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    Sure I do. I just find it a little more then silly. I guess people think it's funny?
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    I have a sister and a cousin like you who both think for some reason that they are fat. I honestly can't see why people are so crazy about weight. I am average I guess and if I gain a pound or two it's personally ok for me. You have to have the upmost confidence in yourself when dealing with other people. This world is a cruel one and you will learn that to survive you need to be just as commanding and cruel to those who deserve it. If someone calls you fat you call them anorexic or even better you can give a nice glare and rant to a friend out loud about people with no lives and nothing better to do then gossip like ugly hags... That's what I would do... Heh you don't seem the type so I say ignore and glare it always works!

    As for the not being hungry problem well start small. If you think you're going to be sick distract yourself. Draw and eat a small snack or watch anime and eat a small snack, the more you think about eating the worse it gets so just don't think. Try to appreciate the fact that you can eat because eating is a form of survival that some people wish they could have. Most starve because they don't have a choice. Remember... You do have a choice.

    I can understand the whole parent thing. I am always stuck in a fight with my mom dad and sister. Most of the time I have to be the one to fix the problem but I used to be the cry baby and now I am the one who stops the fighting. You can't rely on your mom. That's understandable. No mom wants to hear that their kid has some kind of problem. If you can't go to her then go to a trusted friend. Anyone really but not an adult they only make things worse...

    Ummm lets see about the cutting and suicide. I don't ever find it a good way to find freedom or escape. It's a cowards solution. I have learned that there are so many more reasons for someone to be sad then just common problems. Some people live on the streets and they only think about living not giving up their lives. Others are dealing with war and loss of family. To give up is to never find out what your missing in life.

    I hope that kinda helps....
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    Sign.... Ok do you want to know the truth or would you like to keep thinking such silly things. First I guess I should say that even if the moon is drawing further and further from our planet earth, it's really the least of out problems. Over twenty percent of the world is starving from lack of food and with the way this world run's by killing off all the forests and polluting the air not to mention the pesticides put in our food, we have so many problems that you should concentrate on thirty years from now not some tens of thousands of years. I hope you put this post as a joke.
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    Dreams always have a meaning behind them. It's hard to discover what they mean but you really have to look to find your answers. I always have dreams in groups of three. I always wake up and try to write them down so I can remember why I was even dreaming in the first place. Most of my dreams are much like a fantasy I am always in the middle of a fight or war. I see people dear to me lose their lives but when I wake up I don't remember who they are just that I haven't met this special person who protects me in my dreams. I have a savior somewhere out there I just don't know what it means. I also have dreams of a world that can't be real. Always with a sky of stars and a moon that is so close to the earth it looks like it could hit at anytime. Again there's always some kind of fight that happens. I don't get it. =(
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    Not many people listen to classical any more.... "Isn't it Beautiful" from FFX
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    Everyone has a bad week or two. The point is not to let yourself become overwhelmed by things you can't control. I have a hard family life to but meh again that's life. Try to think positive no matter what!
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