Awarded Pins

  1. Awarded: Jun 18, 2018


    This pin is part of the June 2018 Princesses of Heart theme! Who knows when it will be available again?
    Reason: Bought from the Pin Shop

  2. Awarded: Feb 10, 2018

    Participant's Award

    This pin is awarded to everyone who participates in the Valentine's Day Dance!
    Reason: Participating in the 2018 Valentine's Day Dance!

  3. Awarded: Jan 8, 2018

    O Hundred Hours

    You've made it through all the floors of Castle Oblivion in record time! Congrats, here's a nifty pin for your swift escapade. (Completed Castle Oblivion within 24 hours of its opening. Happens once a year.)

  4. Awarded: Jan 8, 2018

    Castle Survivor

    You made it to the Final Floor AND you remember everything!? That's pretty brave of you! (Must Partake in the Castle Oblivion Event. Happens Once a Year)

  5. Awarded: Dec 26, 2016

    Party Don't Stop

    If Unions have the same goals, why do they compete? ...Who cares? YOU'RE WINNING! (Your Unchained χ Party must top the KHV Leaderboard for three consecutive weeks.)