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    Boreas looked out the window as the sky kept darkening. He looked to his mother who nodded at him, they both knew what it meant it was rather unusual to say the least for it to happen here of all places. It wasn't nearly time for night to fall. He grabbed his communicator and switched the channel back to the original. "Everyone, get to safety. A swarm is on it's way and there will be too many to fight, don't be a hero and get to shelter." It wasn't long before the bell rang out slowly at first but building up to a steady rhythm warning everyone to get to a shelter. His mother had grabbed a few small things of rather sentimental value, they couldn't stay here, while there was a basement in the house it was better to go to the vaults beneath the Castle as most people did. It was fortunate they had been warned for this with the town bells, if they hadn't it would be a disaster. He left the house into the street together with his mother as other people were already out on the way too. Looking around he saw plenty familiar faces but on stood out in particular. "Master Errin!" Boreas called as he moved over to his master.
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    "So what's been happening back home while I was away, mother?" Boreas asked, he had been away for a little while now. His mother smiled a little. "Your uncle Argyrus paid a visit last week, he had hoped to see you too but I had to explain you were on a mission for the King. He was saddened that you weren't here." His mother said. "He wishes you well and he hopes you come see him some time, said it's been too long." Boreas was surprised his uncle had been here, the last time he had seen him was two years ago, his uncle had visited a few times since but Boreas had been away every time. "It has indeed been too long." Boreas agreed. "Last I saw him was about two years ago when-" Boreas was interrupted by Aria's voice coming in over the communicator calling for Torrin, it turned out the others had finished their business with Watts and gone their separate ways with Torrin being at the Sleeping Keys, the place his mind had already drifted to when he had been cut off. The last time he had seen Argyrus was when they had buried Lysandros, his uncle had stayed with them for a few days to make sure everything was alright, as he had done since. "I'm sorry about that." Boreas said grabbing the communicator from his pocket and looking it over for a moment, he considered turning it off but if another emergency happened Torrin couldn't call on him. "What's that? And who was that I heard?" His mother asked looking at the star shaped object. "This? It's a communicator, it allows us to talk across great distances. As for that voice that belonged to Aria, she is one of the other people fighting in this war." Boreas explained. "The council gave them to us, they're kind of handy, but can be disruptive." Boreas inspected it again before locating a small wheel with colours, he switched it around finding one that he liked before going back to the original colour. "Torrin, I'll switch to green, if you need me you can reach me on that, otherwise you know where to find me." Boreas said before turning the little wheel again to green and putting it away again.

    "So about uncle Argyrus, I last saw him when he was here for Lysandros' funeral..." Boreas swallowed hard, he hadn't spoken much to his uncle then either, spending a lot of time with Master Errin to focus on his training to distract him from the house that had gone more quiet. Afterwards he regreted the fact, he should have been there for his mother, even with Argyrus watching over her. "When I get leave next time, I'll go see him. How has he been anyway?" he inquired. "He is doing well, his duties outside of the city keep him busy, it's relatively quiet out there without the hordes and the frontline being pushed away from there, he had some time to come visit." Boreas was aware of the duties his uncle held, ever since his father had passed away he had taken over in Boreas' stead. Without the hordes or rebels trying to take the keep it mainly fell to administrative duties, maintaining emergency stockpiles and make sure the structure was in good condition, should it be needed. Boreas had been to the keep once or twice when he was younger when it was his father's birthday and his duties kept him there, they'd celebrate at the seaside keep, those were memories Boreas treasured. "I'm glad that he is doing well and that he came to visit, I feel bad for missing him again." His mother shook her head. "Don't feel bad, Boreas, it's hardly your fault you have your duties and so does he, it's inconvenient sometimes but there'll be a time when you see each other again." Boreas sipped from his tea and nodded. "You're right, duty comes first... like father would say..." Boreas said, as he noticed it getting darker outside, but it wasn't dusk yet was it? Boreas had a sinking feeling about it, his mother had noticed it too even without the look on her sons face as she placed her hand on Boreas' to reassure him. They rarely came this close, had that attack earlier been a warning sign they failed to heed?
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    Boreas sat quietly for a few moments sipping his tea. His mother smiled. "So what is the Realm of Light like?" His mother asked him genuinely interested to hear what was all out there, sure she had heard of the other realm and knew it was out there but she had never gone there nor did she know anyone that had, according to the rebels it was a better place than this. "It's different... it's obviously different... it's brighter like daytime here is pretty much the Twilight hour in the worlds that I saw... there's hardly any heartless around well unless the world is falling but even then in general their numbers and strength pale in comparrison to what we get out here." Boreas explained, seeing those piercing red orbs in his minds eye, it wasn't necessary to explain that encounter. "The worlds I have seen out there are a bit varied, one wasn't too dissimilar to ours I didn't see too much of that world but when we arrived we were on a dirt road near a small farmhouse, we quickly mounted up and made way to this big castle where we fought it's lord, that was a tough fight... on the other hand I went to this world where I saw this great city with many buildings easily reaching the same height as the castle if not higher and there were these magic carts I guess that made quite a bit of noise but they moved without horses. It was a strange place, we saved that world from falling to Darkness. And the world I spent the most time at is the world of the Council of Lights, it's a rather pleasant place, I've only seen the Council's castle and the direct environment but it's nice enough there. Oh and get this... there are invisible fish there... not like ghost carp no entirely invisible... the Castle is built along cliffs that border the sea and faces the plains with wooded areas here and there. But as much as I enjoy it out there, this is home and I missed this place." Boreas really did, he'd stay home if he could but he promised Torrin he would fight alongside him.

