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    I'm leaving for good this time around. The Roleplay Arena has died and lost its magic for me. There's also a lot of very immature and cruel people on the internet. But I've grown very tired of this place.
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    Mario Bros. House:

    Yashiro waved enthusiastically as he noticed Histoire and Compile, "Oh, Histoire-chan, Complie-chan! It's been such a long time!" Mikoto lazily gave them the same two fingered salute he'd given Jumpman, "Everybody has kids now, huh?" He pulled a cigarette from his pocket and lit it, "You'd think Astral wouldn't come back after the beating we gave him back then...but he's turned out to be more resilient than Munakata expected." Kuroh stepped back to give the old friends some room, "Eh? You all...fought with Astral Praeninitus before?" Nodding, Yashiro pulled out chairs for Histoire and Complie, "These young ones were students back then. I was their homeroom teacher. Funny how I taught the Red and Blue Kings while their power was still young and new. Histoire-chan was my best student." "I get the feeling you're bragging, Shiro," Kuroh said and watched the white head of his King bob up and down in a nod. Mikoto grumbled as his lighter failed to work, "So...? I assume you two came here to talk about how we're going to deal with Astral and this Crystal Order thing as well."

    Nintendo High Canteen:

    Kise laughed, "Basketball is more than just jumping, Rosalina-chan. It's a sport about size." Fuu blinked and sized up Kise, Kagami and Kuroko, "Ehhhh...doesn't Kuroko-kun seem to be at a disadvantage then?" "Kuroko doesn't need to have size. He's got a more awesome skill." Kagami explained. Before Kise could start singing praises for Kuroko, Kagami loomed over Luigi, "'re Luigi, aren't you? Kise mentioned you and your brother when he got back from your place." Turning his attention back to Rosalina, Kise leaned forwards, "Rosalina-chan, do you have a cell phone? We should exchange information."

    Meanwhile the bell for school to begin started to ring sending students scurrying past the front gate and into the school to get to their classes before the bells ended.

    Kuroko stood, "Kagami-kun, if we don't go now, we'll be late." Kise jumped up, "Ah, Kurokocchi, Kagamicchi, see you~!" He smiled down at Rosalina and extended his hand to her, "Sorry to keep you so long. You should hurry. If the last bell tolls and we're all not in our classrooms, we'll be late."

    Cooking Club:

    Minako, Choji and Fuuka hustled to class. Fuuka's mind was still reeling from learning they would be cooking for a professional chef. Kotobuki's calming presence would've been nice to have during the meeting.

    Faculty Office:

    Sasori glared defiantly at Nick Fury as he needlessly shouted and left. His shoulder shook as quiet laughs escaped his lips, "How stupid do they have to be to think ordinary people could handle something like Astral? Five minutes? Please, Astral would have them and this school leveled by the first minute was up." Calming down, he sighed, "All the more reason we should be alert." The teachers started to leave as the bells sounded. Minato being the last to leave. "How troubling. Mario and Luigi..." he looked down at the class roster, "I have those two in my class this morning. They're good kids...they don't deserve to be treated like test subjects." Determined, he inhaled and headed off to his class.

    Gadd Science:

    Lloyd peered at the map, mentally noting each of the S-Type positions. "Since their power level and abilities are a complete unknown, we're going with a more distract-type strategy instead of full frontal assault. And we only have Miss Anya to help out this time. It'd be nice if our dear KOS-MOS could take out a few on her way in."

    Sakamaki Mansion [Flashback]:

    Slicing through the air to gain some room, Awashima ran after her two charges, "Ulala, Noize-kun!" Bursting through the door, she stopped in her tracks. The overwhelming scent of roses and the colors assaulted her. "A rose garden?" she breathed, unbelieving her eyes. Sheathing her rapier, she hugged herself and frowned, "Not something you expect to see in a vampire's backyard."

