARACTERS* are allowed, but please stay with the storyline.
    *If you're an OC please follow the guideline below
    Romance is allowed may it be hetrosexual, homosexual or bisexual however no obscene language or displays
    *Please let others know when you will be on if you can. This will greatly move the rpg along.
    *Killing other characters is not allowed unless granted permission
    *Feel free to PM me with any questions, comments or if you simply want to be a character who is not listed.


    Vegeta: water mage
    Piccolo: fiire mage
    Trunks: water mage
    King Piccolo:
    King Vegeta:
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    (OOC: Ah you got to be kidding? What happened to my other posts?)

    Hikaru watched his mother leave and shrugged his shoulders. He didn't care what she thought or not. He wasn't hurting Kaoru at all. What did she know about them anyway besides the fact she was their mother she had no idea how close they were to one of another. No she could never understand their deep bond. "I'm not going do anything to hurt him," Hikaru uttered out of the side of his mouth. His mother needed to just chill and Tamaki of all people needed to react in some way or another.
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    "Um wasn't your fault? Could you be more specific?" Demyx interrupted his bathing to ask a question of his own. "You're the one that controls your own actions unless you were under control by something or someone." He went back to bathing his face. "If I see her I'll ask, but for now could you give me some idea of why you did attack me like that?"
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    (OOC: Okay they are yours. Looks like we're the only two so far. I hope others join or I might have to change my rules and be more characters to get this rpg going. >_< For now I'll go ahead and start I guess and if people wish to join they still can and I'll add them.)

    In the World That Never Was...

    The musical interlude was concluded from the ninth member of the organization when he had heard voices from the senior members tell him to knock off the racket. Most likely the voice was Xaldin, but one couldn't tell since they all said the same thing. It was frightfully dull in the castle and the only thing that entertained him was playing his sitar. Demyx spent countless hours perfecting his skill with no appreciation from the other members. Could something interesting happen once in his life without putting his well being in jeopardy? I guess that was asking for to much.

    Else where on the planet Earth...

    The sky had darkned and it felt like another ominous threat was approaching. Trunks several years later, had returned from his future and had defeated Cell in his time once and for all. There was nothing else for him back in his world, so he had decided to spend the rest of his life in this current timeline. At least all his friends and father was still alive. Sitting on a rock, his pale lavendar hair had grown long once more as it swayed in the wind brushing the sides of his face with the gusts that had seemed to come out of no where. Checking his watch, his eyebrows furrowed for a clash of thunder and lightning was errupting across the sky. It was the middle of summer so storms were not common of this time of year which meant someone or something had summoned the great Shenron using the dragonballs. "I got to check this out." Trunks took off into the air headed towards the source of power.

    Off in the distance another figure stood with his head held high into the air overseeing the mighty dragon appear. "It seems someone had summoned the dragon." He mused sarcastically, his arms now crossed against his chest. Since Cell had been defeated and Goku gone from the world, Vegeta had almost given up his will to fight for no one else was a challenge. Still over the years he kept trainning to keep his skills up in case one day Goku were to return. Taking off in short bursts of speed, the prince of saiyans approached the area and dropped his power level so not to be detected. From the bright light that had illuminated the sky, he saw a shadow siloulette of a tall figure looking back and forth as if confused. Not believing what he was seeing, he shook his head to clear his bearings. Lo and behold, Goku had returned and was looking more clueless than ever astounded that he was back and that he had his tail. Vegeta smirked knowing he would get his challenge. The day had come for their great battle at last. Just when he was about to make his presence known, he turned his head to the side feeling another part of him he had not felt in years only to discover that he too had his tail again. But how could that be? His tail had been sliced off years ago by that fat clutz Yajorbe? He would ponder this later for other thoughts had venturned in his mind like the one responsiable for these miracles to happen.
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    The twins cringed at the loud sound over the phone. Haruhi had dropped something and hopefully it wasn't expensive. "Yeah we'll see what we can do. We'll see you in an hour." They hung up before Tamaki could reply once more. "That went well. She wants us to bring over something sweet."

    The oldest of the twins shrugged. "Since we won't be there to long we might as well bring cookies."

    The youngest twin added. "We can take them on the plane with us at least without having to refridgerate them."

    "This is going to come as a complete shock to her, but I'm sure the boss can manage." Hikaru spread one of his devilish grins. "But you knew that didn't you boss?"

    Cloud stood idly by not interfering with Xemnas and Leon's confrontation. The last thing he wanted to do was fight. If he did he would alert Sephiroth of his presence which would be disasterous, but still what choice did he have? He couldn't wait forever.

    Demyx was in awe and also confused by Leon's last statement. The brunette did have a point. They were nobodies and yet they acted like they were more than that. "He does raise a good point boss. How can you be angry if we're not supposed to feel any feelings right?" The melodious nocturne turned to the other warrior and shrugged his shoulders not getting, but a simple shrug from the other. "See he doesn't get it either."
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    (OOC: Okay thanks for letting me know. Just let me know who you want to be in a vm or pm. I just came back from Comic Con a few days ago so now I'm catching up on the roleplays I'm in.)