    Those sound like lovely places, especially the world of the Council sounds absolutely beautiful. I wish I could see it for myself. The bright day, natural beauty of the place. How did you find out about those invisible fish though?" Eudora asked and Boreas scratched his chin before saying. "That's a rather funny story, we had just returned to the world and I had gone on a run to calm down, I stopped at this stream when one of the Masters warned me about them, I got slapped in the face by one not long after." Eudora chuckled at the fact her son had been slapped in the face by an invisible fish. "I guess that is one way to find out. What happened that you needed to calm down?" Boreas took a sip of his tea. "Well that's the not funny part we had just been blindsided by our enemy as I went for him he broke my blade with ease which angered me, we got to safety but I demanded to go back to fight him, I was furious. Torrin told me to go calm down. It wasn't my finest moment..." He admitted. "I apologised to him the next day." His mother took a sip of her own tea. "I understand Boreas, that blade means a lot to you, just like it did to your father and his father before him. And well you have every right to be angry with Torrin, how do you feel about him being back now?" Boreas hadn't really expected the question from his mother. "Well I'm glad that he is still alive and that he seems inclined to come back. I also feel a little saddened I guess I hoped it would go back to being like the old days but that's not possible, things are different now. I know I have all the right to be angry, but I can't bring myself to be angry with him about it, it's been too long and there already has been enough loss. I have to wait and see until all this is over and he comes back home, see what will happen then." His mother listened attentatively and nodded in understanding and poured the both of them some more tea.
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    Boreas knocked on the door and shortly after the door was opened by his mother. He hugged his mother, glad to know that she was safe. She let him into the home and he sat down at the table. His mother had changed out of her damaged clothes and into a simple dress while he had been away. "How are you feeling?" Boreas asked. "I'm fine Boreas, they were just light burns, I cooled them, it'll take some time to heal, I'll be alright. What about you?" His mother assured him and Boreas smiled and said "I'm alright, it's been a tougher fight than normal and I'm a little tired but I'll be fine..". "That's good, don't forget to get your rest, Boreas, someone fighting as hard as you do can't forget about it, your comrades need you in good shape. I'm glad to see you home Boreas, say how about I make some tea and you tell me what have you been up to?" Eudora asked her son and Boreas simply nodded, she was right it was something his father could have told him had he been here. "I'd like that it's part of the reason I came back here so fast. The others have their own things to attend to and I am not really needed so I figured I'd come home." His mother got up and made a pot of herbal tea and they sat down together with a cup of tea.