    Munakata bowed and stepped off the Astrobeat. Standing before the doors of the Sakamaki Mansion, he set a hand on his rapier's hilt. "Ready for battle, Munakata," he said, drawing the rapier. Blue energy surrounded his body and high in the sky a large object manifested. It was large enough to be seen across the entire island of Japan and distantly in America. Testing the door, he sighed when it wouldn't open. Taking three large steps backwards, Munakata rammed his shoulder into the door, feeling it open and stumbled into the mansion. The entryway was empty of any people. Wherever Ulala, Noize and Awashima had gotten off to, it wasn't going to be simple in finding them.
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    Mario Bros' House:

    Waiting inside were a pair of familiar faces to Jumpman. Smoking contentedly, a red haired man reclined in a wooden chair with his feet up on the table. A silver haired, high school boy rocked his chair back and forth. Even as it seemed about to topple over, he straightened out with a carefree smile to the black haired young man standing next to him with a sour expression on his face. They looked up as Jumpman and his wife returned inside. "Yo," the red haired man grunted, lifting two fingers in a wave. The silver haired boy smiled brightly at him, "Long time no see." The black haired young man bowed slightly to Jumpman and set a hand on the silver haired boy's shoulder. Sorrow dulled the boy's smile and his golden eyes lowered a bit, "You probably don't remember me, especially with how I look now. I'm Adolf K. Weismann, the Silver King, remember? Ah, this is Kuroh Yatogami, he's my friend." Kuroh frowned, "I am your kinsmen, Shiro." His bitter smile turned on Kuroh, "But you're also my friend." The red haired man yawned, "I thought you go by Yashiro Isana now." Shiro perked up, "That's right! You can call me Shiro. do remember me, don't you?"

    Nintendo High Faculty Office:

    Minato frowned at Nick Fury, "That's..." Sasori laughed, "That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard." Shisui sighed, shifting in his chair, "Here we go... Tell us why it's stupid, Sasori-sensei." Casting a harsh glare towards the Uchiha, Sasori looked up to Minato's conflicted face, "Not only is it stupid, it's careless. Government protection? You realize that all of us here were present when the S-Types attacked the first time, right? Also, having a bunch of suspicious men follow them around, even from a distance, is like placing a giant neon-flashing sign above their heads screaming: "Here's your enemy, S-Types, have a field day"." Kakuzu nodded and Sui-Feng picked up her Zanpakuto from beside her chair, "I agree. Not only have you painted a target on their backs, but you've drawn unnecessary attention to our school. Now leave the faculty office. We're busy." Minato's hands balled up into tight fists and relaxed. Turning to face the red-head, he smiled, "You sure are mean, Sasori. Do you care that little for others?" Sasori's hazel eyes landed back on his revised work with a stubborn sound, "Hmph. You know I don't care for anyone other than my puppets." Watching them, Kakashi lowered his book and spoke up, "Of course we'll watch those two. We wouldn't be much of teachers if we let our precious students fall into harms way. And we'd do anything, if our dear friend, Peppy, requested it."

    Wish Shop [Flashback]:

    Sei shook his head, "I don't know." Trip stepped out of the car and held the door open, "Sei, time to go home. Virus called again." Sei nodded, "Alright. We'll continue our search tomorrow. Nee-sama, I'd suggest we keep this key quiet from Histoire-san and Virus-san." Slipping the green key into his pocket, he looked around at his sisters and they nodded, "Of course, Sei. If it helps you find Aoba."

    Sakamaki Mansion [Flashback]:

    The backyard Ulala and Noize ran to was a wide and expansive place. Directly outside the doorway lie a large rose garden. Each long section of roses contained a different color. First they were red gardens, separated by stone walkways. Then a section of blue rose gardens. And lastly a beautiful section filled with white roses. Surrounding the backyard were trees, blocking the vision of beauty from the on-looking world. Beyond the rose gardens was a small wooded area and a large stone mausoleum.
    Munakata listened to Fuse speak to Ulala and Noize over their radio link. The situation sounded like Awashima wasn't with them anymore. Standing, he sighed, "Mr. Fuse, retrieving Ulala and Noize are now priority number one. So...your orders? Or shall I assume control of the situation?"

    Park: Minato vs. Yosuke [Flashback]:

    The pair beat at each other violently until they barely stood. "Good...glad to see you can hold your own against my strength," Minato straighted and lifted his hand, "But it's time to end this. Thor!" Masakado vanished and Thor materialized in his place. Yosuke glowered, "I believe you're a good guy, Minato. I get that you've been through some really tough times, but so have we! Saki-senpai died because of Adachi's twisted idea of a game!" Minato nodded, his gray eyes losing the glint of anger, "I know. And you and your friends put him away for those murders. I'm honestly proud to call you my kohai in killing Shadows." Yosuke's smile was short lived as Minato called out his final attack, "Ziodyne." Electricity surged through Yosuke and Susano-o vanished in a painful flash of light. Dropping to the grass, Yosuke twitched and struggled to look up at Minato. Purple spots danced across his vision, "Minato..." He heard a sigh and felt a cool hand on his head, "Sorry, Hanamura-kun. You're a good kid. There's a big difference between me and Narukami-kun. I want you to remember it." An odd feeling swam through Yosuke as Minato patted his head. Similar to something like a new power being introduced into his heart of hearts.

