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    Yeah... How's progress? Been a while since I last checked in here.
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    Have you come up with a new recipe yet, Ignis?
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    I thought the line was "Guess where the name Izunia came from" or something like that?
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    I never thought about this before, but when I saw posts on reddit or on YouTube. It makes sense... Ardyn won. Ardyn got what he wanted. The Lucian bloodline is gone. So is the crystal's power. And Noctis granted him eternal slumber (As he did mention that immortality is both a blessing and a curse). Jeez, you're right XV is way more dark and depressing. No one is a real winner here besides Ardyn.
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    Now I have to be honest, It feels great that stuff like this is going to be added. I'm glad I am still at chapter 3! Haha
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    Well seeing as I played Type-0 and Crisis Core before FFXV... I kinda expected bad stuff to happen... I expected Luna to die (But not like at the end of the first half of the game.), but Ignis being blind? Jeez, that was a bit too much for me to bear and I had to pause the game for a few minutes.

    Well, from now on if we see that Tabata is heavily involved in a FF game (Director, producer or writer), expect that the game will be quite dark, and that it will give you DA FEELS... D:
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    That one vid posted by KZ was so great.
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    Well Gentiana/Shiva did say that the Oracle and the King are meant to be together, so my headcanon is that Noct and Luna are inside the crystal, where they are happily married

    I cried internally in the ending so hard that it leaked out from the inside.
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    Most of them....


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    Jeez... I have a lot to talk about this game..

    Personally, I'm still only at Chapter 3 (Because with a game like this, I really want to take my time with it and do most of the side stuff first), but I watched my cousin play the game from start to finish and holy crap. I would divide the game into two parts. The first part is the open-world part, while the second part is the linear part.

    Based on my personal save file, I really, REALLY had an enjoyable experience. All of the hunts and side quests that require fetching stuff like dog tags or minerals can get a bit tedious, but it gives me a reason to just get in the Regalia or ride a Chocobo and just explore the large, beautiful world.

    As a person who usually plays a lot of action RPGs (Kingdom Hearts series, Tales of the Abyss, DMC4, FF Type-0, and FF VII: Crisis Core in a way) the combat, is in my opinion, great. Now granted, the camera can be a pain (Heck, the camera in KHII:FM is better than XV's), especially with the foliage blocking my view of the action, but XV's combat can be quite simple as holding the attack button until you win (At least, when the enemies either have low defence/HP or if your level is way higher than the enemies), but for the tougher enemies it requires a bit of strategy like utilizing certain techniques, parrying and blindsides (even better when it is a link strike), magic, etc. , which is why it is really satisfying when I manage to kill enemies like the Ronins, or the Iron/Red Giants within the night at low levels.

    Now the story itself, well it started out great as the once peaceful road trip suddenly turns into a royal tomb hunt throughout the world of Eos when the Siege of Insomnia occurred, but it kinda becomes a bit of a mess once we get to the linear part, which starts after Luna's death. Although the last two chapters in the story makes up for it in my opinion. and it is really satisfying when facing Ardyn and we end up finally killing him. There are some parts in the game that make me feel emotional but the ending truly turns it up to 11 (Especially that ending scene between Noct and Luna)

    Now as a person who really likes to connect with the characters in video games, this game has a lot of likable characters, whether they are protagonists, antagonists, or side characters. Even so, the four chocobros are the true stars in this game. It is really nice that each of the four main protagonists have their own distinct personalities, with how Prompto is the laid-back cheerful one who does his best to cheer up the group even in drastic times, how Ignis is the intellectual and responsible one, Gladiolus is the big brute that acts as the protector of the group, and Noctis is the guy who started out as an irresponsible prince who cares for his friends, who in the end became a grown-up, responsible man fit for a king. He is also one of the most tragic characters in FF history as not only did he lose his home, his father and his love interest throughout the game, but he is destined to sacrifice himself to save the world (a destiny in which Noctis accepted in the last two chapters), which he did in the end. It is why the banter between Noctis and his friends throughout the game feel natural. Ardyn is a great antagonist who reminds me a lot of Kefka where he can be this eccentric man that can be dangerous when he can be, and that his reasoning behind his actions made me feel a bit of sympathy to him (Because the past kings were dicks to him and screwed him over). Lunafreya is this character where seeing the flashbacks can give an idea on what her character is like, but I feel like I want to see more of her when she died. I also wanted to see more of Aranea Highwind as she I like that even though she is working with Niflheim as a paid mercenary, she does not blindly follow them. Speaking of Niflheim, I think Verstael, Ravus and Iedolas are really wasted as characters as they have very little screen-time (Especially Verstael), and to make it worse they were killed off-screen and turned into Daemons. If you don't like the characters well, then you will not appreciate the ending, as I felt truly devastated throughout the entire ending (BTW, my favorite part was when Noctis and Ardyn had a last stand-off and the vibe gave me a feeling of KH's "My friends are my power!", but with the past kings and his love interest included.)

    TL, DR: Even if the story feels off in the second half, FF XV is a very enjoyable game with (mostly) great characters, a beautiful big open-world, a great combat system and a beautiful ending which gave me lots and lots of feels.

    Also, since Tabata was the one who directed this game I wonder who has it worse? Zack Fair or Noctis?
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    You got that right...

    "I want to ride a chocobo, all day!~"
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