    I'll start at the begining." Boreas said. "I was on patrol with Nora and in the distance we saw a flash of light and something fell from the sky trailing light. We immediately went to the site to see what was going on and we arrested this keyblade master from the Realm of Light, we hauled her back to the Castle and after some interrogation she was let go on a condition. This condition was to bring Torrin back... without thinking about it I requested to help her and we left immediately, if I had the chance to let you know I would have, but there wasn't any time for that." His mother smiled softly "It's okay Boreas the King informed me you'd be gone, so you went to get Torrin back? Did you find him?" His mother asked as she sipped from her tea. "Yes... I found him... we found him in the Dark Margins and well he's here in town too, but he has other things to do." Boreas said a little saddened even if he understood it. Torrin had always been welcome at his family home. "He told me of what is going on out in the Realm of Light and a little of what he has been doing. I realised that if I wanted to bring him home we needed to solve that problem, and it's a big problem... someone wants to wipe out all Darkness and with it everything we know... we're here to ask for more help as much of a longshot it is..." Boreas said. "The King is a wise man and you know he will not let something like that happen. We are all safe here." His mother assured him and Boreas knew she was right, it was nice to be back home even for a little while, moments like that were few and far between and he intended to make the most of the time he had, Torrin could summon him if he needed and until then he'd spent some time with his mother.
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    Qamar had a dagger that needed some attention, Watts insisted Aria get something made and she eventually settled on a pocket knife. "Indeed, Watts, indeed." Boreas agreed with a grin on his face. "Your magnum opus? What do you intend to make Watts?" It was the first time he had heard the man mention it and he was rather curious, Watts was the best blacksmith in town and his materiel was some of the best there was. Torrin had some explaining to do after Boreas threw him under the bus. Boreas wa curious about how the armour had been broken too. It felt strange to be without his armour when Watts took it, luckily the repairs were minor and it was done quickly. The dagger Qamar had given Watts was an intruiging piece, but with the business out of the way he had other matters to attend to. "No that's all for me Watts, thank you." Boreas said before turning to Torrin. "That's all I needed from Watts, if it's fine with you I'll go attend to some other business, you know where to find me." Boreas turned and walked down the street.

    The people didn't pay as much heed to him as when he was in Torrin's company and he watched the people go about their days, after the shock of the attack had worn off people resumed their lives even if some still spoke of how unprecedented it was. It had been repelled without too much damage, the smell of burning wood still hung around. He walked back the way they had come, the streets were familiar to him and it felt strange being here with the war still on, Watts had been right he should be on the frontline these days. The war was still on even after the blow that had been dealt at the Rubicon and outside of these walls, though it had given them the initiative and they planned on pushing that advantage, as much as he wished he could be there with his men to fight he knew there was a bigger fish to fry right now. There it was the house he had rushed to during the attack, he knocked on the door and waited again, no rush this time, he was home for now and he'd make use of it if he could.
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    Torrin had no problem with him tagging along to see Watts. Qamar and Lumen seemed to be the only people not wanting to tag along with them to go see Watts, Boreas didn't think Torrin would permit her to go see her father, as Nora had suggested he wasn't very close by. Boreas pushed it from his mind and listened to Torrin's musings on the token Enzo had taken from Nora, it left something for Boreas to think about, he wasn't too sure, a set of armour maybe? A special weapon? Boreas simply followed the others bringing up the rear of their group, the heartless attack was the talk of the town which didn't surprise him.

    When they arrived at the Blacksmith shop Watts laid into Torrin followed by a sharp question by the blacksmith, he was right though he needed to be on the frontline. "
    That's a long story Watts, but to give you the summary you can blame Torrin for my absence on the frontline, it's nice having him back but he kinda keeps me from my job, roped me into this special assignment taking part on a bigger fight with higher stakes, the Company is in good hands but I can't wait to go back them it's where I belong." Boreas said. "It's good to see you Watts, how has business been?" Boreas figured he'd take care of this quickly and go back to his mother, he had been forbidden to go to the frontline or he might have gone to meet his men. Boreas looked at Aria who seemed a little nervous because of Watts it amused him. "I hate to ask this off you Watts but could you have a look at my armour, it's still in one piece, which is more than can be said about Torrin's, but it has taken quite a beating, this other assignment has seen me face some mean hard hitting enemies, I tried to do what I can myself but I am not a blacksmith I can't do too much." Boreas asked, of the blacksmith, he knew how watts could get about this sort of thing and was mentally preparing himself.
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    Boreas listened carefully to the words of his King, spending all this time in the Realm of Light had made him forget about the power that the King wielded, Torrin seemed unphased by the statement but Boreas felt ashamed of having forgotten about it. He had seen the power the King had wielded no seen was an understatement he had experienced it that day...

