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Mar 22, 2007
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Feb 9, 2016
    1. Deathsight44
      can't u get a refund since they messed things up though?
    2. Deathsight44
      oh wow, really? well atleast ur able to type again, right? Lol, so then, how long are things gonna last do ya think till ur comp is back up and ready for good?
    3. Deathsight44
      dude, ur shitting me O_O

      dam, alrite. What happend to ur comp this time, more virus's?
    4. Deathsight44
      who says that you are our only ammo supplier? :P (surrounds Norway with the national supply of weapons and big things that go boom)
    5. Deathsight44
      and it is becuz you say that which makes it already too late for your country :P

      First Norway, then soon Wales shall follow >D
    6. Deathsight44
      oh really? are u sure that u have not simply been converted to the way of life that u want them to think that they have converted to when they have done so already? :P
    7. Deathsight44
      oh really? then why has your contry already been infiltrated by our military spies? :P
    8. Deathsight44
      no one stopped us b4 when we did it? who says we can't do it twice? XD
    9. Deathsight44
      lol, yes we can. we'll just do what we did in iraq and secretly supply ourselves with everything while lying to the public and saying that we dont have any of that stuff XD
    10. Deathsight44
      now quit your babballing before we send soldiers to your country against your will to take over, and reshape your government in the way that our arrogance sees fit XD
    11. Deathsight44
      of course he will. cuz things are gonna change =D

      so do not doubt him, or else :P
    12. Deathsight44
      well too bad cuz ur country loves me. better luck next time bud :P

      Well we can CHANGE that, cuz america is all about change now ^_^
    13. Deathsight44
      but can you defat the power of change? :P

      woah O_o in america we godda pay THOUSANDS just to get into a stupid collage, and thats only for 1 year. and you guys get it for free? cheaters >(
    14. Deathsight44
      well how much do you guys have to pay exsactly? u know, like the average

      And u can't blow up the US. We're shielded by our new awsome presidents power of CHANGE ^_^
    15. Deathsight44
      and in following your edgucation, it will allow u to get better pay later on, correct?

      *hollogram dissapears of deathsight44, since the real one is at home eating the REAL chocolate* :3
    16. Deathsight44
      *hands scissors over to varnor* Hey, can you hold these? *steals chocolate* AH HA! NOW YOU CAN'T CHASE AFTER ME BECAUSE YOU AREN'T SUPPOSED TO RUN WITH SCISSORS! MUYAHAHAHAHAAA

      huh? so then once u graduate u dun have to go to collage or anything?

    17. Deathsight44
      *pulls out giant sword and begins slashing back with giant sword* give up before you force me to use my true potential :P

      wait, hang on, school? but ur 18 so thats like.......collage?
    18. Deathsight44
      Varnor, step away from the chocolate, or else your gonna end up making me do something that I don't want to do O_O

      ((And you'll start talkens bout the thread once I hear back from kekeira))
    19. Deathsight44
      MINE! *blows up everyone that comes near chocolate stash*
    20. Deathsight44
      we shall take it over, and then using it, we shall use it to demand.......chocolate! Glorious glorilous chocolate! YES!!!!!!!!!! MWAHA. MWAHAHA. MWAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA. MUYAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!!!!!
      *looks out to see everyone in evil orginization staring*
      What, got a problem? XD
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