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    hahah ooooooh boy, Good luck!

    I'm sure he'll be a wonderful diabolical scamp~
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    Lets bring back the classics whippersnappers!


    Also we need to bring back love!
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    Alistair was quite glad to see that his companion for the day had been able to answer the door. Her not being dead was a great first sign and he at the very least hoped things were going good on her side. "Good morning" Alistair said with a wink, truly having missed the ability of winking ever since he lost his eye. Taking the invitation into the room, Alistair casually walked into the room and looked at the young girl in a bit of confusion as she pulled at her clothes. The no speaking thing was truly something that Alistair hoped that they would fix eventually. As of now Alistair was a bit confused what the girl wanted.

    From the corner of his eyes he noticed a familiar blondie and politely Alistair closed his eyes and waved back "oh hey its...umm....Accelerator! Good Morning Accelerator!" Alistair said not really recalling the girls name. Opening his eyes once more, Alistair looked over at the girls and crossed his arms as he noticed them still in their sleepwear. "Hmm I guess I came a bit early...I guess I shall leave you to get changed and...huh" Alistair said as he looked over at his voiceless companion once more suddenly coming to a realization. "ah! If your looking for some of your belongings they should still be in your bedroom. At least that fairy had the decency to bring our belonging with glad my sword is with me" Alistair said happily still overjoyed he still had his sword Arondight in this world.

    "Weeeeeeelp I'll leave you girlys to your changing...I'll make us something nice to drink"
    Alistair said happily as he walked off into the kitchen to brew some tea.


    Altair tried his best to ignore the heavy weight of holding the girl that had fallen. It would have been truly rude of him to merely release her due to her weight and he felt he should put her down when she was ready. Before he could say another word another voice called out to the two and Altair looked up at the stranger, opening his eyes to look forward. “We should be fine, no need to worry” Altair said with a smile. The girl spoke out as well informing the other girl that she was fine, but something was odd about the girl’s voice…it seemed familiar. Suddenly the girl in his hands spoke and spoke his name and immediately his eyes widened. Now his eyes were staring straight, choosing not to look downwards at the girl.

    She knew his name and he knew just who owned such a voice. The weight on his arms slowly came off as the girl came off his arms. His arms shook slightly as a bead of sweat suddenly ran down his face, his eyes still widened in shock. “Hei….” Altair muttered unable to finish the name as he still did not look downward. Why was he so afraid to look? He had never felt like this before…was this regret?

    Slowly Altair’s eyes moved downwards and looked at the brown haired girl hold onto his sleeves just like she usually used to do. It was no mistaking it, it was her, the very girl that he always struggled to try and make happy and look after. “Hei…” Altair said once more still trying to speak, but his body was shaking from the sudden shock. He had never been so weak before…so why now. In an instant his emotions took over and Altair immediately grabbed her into an embrace. “Hei..di…you’re here...Im so sorry for leaving you” Altair said closing his eyes as the tears began to form.
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    With a beep beep from the alarm clock and the freshness of the morning, Alistair rose up from his bed and stretched his arms "Well now, looks like I managed to doze off..." Alistair said managing to leap out of his bed still dressed in his suit. "well this place a good look over I'd say this place is not to shabby...despite how pitifully small it is...nice work fairy girl...nice work" Alistair said with a smile as he head off to the washroom to prep himself for the day. Mornings were something that Alistair did not have much trouble and getting himself ready was something he was quite good with.

    In no time he was out with a nice prim and clean suit on. "sorry buddy...don't think I'll be able to take you with me....I'd turn you into something more convenient...but lack of abilities is lame" Alistair said sadly before walking out of his room. Exiting his room, Alistair watched over to the side and watched as a girl was nearing the giant hole in the floor. "Hey girly careful there you might fa- aaaaaaaaaaaand there she goes" Alistair said as the girl fell in screaming screaming "Welp...I tried..." Alistair said nonchalantly with a smile as he shrugged his shoulders and walked off. He really desired some tea right now, but tea was best with others.

    "Now lets 202" Alistair muttered to himself before raising his hand and began to knock on the door. "Knockity knock knock!" Alistair called out.