    Boreas stood at the fore of his Company, to his right and they watched the battle lines crash into one another. They had the upper hand here, with the rebels caught against the Rubicon and being outnumbered by the forces of his Majesty it was only a matter of time before they won, Boreas beat himself down for that sentiment, it was such hubris that cost battles. They were held in reserve by Marshal Engel Tredecim. and Boreas was grateful, they had marched here directly after the battle of the Tenean Plains together with the rest of General Aetius' army, following urgent orders from the Marshal himself, it was unusual to say the least and he could see now why, their scouts had found this army of the rebels four days ago, they had still been on the other side of the Rubicon then, moving towards the Castle. The Marshal had mustered as many available forces as possible to strike against this army who had seemed rather surprised when the battle had been joined. He spotted banners of some of the most famous units, not just on their side but the rebels as well, they had mustered their true muscle for the assault on the Castle itself. He identified the Golden Spurs, the Black Shields and Diamond Company among others. "This must be the largest gathering of soldiers in years." Ionus said beside him and looking down from the hill they were on he was inclined to agree.

    As they watched the battle unfold he grew more and more eager to join the rebels had given ground despite their best efforts and their lines got closer to their camp. General Aetius was awaiting orders from the Marshal to send his forces to reinforce the lines or plug gaps that fell into the lines, not that Boreas could identify any from where he stood. A messenger ran up to General Aetius, exhausted from the run and not looking in too great a shape, the man clearly had been running for a while. The General gave him a moment to catch his breath before relaying orders. Boreas didn't hear what was said but he saw Aetius stiffen and the two spoke for a minute, Aetius wanting to be sure what he heard was right, but he knew that these orders came straight from the Marshal himself. "
    Ionus I think it's time to move out, what do you make of it?" Ionus looked at the general and the messenger. "That looks like trouble to me, you see how tired that messenger is, he didn't just jog here oh no he came from farther afield." Boreas nodded, he had seen it too but hadn't connected the dots quite yet when the general turned to them and raised his voice. "Listen up men, I just received orders from Marshal Tredecim, we are to move out and fall back, something happened at the Castle we are to reinforce them at once. Now let's move out! Emerald Company and Iron Bulls form the vanguard, get going!" The general shouted and Boreas turned to his men. "You heard the man, let's get going!" Boreas shouted, his men turned around and started marching towards the Castle, the Iron Bulls formed up to their left and they marched as one to the Castle that loomed in the distance, Boreas couldn't help but wonder what was going on as they marched. The remaining reserves following close behind with the Wyvern Wings guarding their flanks and sending small detachments of their riders ahead.

    The scouting parties made sure there weren't any surprises around, screening their march from enemy patrols, they didn't know why they had been sent to the Castle the battle was at the Rubicon, all they knew was that something was going on and the men couldn't help but speculate. "
    They're taking the Castle." Said one of his pikemen, with the next responding "Are you daft? They'd never dare that nor have the manpower for it with the force we trapped." Boreas knew it was pointless to try and stop them from doing this, it was only natural to speculate when orders from above were vague. As they got closer to the Castle the sounds of battle could be heard confirming some suspicions of his men. One of the riders of the Wyvern Wings rode over to him as they marched. "Captain Thessalian, I bring your orders from General Aetius, the Emerald Company is to remain where it is and be in the middle with the Iron Bulls, the Blue Shields will form up to your left, when the line is formed we are to close with the enemy and engage." Boreas nodded "Thank you, Gaius. Any word on what's out there?" The rider nodded. "They are assaulting the outer walls, trying to force a breach." Boreas nodded gravely, that gave his men something to fight for and Boreas too, he would not allow those walls to fall and let them in to town. With the outer walls coming into view and the Blue Shields getting into position on their flanks. The rebels had a sizable contingent at the gates, the town guard wouldn't be able to hold them if they broke through the gates and with the battering ram they had set up against the gates they would get through. "Looks like we'll get to fight after all old friend." Boreas said to Ionus, his company had formed up behind them, the pikemen stood six ranks deep and behind them three ranks of crossbowmen under the command of Thostos, the Iron Bulls and Blue Shields mirrored the formation. The rebels at the gates noticed and a twin horn blast went out and ranks were formed behind their formation, Boreas looked at the banners. The Iron Bloods, The Golden Host and The Silver Snakes... some of the best companies the rebels had at their disposal... they were going to have a tough fight on their hands.