    The dancer complied and headed out to another part of the castle. It had to make sure to follow the master's orders or would be destroyed. Demyx with a smug now that he finished giving his minion an assignment returned back to the topic. "So my dancer will be making sure that we're not being watched like a hawk so we can all relax assurely."

    Cloud nodded not so sure if a spy was in their midsts or not. For now everything seemed to be fine. "Finish showing me the rest of the castle before we get interuputed again." At times like this, he wondered what everyone else on Hollow Bastion was doing and if there was a way to get in contact with them except for Sephiroth of course. He hoped he never saw him again.
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    (OOC: Love them. Great job. I just came back from Comic Con and I'll post pictures soon if anyone wants to see them.)

    Demyx wandered carefully towards Sinder be cautious not to set her off. "Oh I don't know what do you think?" Stretching out his front legs, he lowered himself to a crouching postition. "Grabbing me back at the castle, going crazy and turning against me; why would I not be mad?" His eyes peered at hers. "However it looks like you regret what you did to me earlier so I can forget what you did. Just don't do it again okay?" Using his left paw he brought it close to his tongue and began to bathe himself sencing the tension had died down.

    Cloud came upon the a pride of lions and a different looking one he had never seen. Why were they all gathered in this world and who were these strange cats? Being careful not to cause any noise, he crept closer to the rocks overhearing their conversation.
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    (OOC: I got back from Comic Con and it was a blast. I'll post pictures soon.)

    Hikaru was relived that Ranka had left and agreed to his terms. At last his plans were going into action, but one of them was never having Kaoru get hurt. He felt bad that his twin was in pain and had to go through such misery, but at least Haruhi was going to be staying with them. It was odd that Tamaki had not once opened his mouth to put his two cents in. Did he not hear that Haruhi would be staying with the two people that drove him bananas? It was like he was in a whole another world or maybe he was just shocked from such the sudden turn of events. "Yo boss. Did you not hear what just happened? Geez come back to reality already." Regardless there was nothing that could be done to change anyone's mind.

    Kaoru only starred at his brother, his mother and Haruhi, taking his eyes over to Tamaki once in a while. He was surprised that their king had not reacted either. "Either the boss is shell shocked or is just completly stupid to say anything."
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    Who doesn't love crossover rpgs I know I love them. So I'm back with some more time on my hands which is why I'm starrting another rpg. This is a crossover of Kingdom Hearts and Dragonball Z. The time takes place after the android Cell saga.


    Peace returned to the world after the defeat of Cell, however a mysterious figure summoned the dragon Shenron to restore the planet Vegeta and all saiyans that were ever killed as well as Planet Namek and all namekians including the Evil King Piccolo. The third wish was for all saiyans' tails to be restored so that they may reach their full fighting potential. Clearly war would begin again. Due to these disturbances, a portal is breached in the time space which opens up to other worlds. This concerns the hero Sora not knowing who or what could disturb the balance of good and evil and the worlds that co exist with them and what would happen if the Organization learned of this merge? What kind of chaos would result would result from this?


    *Everyone is to be treated with respect around here so respect everyone's feelings and posts and if you have a disgreement please pm me about it. There is to be no flaming, or insults to anyone here. This kind of behavior will not be tolerated. Disrespect to other characters is fine, as long as it is not the user hurting another user's feelings.

    *No spamming which means only posting as OOC format after the rpg has startted. You must post in character(s) while you're here once the rpg begins. If you have to talk out of character please use the OOC format or simply vm or pm me.
    Example: (OOC: *say what you're going to say*) OOC means out of character

    *No power playing which means making the character invinciable. Everyone has to have a weakness and that includes the OCs. (original characters)

    *Each person can be up to three or four characters which includes Ocs, however if you have an OC you must have at least one character from either Dragonball Z or Kingdom Hearts.

    *Please stay active in this rpg and let others know if you're going to be leaving instead of just quitting. I hate it when others do that.

    *If you're leaving for a short period let me know so I can give you a recap. But keep up with the posts and don't just ask for a recap without reading it.

    *One, two or three liners are forbidden. You must post at least a paragraph which can be anywhere from 4 sentences. Your posts can be as long and detailed as you like.

    *Please try to use proper grammar and spelling. If that is a problem don't worry about it. Just do your best please.

    *If you wish to have another character not listed let me know.

    *To have a character please read the rules and type the saying "All mighty power" in your post; that way I know you read them.

    OC Format

    Species: (human, heartless, nobody etc.
    Image of the OC if you have one:

    Dragonball Z

    Vegeta: water mage
    Gohan: fire mage
    Trunks: water mage
    Piccolo: fire mage
    Chi Chi:
    King Piccolo: fire mage
    King Vegeta:

    Kingdom Hearts


    Organization XIII

    Axel: fire mage
    Demyx: water mage
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