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    And so Altair just stood there with his hands in his jacket pocket looking upwards at the odd sight. Aft first he thought it was shoddy maintenance but with all the strange happenings he figured this damage was recent and done by some sort of idiot. "Man how the hell can somebody make such a huge hole in the floor..." Altair muttered quietly to himself as he looked over his shoulder and looked over the wall of a man just standing there "...was it him...why isn't he saying anything...him being so quiet is ominous.....just ignore him Altair..." Altair told himself as he looked back up at the hole in the ceiling. "Welp whatever" Altair said as he looked forward and prepared to walk forward, walking underneath the hole.

    As he walked underneath it the sudden girlish scream caught his attention and his eyes darted upwards at the hole above him "OH YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!" Altair yelled as he noticed a girl falling down at him. Quickly he took a step backwards and held out his arms hoping to god that he was able to catch the girl and not get his arms ripped off from trying. The sudden weight hitting his arm was not pleasant in the slightest, especially since they were sore from the previous day. He himself almost fell down but he managed to stay standing and hold the girl in his arms. Without even looking at the girl in his arms the teen let out a deep breath "oh dear god that was close" Altair said before giving the girl a bright smile with his eyes still closed "You're safe now but you should be more careful" Altair said, his eyes remaining closed due to the struggle of holding the girl, but not that inconsiderate to call the girl heavy.
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    A loud beeping assaulted his ears and an intense groan escaped the mouth of Altair as he rubbed his temples with one hand and slammed his hand on the alarm clock beside him. “God damn everything hurts…” Altair mumbled as he sat up and rubbed his head. Due to the intense way of Julius’s suicide prevention everything was sore and to make things worse it was quite early in the morning and he was definitely not a morning person. “Hmm? I don’t recall going to bed last night…must have been the blunt force trauma…” Altair said groaning as he got out of bed. Surely that damn fairy must have set this whole thing up. After the deal with Crestatia he was quite more open to the whole mystical overload deal.

    Slowly and groggily, Altair dragged himself over to the washroom where he eventually began to prepare himself. He took a shower which felt quite pleasant on his beaten up body and eventually walked out fresh and ready to leave once he got dressed. It really didn’t matter to him that he had to go to school, but he did wonder what the hell was going to happen in this class. Taking his signature red bandana he tied it around his arm and placed his fedora upon his head. He was ready to leave, but there was one thing he had to deal with before he left. “Oi, old man get up…you’re going to be late” Altair said walking into Julius room and began to poke the man in the head with a textbook he just found.

    “Yeah…yeah Im up…Im up…Im…..”

    And then there was nothing as the man fell asleep once more. “welp I tried…tough luck old man” Altair said shrugging his shoulder as he walked out. Walking out of his apartment room and into the apartment hallway, Altair stretched out his arms and let out a sigh, ready to start the day.
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    Magnus listened to the boy's words and instantly crossed his arms the moment he heard the boy finish his words. The giant of a man stared down at his lil buddy and an intense stare formed on his faced. Though his eyes were covered by sunglasses, his face was serious and a scowl was upon his face. "Use the door?! I have one word to say to that!" Magnus said with a great intensity as he suddenly spread out his arms and took a deep breath. "POPPYCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCK!" Magnus yelled loudly with an intense voice, his muscles bulging as he yelled.

    "TRUE MEN HAVE NO NEED FOR DOORS! DOORS ARE MERELY MADE AS A PATHWAY FOR THE WEAK TO ENTER! A MAN MUCH RELISH IN HIS PATH AND WALK THE PATH HE HAS MADE!" Magnus yelled before crossing his arms once more "hmm though I cannot have something troubling my lil buddy so..." Magnus said before walking towards the big hole in the wall. Raising his arms up, Magnus stood inside the hole and grabbed the top of the hole. His body was spread out covering the hole. "THERE! IF YOU ARE SO WORRIED ABOUT THE HOLE THEN I SHALL ACT AS A WALL! NOBODY SHALL PAss this...hole...while I...stand...." Magnus began to say but suddenly stopped. From the outside of the room if one was to look at Magnus it'd look like he was silently judging you, but in reality the giant man had fallen asleep while standing, his sunglasses hiding his closed eyes.

