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    Maybe I should add my dislike for Xion's English VA to the unpopular opinions thread!
    I didn't care for Marluxia in general, but I have to agree that his voice wasn't something I could get used to.
    Terra's had its ups and downs...and seeing the trailers for BBS, I wasn't happy with Aqua's voice but it grew on me and I love it now.
    Xion's didn't throw me off like it did during my first playthrough, but I'm still not satisfied with it after playing through Days again.
    I will admit though, I did like her in the scene just before the final battle and I cried during her death...but didn't we all?
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    I've been a Zelda fan for as long as I can remember, and I have to say, I enjoy both.
    The newer Zelda games aren't as challenging in my opinion, but they are extremely fun and provide nostalgia with new twists.
    I really liked Phantom Hourglass and TP.
    I think my top two favorite Zelda games are A Link to the Past and OoT.
    I have both cartridges and I treat them like they are my children. That's how much I love them.
    While the older games are great throwback material, the newer games also have advantages and I like seeing the series evolve over time.
    Forever a Hylian hero!
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    Of course I remember you!
    Thank you by the way, and thank you to everyone else for being so kind and welcoming also.
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    Kingdom Hearts:

    The saddest scene for me playing for the first time was when Sora and Kairi were torn apart in the end.
    I just wanted to bawl when Kairi saw the cave drawings with the paopu fruit Sora had added.


    This game didn't really evoke sadness from me at all really to be honest. Not until you play Reverse/Rebirth.
    Repliku's death broke my heart.
    I loved the cocky little guy.

    358/2 Days:

    Although Xion's VA annoyed me to unbearable limits, her death was definitely a tearjerker.
    That, and also the ending. You know Roxas doesn't have much time left and Axel has to do things he doesn't want to in order to bring Roxas back.
    It's so sad because although a new jouney awaits Sora and the gang, Roxas has to disappear in order for this to happen.


    I honestly wasn't affected much by Axel's death. Don't get me wrong, I love Axel to pieces, but I wasn't even close to crying.
    I think what made me sad in KH2 was Ansem the Wise suffering destruction while Xemnas mocked him.
    It's so tragic.
    He was an intelligent man, very wise as the name implies.
    But he let his foolishness conquer him and in the end he was sent back to the realm of darkness.

    Birth by Sleep:

    Pretty much the entire story was saddening.
    Aqua trapped in darkness was very sad. She was so noble, and let Terra free instead of herself. I just felt so bad for her, especially when you watch Blank Points.
    Ven suffering Xehanort's training as a child and falling into slumber really hit me also.
    The thing that really got me though, was Terra's story.
    After defeating Terranort with his lingering will, you can see his armor and keyblade left atop the rock and he claims he will "set things right." I'm still not entirely sure why it got me so bad, but I just burst into tears watching that scene.
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    Did it throw anyone else off?
    I know Xion is more of an introvert, at first especially, but her voice was too soft and had this annoying quality that drained every scene she was in for me.
    I thought her death/return to Sora was meant to sound that way, and I liked that scene.
    She really sounded like these were her last moments and protecting Kingdom Hearts was her dying request of Roxas.
    But, throughout the game, she just sounded so detached.
    I know she wasn't a real person with her own memories, but her voice was so emotionless and lacked that "umf", even for a quieter character.
    I believe her VA was Alyson Stoner?
    I didn't like it.
    It annoyed me to no end. I really wish they would have chosen another VA for Xion.
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    This is such a valid argument.
    I haven't heard a good reason for why it's still illegal in most parts of the U.S.
    It doesn't matter what your religion or spiritual beliefs are in this case because not everybody shares the same views.
    This is supposed to be a free country.
    Why are we putting limitations on things that are obviously justifiable by all means?
    Banning marriage between same-sex couples won't prevent homosexuality, so what are we even accomplishing by being unjust?
    Oh, that's right...nothing.
    Homosexuality has been around for years and years and years, even in animals.
    There's no "cure." It's not a choice.
    They can postpone legalizing same-sex marriage for as long as they want.
    It won't stop us from fighting for the rights we all deserve, and it certainly won't stop us from loving.
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    Who Knew by You Won't is currently my jam.
    I also like the song I Follow Rivers by Lykke Li.
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    I would love to meet and spend a day with Ezra Miller.
    I adore Ezra.
    I've loved him in every movie he's been a part of, and his band, Sons of an Illustrious Father, is just amazing. They have become one of my favorites.
    I don't think they could have picked a better actor to play Patrick in The Perks of Being a Wallflower.
    In addition, he seems really down to earth and quite mature despite being only 20 years old.
    He seems like a fun, free-spirited young man.
    Oh and he's a cutie.
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    Golden Sun using an emulator. I wish I had a physical copy!
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    Solution: Burn It! by Sons of an Illustrious Father.
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    Profile Post Comment

    That's true haha.

    That's true haha.
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    1. Channing Tatum isn't attractive in my honest opinion. To each his own, however.

    2. Having a preference or favoring something (ex: large breasts over small breasts, red hair over black hair) is NOT shaming or shallow. You like what you like.

    3. If you preach that you wear certain clothes and listen to music and do things to show and express who you are but then you complain that people are judging you based on what you listen to or wear...Uh, yeah, this one pretty much speaks for itself.

    4. Rebelling is ridiculous unless it has a cause. Most people now just like to rebel to be nonconforming and stand out. I can't stand seeing someone flip off a camera trying to prove how edgy they are. It's classless and immature.

    5. I don't want to wake up to cute texts every morning. I don't want you to text me 24/7 all throughout the day until I fall asleep. I want you to spend time with me and really bond. Hearing the same "omg ily bb u r mi lief" every day will lose its meaning. And it's childish.

    6. We live in such a weak generation. My blood boils whenever I see a post or picture that says something like, "I'm (not) okay." It makes me want to scream.

    I know there's more, but these are the only ones I could think of on the spot.
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