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    thank you. you are my savior. :D
    Post by: Virtuoso, Jul 1, 2010 in forum: Help
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    can anyone link me to some HQ Kingdom hearts stocks? I used to have them, but my computer crashed, causing me to lose them. Looked everywhere, and cant find it. Some help please?
    Thread by: Virtuoso, Jun 28, 2010, 8 replies, in forum: Help
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    yeah, i havent posted anything here in a while. (most of the time, this section is inactive lmao)

    anyways, a preview of one of my full vids.
    good CnC is appreciated :S
    Thread by: Virtuoso, Aug 6, 2009, 0 replies, in forum: Production Studio
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    whoa. love the first three. keep it up.
    Post by: Virtuoso, Jul 30, 2009 in forum: Arts & Graphics
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    cheshire cat freaks me out for some reason lol, that damn smile.

    not your best work, some of them could use some small lighting imo. love the mad hatter icon though.
    Post by: Virtuoso, Jul 25, 2009 in forum: Arts & Graphics
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    go ahead dude =)
    Post by: Virtuoso, Jul 22, 2009 in forum: Arts & Graphics
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    @cody: whoa, thx dude.

    @mf: thx, and thx for wearing it =D
    Post by: Virtuoso, Jul 22, 2009 in forum: Arts & Graphics
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    nm. just editing. u?

    nm. just editing. u?
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