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Jan 23, 2011
May 11, 2009
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Look up I'm wherever the stars shine brightest.
To find a path that defines me and what I stand fo


Moogle Assistant, from Look up I'm wherever the stars shine brightest.

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Jan 23, 2011
    1. Aura


      I don't know why I'm leaving you this. XD I'm bored and exhausted and you'll probably never see this. But...

      HI. XDD
    2. Doukuro
      It's okay, I don't even have internet at my house at the moment ^^' I have been okay. You?
    3. Doukuro
      Yeah. I kind of skipped around near the end too so I'm rewatching it. And rereading the manga even though I haven't finished it yet XD
    4. Doukuro
      I have to catch up with the manga, I stopped reading for a while. Didn't want to, but got overstressed XD And yeah...Want more anime ;~; and want the curse to be broken too
    5. Doukuro
      Of course XD Reborn looks pretty cool as an adult and he kicks butt. Tsuna can be cute, so it's not that strange.
    6. Doukuro
      Well, sometimes I can forget that this is a kh site XD And Belphegor is my favorite <3 Who is yours?
    7. Doukuro
      Oh I meant KHR, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, because the person in your avi is from it. Looking for more fans of the anime/manga...

      Of course, this is a KH site, so asking if someone like KH on here would be stupid of me XD Sorry ^^'
    8. Doukuro
      KHR fan? Dumb question given your avi...
    9. Dman23
    10. Aura
      This all just sounds like it belongs in a Disney movie. xD I'm ruining the moment.

      I only have...two best friends. So maybe they'll be with me. That being you and someone else. Next year! ...Maybe. LA is the wrong place to see such a thing. And with all the clouds lately too, it's pretty impossible.
    11. Dman23
      Good i guess .
    12. Aura
      I love you, Christina. I wish I could see real stars right now. I'll wait until that day comes, though. And maybe by then, I'll feel happiness again.

      Good night. Sweet dreams.
    13. ultma roxas
      ultma roxas
      Hey, haven't talked to u in a while.
    14. Dman23
      Hey long time no see :lol:
    15. nasirrich
      (Hey there how are ya doing?^^ ^^)
    16. Aura


      Hey you.

      Yeah you.

      Guess what?

      What's up? XDD

      I'm a loser. I was bored so shush. B| I want to play Persona 3, but I can't. ; ; My uncle's here and my cousin will bug me about wanting to play Persona...even if he doesn't understand what the hell is going on. ;~; Anyway...GET ON MSN. D8<<< THERE'S A REASON I DOWNLOADED THE MESSENGER FOR YOU.
    17. K u r o g a n e
      K u r o g a n e
      Maki: -Follows after leaving behind Anthony-sama- Sherry-kun. .your in a bus stop -stares at then takes out map- The enemy is here -points to a warehouse at map-
    18. xtakeda
      Ahh Ok I added you!
    19. Dman23
      thanks and im trying to but its not working out..
    20. Dman23
      no no i do trust u but (speeachless)im just confused is all..
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    Look up I'm wherever the stars shine brightest.
    To find a path that defines me and what I stand fo
    I don't know yet. I hope to find my answer soon though!

    I live to read and draw and star gaze I am who I am...


    Do you see what I see? Nope you can't see it! I won't tell you what it is either. Go and look for the answer yourself.