    The lines had formed up and the battle was joined as the lines collided, Boreas had moved back a few positions towards the middle of their formation his glaive-guisarme joined the wall of polearms, Ionus held the front and Thostos commanded his crossbowmen that sent volley after volley over their heads, not a great many of the bolts seemed to do much, nor did the arrows the town watch fired from the walls and that's when he noticed it. A handful of mages were creating a barrier protecting their forces from most of the bolts and arrows fired their way. The battering ram was wreathed in golden flame as they tried to break open the gates now that they had limited time, the Emerald Company held their ground well but the Blue Shields weren't as lucky, the Iron Bloods had formed a wedge and were pushing into their formation, the Emerald Company was unable to help them as the pressure from the Silver snakes pressed on. He saw Ionus battling a man wielding a great hammer, Ionus was hard pressed but answered in kind with his axe. The gates burst inward and rebels were surging inward only to be met by a formation in black armour with at their center a giant man standing ready with a keyblade in hand. Boreas wasn't sure what happened next, the ground started to shake as the figure held his blade into both hands pointed the ground, the wind picked up as energies started to swirl around the figure, a great beam of white light shot into the sky as he slammed the blade into the ground, the rebels were visibly distressed at this turn of events and screams of terror were heard as commanders shouted to rally their men. The skies were darkening turning into pitch black, the only light that remained was the great beam of light, resembling starlight. A great shockwave blasted outwards and the light intensified as the winds howled, drowning out all noise and that's when Boreas saw them, there must have been hundreds of them, thousands of them even. He called his own blade to his hand and felt the pull and let go, it joined the others as they swirled around the King who alongside his royal guard marched forward, the rebels fell in droves, the front lines increased their pressure, desperate to escape the onslaught they tried to break the line, but it was too late the battle was already over....

    That had been the day Grahame and Berengar had fallen. They had dealt a great blow to their enemies that day, even after they had been tricked. The force at the Rubicon was meant to draw forces away so that they might attack the Castle directly, if his Majesty directed that power at the Light Chaser... Boreas felt the chills running down his spine at the thought, it would be a battle of titans... And if it were necessary then perhaps the masters might join in too, Boreas was confident they could win this or at least prevent destruction. He looked to Torrin when his majesty mentioned he would have known if he had been here. At the very least the King was willing to give Eilonwy and Taran a place to stay. Torrin mentioned they had time ontheir hands to do as they awaited the King's answer. Torrin mentioned heading for the blacksmith. "If you don't mind Torrin I'll tag along, my armour is still in one piece but it has seen better days for sure..." Boreas said, he was about to berate Enzo to listen to what the King had said but he seemed to have already changed his mind. He mentioned something about armour colours and not being able to tell anyways, and in battle it made sense, you weren't focusing on the colour of your armour, you fought. "Don't worry about me, I got plenty to do around here, I made someone a promise I intend to fulfill after being done with the blacksmith." He said to Aria, only speaking for himself.
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    Nora threw Qamar a bone and gave her whatever she knew of Qamar's father. Torrin didn't seem to agree with him regarding the outsiders and Boreas had to give him the point of being here on an important matter. "Torrin hasn't lost his mind, I'm afraid..." Boreas chimed in against Nora, who tread on some territory he knew was off-limits with Torrin, and he wasn't surprised when Torrin lashed out. As the King approached Boreas instantly fell to his knee following the example of the Royal guard and lowered his head. He didn't rise as the King looked at Torrin and greeted the two princesses, as the King turned to him and praised him he felt sadness wash over him. He wondered what his father would say to him for all he had done, all he had achieved following in his footsteps. "Your words honour me, your Majesty." Boreas said with a int of sadness. "Although I wish we returned under better circumstances." Qamar filled in some of the blanks explaining the Light Chaser. "As my associate explained a storm is gathering in the Realm of Light, a storm that will come our way, this Light Chaser doesn't just wish to dispell the Darkness, he wishes to destroy it entirely." Boreas said building on what Qamar had said leaving out that the Council was mounting a defence against this and how said defense was faring so far.
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    Boreas raised an eyebrow at Enzo's theatrics, at first he seemed to not do anything idiotic it didn't take long for Boreas to change his opinion and sigh beneath his helmet and feared for the worst. Nora and Torrin seemed to recognise Qamar's last name, it didn't ring a bell for Boreas but apparently her father was a Captain too, he had heard of the Onyx company but never served alongside them, much less knew who their commanding officer was. Nora demanded to know why they had brought two of the brightest beacons out here, Torrin however didn't feel like disclosing that to Nora and only wanted to speak to his majesty, at the very least they were on the same page in that regard, no need to argue with Nora about this as it would only waste time and efforton trying to reason with her. Boreas figured that it would just be himself and Torrin gaining an audience, despite it Torrin still tried to reason with Nora on the subject after Eilonwy objected rather amusingly.