    Meanwhile Julius walked out of his room to see what was the commotion was and upon seeing the Magnus wall he just rubbed his temples. " not even wanna know" Julius said before walking back into his room.
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    In a mere instant Magnus scooped up the tiny little Valen and with his big guns he squeezed the poor boy as he wept tears of joy "OH LIL' BUDDY! THE TESTOSTERONE HAS FINALLY LED US BACK TOGETHER! OH JOYOUS DAYS! HAS ANYBODY BEEN BULLYING YOU MY BUDDY!? I'LL BEAT THEM UP WITH THE POWER OF TESTOSTERONE! " Magnus yelled out loudly as his grip tightened in an emotional squeeze! Suddenly the gigantic man suddenly fell silent and his face moved closer to Prism. "Tell me little you feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel the testosterone?" Magnus whispered into the boys ears before dropping the boy "OF COURSE YOU WILL, FOR I MAGNUS SHALL MAKE YOU BECOME THE ULTIMATE MANLY MAN! SOON YOU'LL BE AS POWERFUL AS I!" Magnus yelled.


    "owowowowow geeeeeeeeeez this hurts" Julius moaned as he placed an ice pack over his face.

    "Your the one who wanted to fight you damn old man...first you yell about fighting and now your complaining..."
    Altair said with a groan as he himself placed an ice pack on his cheek.

    "HEY! Im not old Im only 30!"
    Julius said before closing his eyes and letting out a groan. "besides Im used to girlfriend gets me in a lot of painful...yet loving shenanigans...I rarely get a chance to complain..." Julius said.

    "Your girlfriend doesn't let you complain?" Altair said perplexed.

    "mmmm more like she takes any of my complaints or basically most stuff I say and uses it to mess with me..." Julius said scratching the back of his head before peeking from the ice pack on his face and looked at Altair "Though its not that you don't have to looking at me so perplexed" Julius said

    "Hmm? oh no I'm not that confused on that. More so I'm confused at the fact that somebody like you has a girlfriend..." Altair said.

    "'re a real ass you know..." Julius said as his eye twitched.
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    And so the gigantic man ran, speeding fast and more deadlier than a speeding car, each step with a big boom. Unfortunately for Magnus he was on the second floor so he was basically running around pointlessly. "OH DECEPTIVE ROOM! YOU CANNOT HIDE FROM THE MIGHTY MAGNUS! I SHALL FIND YOU! LET TESTOSTERONE GUIDE ME! TESTOSTEROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONE!" Magnus yelled as he jumped up high into the air. The very moment he landed upon the ground the ground below him collapsed and formed a hole due to Magnus' amazing power. Falling, Magnus did 10 flips in the air before landing on his index finger where he proceeded to do 100 finger stand push ups before he jumped up once more and did another 10 flips before landing on his feet.

    "TESTOSTEROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONE" Magnus yelled out like a wild beast as he ran once more down the halls once more. This time the effort was not in vain and he eventually noticed the room labeled 107. He slid on his feet, skidding due to the intense speed he was going at, but his advance did not stop in the slightest. With great speed Magnus dashed forward and jumped up sending a flying kick towards the wall beside the door. For a moment everything went slow-motion for Magnus as a memory echoed through his mind.


    Despite recalling this advise Magnus was true to his resolve! "NO! DOORS ARE FOR PUSSIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES" Magnus cried out as he crash through the wall, entering his room. Dust began to cloud the area, but Magnus walked through the dust cloud and grinned, "GREETINGS MY FELLOW ROOMMATE! LET US BASK IN THE GREATNESS OF TESTOSTE- LIL' BUDDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!" Magnus yelled suddenly tearing up with streams of tears running down his face as he noticed just who his roommate was. Like the giant boulder chasing Indiana Jones, Magnus ran towards Prism ready to give Prism a great big hug.
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    Altair remained sitting on the ground, the side of his face still stinging from the blow he took. He stared up at the stranger that had entered his room and narrowed his eyes. Taking a good look at the man he could tell that this man was not Demetri. The young man before him has the same tanned skin tone as him and had an eyepatch, yet even so the man looked so much like a much younger Demetri. The face, the hair, even the beard were all similar to the old man. Just when did this man appear? He swore he closed the door and locked it, but looking past the man he could see that the door was opened. The gun was no longer in his hand anymore as it had fallen out of it when he collided with the ground.

