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    I honestly, deeply detest Xions' existence. Another typical sob story rehash of both Roxas' and Riku Replica's inner turmoil, of forced tragedy, and of forced pity, to try and forget that this character came out from literally nowhere and never existed in game canon until 358/2 Days. The game kept telling me so much that I had to feel sorry for this random addition that I eventually felt the complete opposite. People with soft hearts would fall for it easily, but not me. Then they shoehorned her into Axel and Roxas to make another repetitive SoRiKai trio, proving that Roxas really was just another Sora (to me) and had no individually other than resulting in the same copycat group of friends.

    Of course we know more about Xion. She practically stole the spotlight from Roxas, who is supposed to be the "main character", while he sat on his arse wondering about the events going on and being brainless. Naminé, on the other hand, was important to CoM and did her part, yet didn't overshadow the hero. Nor did Sora stay there floating mindlessly, doing nothing. She's the one that deconstructs the Mary Sue.

    Xion is a straight example no matter how many want to deny it.

    This is only the tip of the iceberg with my issues with 358/2 Days and a short explanation. There are so many issues.

    Naminé. All the damn way.

    Any time, any day, any vast galaxy.
    Post by: *TwilightNight*, Jun 22, 2013 in forum: Kingdom Hearts HD I.5 ReMIX
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    Profile Post

    Waifu! :'d

    Waifu! :'d
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    Is there any possible way to obtain some avi. file quality of 358/2 Days?
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    Phazeun, I wasn't only directing that post at you. It sort of fitted for the whole topic in general. I just happened to pick on yours since it had the comment needed xD.

    And I know Nomura is...Nomura (and I really can't trust his words anymore, since he retracts them), but if he was going to create such a retcon (and a fail at that, in my opinion), at least do it well. I'm still laughing over the fact that Xion said to stop Roxas, when Riku was already waiting in the skyscraper, and Diz had Data Twilight Town set. I mean, what were they doing? Enjoying the view? Waiting until Xion got into their minds and told them what to do? >.>

    I probably would've appreciated the game better if it didn't have glaring faults like this. It's like they tried every scene to get her in just so it appeared that Xion mattered, when it really wasn't needed.

    I'll requote myself:

    Xion was erased from people's memories. Not that every object went with her. They wrote about her. And asking that question is the same as asking: why would we have clear, outright hints about an event that happened ten years ago that no main character remembers clearly or was there for to really care?
    Post by: *TwilightNight*, Apr 2, 2010 in forum: Kingdom Hearts HD II.5 ReMIX
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    "Two Across" has nothing to do with Xion, really. It reeks of Roxas, his own style (where's Xion's anywhere near this?), and Nomura has said Roxas's clothes represent Twilight (Dark and Light), as well as the Nobodies overall realm. Hence, the name. Let's not even get to Sora and Roxas as two proper half of themselves.

    Not at all.

    Show it to me.

    The only aspect Nomura has ever said about this, from what I recall, was that he thought "Roxas left because of a girl", which, could be anyone (and considering his BBS Ultimania interview, you have to wonder if the guy keeps track of his own series, or if he's covering his ass here like he did about Donald and Goofy not recognizing Yensid's Tower), which is cliche, and ridiculous in itself considering everything else that could've worked. But that's beyond the point anyway. It seems he made it very clear, if we take his words seriously, that there was no other process about Xion that existed as of 358/2 Days other than that quote. So her being in that image in the Twilight Mansion with Riku when none of that was thought of (especially when Naminé ended up drawing Xion herself in one scene in Days, and it looks nothing like the shadows of the people there in KH2. If this was suppose to be an allusion to Xion, the familiarity would be kept the same so the audience can connect it instead of switching the style), just like the cloaked figure in Roxas's Awakening, it's contradicting. Unless it's retconned. But there has been no confirmation that it was.

    Xion did not exist, nor like Twilight Blaze keeps saying, got "created in the middle of KH2". We spent the good of two games having to do about the Organization after KH1 (no, three if you count FM+), so shouldn't there have been a hint? That there were files kept, in the way Axel snuck into Vexen's room, perhaps, or diaries kept by the Organization that could not have been erased since Naminé had no power to that (wow, that was a slip up now that I think about it, especially considering Axel. Then again, I didn't take this game as a serious addition), and there was absolutely nothing to say, or, once more, hint? A CLEAR HINT. All I see is people scavenging too deeply into things for whiff of Xion that are otherwise vague, and could represent other meanings or factors easily.

    You want to know what got created in the midst of KH2? BBS. And not only did that get confirmed, it got a clear, outright mention by Xigbar, with its own secret ending right after, and glorious clues all over KH2: FM+ soon.

    Trust me. If Xion was created by then, we would've known very blatantly. There's no excuse as to why not when BBS got that treatment, and it was in the mind of Nomura since the development of KH2 itself.

    If no one believes there's something off about this, then it's all on them, I suppose.
    Post by: *TwilightNight*, Apr 1, 2010 in forum: Kingdom Hearts HD II.5 ReMIX
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    Don't think that's rather hard to explain. Part of his goal was to find the mystery or information behind his existence. It could have easily been the fact that he found some hidden clues on Ventus when he left, or even things in Birth By Sleep in general, considering Xemnas's connection. As well as Roxas's own. Anything could have went on. It doesn't have to be Xion. It's horrible to actually see that the fans are more creative and more imaginative than the actual director and staff.

    Now she doesn't have even dual wielding behind her recently, so there goes that one too.
    Post by: *TwilightNight*, Apr 1, 2010 in forum: Kingdom Hearts HD I.5 ReMIX
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    She wasn't >.>.
    Post by: *TwilightNight*, Mar 31, 2010 in forum: Kingdom Hearts HD II.5 ReMIX
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    Exactly. Everyone left. Even if I do end up making one, it wouldn't be the same.
    Post by: *TwilightNight*, Feb 28, 2010 in forum: Forum Families