    Qamar seemed desperate to gain information about her father or wanting to meet him, while also trying to parry the accusation of not being a commoner, if what was said was true she may have held more political weight than first assumed however the damage done by leaving couldn't be underestimated and Boreas wasn't entirely sure what to make of the whole situation. Either way for now to him they were mere unsubstansiated claims and wouldn't change much in her being sidelined for the audience of the King. Enzo then proceeded to not pay heed to Nora's warnings and press on with his charms. "
    Enzo, cut it out. This is hardly the time or the place for this." Boreas said sharply before turning to Torrin. "Not to mean any disrespect but while there are those among our group that aren't commoners, they're still outsiders... even if they hail from here, I mean some might even say that by being gone for six years you are an outsider yourself, you just have a different position within this society that grant you a certain amount of leniency in these regards." Boreas told his friend, Nora hadn't just objected because they were commoners but also because they were outsiders, something that had gone unnoticed when the attention had been drawn to the accusation of being a commoner.
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    Boreas marched alongside his comrades to where the guards lead them, Boreas kept his helmet on despite not being in active combat right now, people would generally piece together who he was from his armour and helmet and it provided Boreas with something to keep his face hidden. Whatever was going on he wasn't too sure, but the obscuring of his face just might help. The guards lead them in the direction Torrin had ran off in before he had given everyone their orders, shortly after they were re-united with Aria and Torrin, the latter was talking to none other than Nora, who was now wielding a keyblade... but that meant... Boreas was glad he had kept his helmet on and gave her a sharp salute. She had kept it a secret for a whole year... she had been waiting for the exact right moment... had she deliberately waited for him to leave and get Torrin? He felt terrible as he seemed to have made it worse. Nora then went on to mention how the Emerald Company supposedly supported her claim to the throne... he felt his anger well up and clenched his fists and gritted his teeth, but knowing full well that he was in the presence of a superior officer and now a contender for the throne Boreas fought down his anger, whether the Emerald Company supported her or not was rather inconsequential, but she was definitely trying him and knew where to stab, he had to be careful not to let his anger slip as hard as it was going to be, Boreas had to show that restraint he had tried to hammer into Qamar.

