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May 11, 2009
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Look up I'm wherever the stars shine brightest.
To find a path that defines me and what I stand fo


Moogle Assistant, from Look up I'm wherever the stars shine brightest.

walkergirl-_- was last seen:
Jan 23, 2011
    1. nasirrich
      Yep ok then peace.*Has these eyes.*

    2. Aura
      Wow. You're on earlier than usual. ._. I'm playing Legend of Zelda Wind Waker. <<;; You? ...You have ice cream so eat that. B|
    3. xtakeda
      Ahh Yes Eurovision~
      Here is UK~ They Were Dead Last Rofl~

      Here is Switzerland~ Home Of Fine Chocolates and Super Gays~

      France....They Love there Asses and Africans~

      Spain ahh jeez how....~<3 -Doesnt care how gay it seems-

      TESTOSTERONE ANYONE?~ Cause Greece sure was Packing~

      Germany....They Won but they really were Bleh~ I liked Spain alot better...
      Ahhh....Im not sure How Armenian you are so I dont know if you hate Turkey...Well I liked there song alot better then Germany's and they should have won... Again Sorry if this offends you I knew some Armenians who would Rage face at the mention of Turkey
      Belgium....Um Its really soft...
      Norway.....OK this Year they Freaking Failed HARD~ I will show you last years winner which was Norway and What a player he is~ Well Heres Norway 2010
      Ok so Norway 2009~ Wow Is Alexander Rybak Talented.... Freaking Norway or should I say Belarus for producing such a Cool dude~ Fiddle O:
      Ahh He Kisses Germany~
      He kisses A "princess"
      Song he played Before the kiss
      Another one of His amazing songs O: ahh But its sorta Pedophile-ish In a part of the song lol~

      And As a bonus heres Spain 2008

      Edited Spain since this one is alot better then last one and a girl falls down ROFL~
    4. nasirrich
      Hmmm ok then I'll just kill former pres bush. I want him dead(And his name is justian beiber I just call him beaver.) And I'm gonna kill another assassian group.
    5. Aura
      Alright. Be sure to answer though when I call. XD I'll see you tomorrow. Good night. Sleep well. I hope he doesn't go crazy. ><
    6. Aura
      Oh alright. I'll try getting there early. So are we going to meet at the entrance of the plaza? Either way, I'll call you once I'm close by and stuff so yeah. And...make your dad breakfast in the morning and stuff so he's in a good mood. >> Lol.
    7. Aura
      Ah. I see. So is she going to wander around with us or will she go somewhere else by herself? I hope your dad's in a good mood tomorrow. ._.
    8. Aura
      Oh alright. I hope you're dad's okay with it. >< He practically wasn't okay with giving me a ride with you so...eh. Why are you going so early though?
    9. Aura
      Oh alright. Then taking me back home is fine. I think it'd be a bad idea if I waited at Little Tokyo for my parents while you'd be gone. ._. Would your dad's girlfriend be alright with it?
    10. Aura
      Can she give me a ride or no? >> I know it's at the last minute, but I know I'll end up getting yelled at by my parents about this...which I don't really need at all. << If she can't, it's fine. I'll just bite the bullet if I get yelled at. And...I'll probably try being there at 12:30 or so, if possible. I want to get out of the house. Been too depressed lately.
    11. Aura
      ._. Oh wow. Your dad is taking you though, right?

      Dude, Maki's right. Little Tokyo is just a small street. I asked my mom just to be sure and she said the same thing. But she got pissed at me, telling me what we're looking for we won't find it there. >>
    12. Aura
      What time will you be there? And how long since I don't want another Northridge to happen. >>

      She responded. She said Little Tokyo is pretty straight forward and that it's just one street of food shops and a little plaza with small stores. She said we could meet at the plaza gate entrance. There's a sushi restaurant at the entrance. Or we can meet in the Japanese American Museum which is near that street of stores.
    13. Aura
      I just texted her. Hopefully she's awake. ><
    14. xtakeda
      Oh its fine I have been preoccupied with Persona and poor nanako D8
      Ahh that is good to hear~ Well do take care of yourself k~
      Ahh Yes Thank you~ But its still pretty easy <.< not like I go solo dungeons anymore D8 OH AND WTF TO THE PEACE BOSS WITH A GIANT HEAD HE WAS SOOOOOO EASY D8 my whole party died except for MC then I raped him 8D.... And Maybe D8 why monday tho isnt it tuesday?!~
      AND HAHA! See puppies can be evil too unless its a problem like your parents dont want it or something cause then Im sorry D8
    15. K u r o g a n e
      K u r o g a n e
      Ah I cannot go Ulqui-chan ;~;

      Perhaps some other time.
    16. nasirrich
      Tch these weak fools are not my style at all. Heyyy lets kill Justian Beaver, chill umm how bout former pres bush...
    17. Aura
      Stuff her face the water. Kidding. Kind of. >> Maki's not coming so I'm still wondering where we should meet. I told my mom again and she said it's fine and yeah. Where will we meet?

      He's already stared at me a couple of times so...eh. >> I still stare either way.
    18. xtakeda
      Ahha Just kidding of course just dropping by to say Hi since I need to look how to make some more Pimp, awesome, Cool Personas and what-not~

      Ahaaa SO yeah Totally ermmm.....I dono being Random and bored makes me crazy D8 so yeah BUH BAI~
    19. nasirrich
      Yea she does have a point. This is soo boring I mean come on this is sad.
    20. Aura
      It's fine. Lucy told me why since I had a feeling what it was. Are you feeling better? D: Where in little Tokyo though? >< Also...Maki might come with us. I need to ask her again though. She might come with me since she told me she wouldn't have a ride if she went. D:

      <<;;; It was an accident. And I couldn't stop staring today. >>;;;;
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    Look up I'm wherever the stars shine brightest.
    To find a path that defines me and what I stand fo
    I don't know yet. I hope to find my answer soon though!

    I live to read and draw and star gaze I am who I am...


    Do you see what I see? Nope you can't see it! I won't tell you what it is either. Go and look for the answer yourself.