    He had no use for the gun right now, he definitely had no desire to shoot the man before him, nor did he desire to commit suicide right in front of another man. There were no tears in his eyes anymore, his eyes were cold and calm as he stared up at the one eyed man.

    “Stand and fight me…”

    Altair was dumbstruck by the man’s words. The man came here to fight him? The man was crazy and Altair did not desire to deal with him. “I refuse” Altair said slowly standing up however another blow assaulted his face. Unlike the last one Altair was able to stay on his feet, but the pain was still immense.

    “I’m not giving you a choice...fight me” the man said sending another punch from the other side yet the teen took the punch and remained silent. “FIGHT! I’m not letting a coward like you get away this easily!” The man yelled as he sent his fist straight at the teen only for him to catch the fist with his hand.

    Altair was quick as he caught the fist and used the other hand to punch the man before him right in the side of his head. His body moved on its own, a force telling him he could not stand what this man had to say, that he wanted to prove to this man that he was no coward. Where did such a resolve come from? He had momentarily given up everything he had no desire for anything yet here he was fighting. His mind wondered why he fought yet his body just moved on its own, it all just felt so familiar to him.

    “Tsk…atta boy…but you’re going to have to try a lot harder than that!” the man said with a smirk as he sent another punch at the boy.

    The blow hit, but Altair took it and sent another blow at the man. What happened next was just another brawl between the two, sending punch after punch at each other. All the frustration, the anger and sorrow he held, he placed it in his fists as he began to punch the older man.

    “Keep on punching! Get it all out! Punch a way your frustrations!” the man yelled. Truly it was not the most elegant way, but even so Altair gritted his teeth as a small smile appeared on his face.

    “I see, this is why you wanted a fight? Don’t screw with me old man!” Altair yelled as he sent another punch fiercer than the others. The powerful punch sent the man falling downward and he himself fell down due to fatigue. A punch holding all the emotions he held in for so long. He tried so hard to understand others, but more so tried his best to understand himself. Why did people care for one another, why did they hate, love or feel sorrow? Such things he desired to understand, he desired to see what drove other. He used Heidi and her other personality and as such it was unforgivable. He had no right to face Heidi now…

    Altair panted heavily as he rested on his stomach. Looking before him he watched as the old man slowly stood up and walked up to Altair. Moving quickly he rose to his feet ready to fight once more but his eyes widened as the man placed his hand on top Altair’s head and smiled softly.

    “You idiot…running off to kill yourself when you had all that bottle up inside…I’m sick of it…seeing people die...” The man said closing his eye. “No more holding it all in! Don’t you dare think about suicide you damn brat! If you need somebody to get rid of all your woes…if you have nobody…Then come to me you bastard! I’ll beat you down so that you have no woes! Enjoy your life, correct your mistakes and release all that you have bottled up! Don’t let it destroy you IDIOT!” the man yelled. The man’s eye widened as his arm was tightly grabbed by Altair’s two hands.

    Altair continued to hold the man’s arm tightly, his hands and knees shaking before he eventually fell to his knees, still holding the man’s hand making sure the man was still holding his head. His eyes were closed and his head was lowered as tears ran down his face “damn it all…It’s so difficult…but…I…I can’t give up…not yet” Altair cried out, letting his tears run free. He felt an embrace so familiar to him, the man before him hugged him tightly as if a father comforting his son.

    “Idiot...just shut up and cry it out” the man said

    “You’re the one who should shut up you bastard…” Altair said

    "Oi call me Julius you dumbass" the man said.