    They were marched off to the Castle itself when Nora and Torrin bickered about what Nora had said about the Lords on the council and the generals falling in line. It didn't surprise him that they would support her so easily, Torrin had disappeared six years ago and with that did nothing to prove he would be a good ruler, Boreas meanwhile had been on the front, earning his place and Nora had done her part. Torrin may have mentioned the traditions and perhaps he was right but he doubted it would be so easy, especially considering Nora had the council and the generals backing her up. As much as he would want to see his friend Torrin on the throne, if Nora was right even he might not have much of a choice, a rather unpleasant train of thought... Boreas was a little lost in thought when Nora demanded to know who all the others were, with Qamar introducing herself first and mentioning something about guards before, Boreas knew the general gist of what had happened with her but no specifics, Nora's impatience was a little typical and he knew that this wasn't going to go down well, Torrin or no simply from how she had reacted to Atmos getting lost out here and now they brought more outsiders over....
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    Torrin responded rather quickly to his call and he spoke in a quick fashion which bothered Boreas a little but he said that he had everything under control and if he wanted to keep fighting on his own then fine by him even if it was more advantageous to fight together. Boreas looked over his shoulder to his family home when the order to link up with the others came. He could still hear his father tell him that they had difficult choices to make due to their loyalty, but they had to make those sacrifices for those who couldn't. He put his thoughts aside and started jogging back the way he came, there would be more time before they left again to visit her like he promised, he'd be sure of it. As he was about to link up with the others he heard the snap of fingers and had a sinking feeling even before Torrin told them to surrender. With the guards drawing their weapons it left Boreas confused, if they were such threats the Town guard would have already arrested them at the gates... unless this was some trap or something else entirely...

    As Torrin's voice sounded over the communicator he looked around at the others, Qamar the person he expected most to disobey the order at the very least followed it. Boreas made his keyblade vanish from his hand to prevent the guards from attacking. He hadn't been mistaken it had been worry he had heard in Torrin's voice that meant something must have gone very wrong, unless Torrin had gotten easier to spook in the past six years. He didn't like this at all and with the Castle guard drawing weapons there wasn't much to be done but surrender. He realized someone was missing from the group but didn't speak up about it, he had no delusions that Aria had gotten away from this as an outsider when weapons were being drawn on a loyal servant of his majesty. He had brought outsiders here though and Boreas didn't like the idea of where this was going. It felt like more and more of a mistake to have come here and the idea he had of his return with Torrin was thoroughly destroyed.
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    Boreas fired his repeating crossbow at the Flame cores circling the house and zooming through the street. He fired repeatedly not particularly caring for accuracy as long as in the end he took them down. As he battled the Heartless he heard shouting from down the street and not long after he saw figures in black armour with silver trim coming down the street, the Royal Guard itself was reinforcing the line. Fires were being put out and the Heartless were driven before them, Boreas looking inside at the closed door inside, his mother was safe now. One of the Guards stopped by him and asked him about the inhabitants of this house and the Boreas answered that they were safe, he fell in line behind the guards supporting their advance with the repeating crossbow firing volleys at the Heartless as they were driven through the streets.

    With the Heartless now being brought under control by the Royal guard that left Boreas free, his mother was safe now that the Heartless were clear, if the Royal guard were here they'd probably be supporting the others as well. He considered going back to his mother to talk more, but he figured there'd be more time to talk to his mother, he'd make time for it, but he had to make sure his accomplices as he had called them were faring, but first a situation report. He took the communicator and activated it. "
    Avis, this is Boreas, she's safe, and doing well. Castle guard are rolling in to sweep them up, where do you need me?" Boreas asked, utilizing the agreed upon alias for his close friend, he himself had fared well, he hadn't heard of the others. He silently wished he had just gone back home, maybe talk some more to his mother but he had to do his duty, he just had to carry on until the opportunity presented itself as much as he hated it.
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    Boreas heard something on the other side of the door and shortly afterwards the door openened a little, a face appeared on the other side, a familiar one causing Boreas to remove his helmet, as the door opened further revealing a woman a few inches shorter than Boreas, her long dark hair betraying streaks of silver, her hazel eyes lit up a little as Boreas wasted no time to hug her, causing his mother to take a sharp breath as the burnt skin on her forearm hurt. Boreas let go and looked her over, a bruise marred her cheek, her clothes had seen better days and she trembled, he felt relief wash over him as he realised he had been here in time.

    Boreas... you're home... thank goodness you're here..." she said with an expresion of shock. "I'm sorry I left without a word... there was an important mission and I had to go there and then..." Boreas said apologeticlally. "I'd hoped to return home under better circumstances... at least you're safe." He knew there were more flame cores outside but he wouldn't let them anywhere close. "It's okay Boreas, his majesty sent a message saying you'd be away for two months... I just didn't expect you back so soon what happened?" At least she had been informed he would be away for a while, he had always mentioned when he'd leave and for how long he would be away, but this time there had been no time and how would he explain what had happened, all that he was caught up in right now. "It's a very long story, best reserved for a moment where the Heartless aren't attacking the town. I came here with a few... associates we'll be in town for a little while, I'll have to leave again but I promise that I'll come back before leaving again." Boreas said he finally saw the angry red burned skin. "It's nothing serious, I'll be fine, Boreas." Boreas simply nodded, she could have fared a lot worse had he not turned up. He summoned his blade again. "There are a few more of them outside I am going to take care of them. If anything happens just shout." His mother nodded and said "Take care, Boreas." Boreas put his helmet back on and went outside using his crossbow to try and get the flame cores circling the home. Eudora closed the door again, locking it again and used water to cool the burn wound.
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    Torrin sorted out the whole name problem just in case, he seemed to agree that it wasn't quite as pressing a matter as suggested. The name was perfectly fine with him, he wasn't going to do much talking on their way there anyways. Taran was complaining a little but Torrin took care of it. However it didn't take long for everything to go south as Heartless in appeared in town, the guard was already mobilising and Boreas summon his blade in one hand tapping his activator to don his winged helmet and shifted his blade into the glaive-guisarme. Boreas already jumped into action before Torrin told him to go, taking the fight to the Heartless. If this happened something was wrong and the guard clearly wasn't equiped for this. They were to split up and direct their efforts as best they could. "
    Guards! I'll clear a path, follow my lead, help as many people as possible. We'll take the fight to the Heartless, my associates will help fight the fires. We'll need you to look after the citizens." Boreas shouted before taking off in the direction of his own home. This was unprecedented and he had something to fight for out there.

    With the guards in tow Boreas carved a path through the Neoshadows, he directed the guards to evacuated buildings, if possible evacuate the people towards the castle if the path was clear, otherwise the armoury or guard barracks. As flame cores soared by Boreas shifted his blade to the repeating crossbow, hoping to take them out as he went. The guards slowly but surely peeled off and Boreas was alone once more, he rounded the final corner crossbow held against his shoulder. He felt his blood boil at what he saw, several flame cores circled his house and the door had been blasted inwards. Had he taken too long to get here? He couldn't be too late, he couldn't lose her too, not now... He bolted for his own home and ran inside ignoring the flame cores that circled. He couldn't be too late, the door lay smashed from it's hinges in the hallway and Boreas ran inside. Finding two flame cores at the next door trying to bash their way through. Boreas fired bolt after bolt into the intruding heartless until the dissipated in their usual purple smoke. He checked the door, either locked or barred from the other side... He banged his fists against it. "
    Mother! Are you in there? Are you safe?" Boreas called through the door.
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    Boreas remained at Torrin's side, Boreas was rather amused by Enzo's song but understood Torrin's objection to singing, at the very least without guards out here it was harmless. Even if it was a grim outlook on the mission ahead of them, which might not even come to fruition if his assesment was right, not liking their chances when a horde came along was an understatement. It was the one thing that broke up open battle and have both sides stand side by side to simply survive. With this team, sure they were all wielders of the blade but all it took was for one to fall and they'd all be overwhelmed. Eventhough the questions weren't directed to him, Boreas couldn't help but think the last question was rather specific, something Qamar seemed to share. He understood the feeling of not wanting to get the others involved in the family politics though, not that as outsiders they had any real influence and Boreas doubted he held any sway in that regard anyways.

    As they reached the gates Boreas returned the bow to the guards, he knew one of them, seen him often enough they sometimes spoke and if it weren't for the others with him he would take the opportunity to see how things had gone for the man. They were quickly let into town and the scent of freshly baked bread and the smoke of the forge filled his nostrils. His own family home wasn't too far off, if they had time he might visit home, but other than Torrin he wasn't too sure if he wanted the remainder of this group at his home. Boreas didn't need to adjust to walking around in the noble district, his military service made sure he knew how to walk upright and with his head held high, between that and his upbringing it was second nature, his torn and singed green cloak was rather out of place here but it mattered very little to him. "
    The material we're looking for is a rather trivial matter, it wouldn't take long to acquire it, if our request is granted that is." Boreas said, Qamar raised a reasonable point regarding the name and figured that it'd just be best to refer to him as Master, either that or just not talk until they reached the castle.
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