    "I prefer bastard..." Altair said. The tears continued to run down his face, but a small smile formed on his face. It all just felt so familiar to meeting an old friend he hasn't seen in a very long time. Though he grieved, this familiarity helped him out.
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    He definitely did not realize being nice was going to be this hard. He went through insane forms of torture yet how was this able to tire him out like this. He really wanted to be of help for the girl but at this point he really wasn't of any form of help in the slightest. He was a bit surprised the moment he felt the girl touch his shoulder and he immediately looked down at her as she nudged him towards the door. "are you sure?" Alistair said a bit concerned about leaving the girl, but the look on her face convinved him she was ready to be on her own for the night. Letting out a sigh, Alistair softly smiled "Fine but if you need anything from me make sure to come to my room and I'll try to help" Alistair said taking out his piece of paper and pen. "Here is my room number just match the symbols and you'll find it" Alistair said before grinning "though you look tough so I doubt your need me. I shall see you tomorrow and I'll make sure to find a way to get your voice back" Alistair said as he wrote his room number and gave her the paper. "I shall take my leave then! Good bye you two" Alistair said giving them a bow before walking off.

    After a very short walk, Alistair walked up to his room and used the key, entering the room with a great big sigh. "Daaaaaaaaaaaamn it smaller than the other room" Alistair said as he collapsed on the bed. Turning his head to the side, Alistair's eyes widened in joy the moment he witness a very familiar item "Is that...IT IS!" Alistair yelled as he jumped off the bed and grabbed the object, a giant black sword. "ARONDITE! MY BEST FRIEND! YOUR HERE!" Alistair yelled hugging the sword lightly so it didn't cut him. Glancing up at the closet he also let out a huge gasp "MY SUITS ARE HERE TOO!? THANK YOU MYSTERIOUS STRANGER!" Alistair yelled in joy.
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    Alistair watched her work with the microwave and couldn't help but close his eyes and sigh clearly realizing her attempt only made things even more confusing. " special ways of using these things..." Alistair said before rubbing his temples "god why do I suck at this" Alistair muttered quietly to himself almost wanting to cry in frustration. He was ready to give some examples of how to use some of these contraptions however it seemed they were interrupted by another in the room.

    Immediately turning to face the girl the moment she called for his attention, Alistair watched her blab on and Alistair merely stared at her with a deadpan look. "Umm...yeaaaaaaaaaah that was such a sad attempt at trying to prove you're not strange....I grade that a F for Failure..." Alistair said before rubbing his temples "oh god now Im giving out grades..." Alistair said quietly to himself start to creep even more the the crying point. She spoke of a joke but he continued to stare at her with a deadpan face having a feeling she wasn't joking.

    Though this just seemed to get more and more frustrating there was a form of hope that he had just realized! If his companion had a companion then she would surely be able to help her train the girl in modern times and-

    Wait a minute...why was she wearing an outfit that did not belong in a time like this?! oh god! Alistair was about to break out in tears, this definitely couldn't get any wors-


    The very moment the gigantic man kicked opened the door and yelled his greetings Alistair screamed a very loud scream as if his mind was blowing up. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I REFUSE! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?! THIS ISN'T YOUR ROOM!" Alistair yelled as tears ran down his face like streams, as if he was crying blood.

    "OH YOU ARE RIGHT! I AM SUPER ULTRA SORRY THAT YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ENJOY THE TESTOSTERONE WITH ME! TESTOSTERONE AWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY" The gigantic man yelled before ballet jumping out of the room, the beads of sweat glistening on his body like sparkles as he soared through the air.

    Alistair panted as he watched man fly out of the room. Wiping the tears away, he face he the two girls with a smile as if nothing had just happened "" Alistair said before looking over at the two "I wont be staying in this room, it will be between the two of you so I guess you two will need to get along" Alistair said before remembering something very important "oh thats right how very rude of me! I haven't told you my name!" Alistair said bowing before his companion "My name is Alistair Grey" Alistair said before looking over at the blond haired girl. "My companion over here cannot speak so I do hope you help her out" Alistair said with a smile hiding his desperation.

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