    Nintendo High Cooking Club:

    Fuuka smiled happily as Bowser and Mario got along. "That's great. And when Kotobuki-kun comes back, you two can work together." Minako lazily watched the pair, " guys got real buddy buddy over food. I hope we can beat the other schools during competition time. Shinjiro-senpai is going to be our competitor." Fuuka grew nervous, tapping her fingers against the table-top, "Shinjiro-senpai is an exceptional cook...but if we beat him, I'm sure he'll only be proud."


    Kise laughed, his heart light, "I don't know about that, Rosalina-chan. Kagamicchi is the person who ate a majority of those pizzas I bought. He's the only one on our new team that eats so much. Kind of reminds me of being back in Teiko Junior High again." "Does this Mario person play Basketball?" Kagami said, finally having swallowed his food. "I heard he was in the cooking club. Joined on the first day of school," Fuu said. Kagami pointed his fork at her, "You think the Cooking Club would let us eat their food?" She shrugged and looked over towards Luigi having his revelation about his brother and intelligent thoughts, "Whozzat?" Kuroko spoke up, "Luigi, he's new." She stared at him, thoughtfully, "Hmm, he looks weak. You should eat more, that way you won't faint so much."

    Gadd Science:

    Cheerful, Lloyd lifted his hands, "Of course it'll do. She's a real beauty. But adding another power source to her would add a bit of weight and make her bulky. I can't see where we'd make her bulky." Roving eyes scoured KOS-MOS' female designed body. "And that extra weight would really throw off her balance," he finished, ducking as Cecile threw a wrench at him. Lloyd observed the plans closely, "We're sending also a small unit of Knightmare Frames as support in case something down there gets the idea we're trespassing. Anya will lead that group. She's good with technology, so if you two need any help with data retrieval, you can call her on the comm link I installed in KOS-MOS."
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    Voyager/Black Testament (Xenosaga series)
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    Nintendo High: Faculty Office:

    Minato leaned back in his chair and smiled at Peppy, "Good morning, Peppy." Rolling his chair over to Peppy's, he gently set a hand on Peppy's shoulder, "If you have a moment after school, I'd like to talk to you about three days ago." Kakuzu slammed his fist down on his table, startling Minato, "Just say it, Minato, you're concerned about the S-Types. They invaded our school on the very first day." Standing, Minato met Kakuzu's harsh gaze with a stern glare, "I don't wish to talk about this during school hours."

    Nintendo High: Cooking Club:

    Minako jolted upright, a string of drool leading from the table to her mouth, "Eh?" Fuuka wiped her friend's mouth with a strip of paper towel, sighing at the hopeless state her leader was in. Fuuka was both startled and embarrassed as Bowser set a bento in front of her. She nervously stuttered out a thank you. Choji and Minako stared at the fried chicken hungrily, even as Fuuka pulled off a piece and put it in her mouth. "It's good," she said after swallowing and Minako looked up to Yoshi, "So he can cook meat. Mr. President, I think we found a sub for Kotobuki-kun." Choji sniffed at the food and pursed his lips as he thought, "Mm, it doesn't smell like Kotobuki-san's cooking. Not nearly as good. Do you think it will do?" Worry creased Fuuka's forehead, "Choji-kun, that's mean," she looked up at Bowser, "Would you...mind helping our club out? It doesn't have to be anything fancy or even very good...after all I'm not very good at cooking myself, but we could use someone else with a little bit of knowledge on how to prepare meats."


    Kise watched in amazement as Kagami devoured Nintendo High's breakfast meal made for at least ten people. "Ah...Kagamicchi, are you sure you should be eating that much before school?" Kuroko, the short, invisible, blue-haired boy unfortunately sitting between the red-headed Kagami and blond Kise, looked up from his book he was reading, "Kagami-kun usually eats this much on a daily basis." "Ehhh?! Amazing~!" Kise said with awe. Fuu, the only girl at the table, lifted her fork, "We should have an eating contest!" Kagami's ballooning cheeks prevented him from speaking, but he nodded enthusiastically nonetheless. Kise frowned at her, "Fuucchi, not you..." he trailed off as Rosalina sat beside him, "...too... Hi, Rosalina-chan. Oh, Fuucchi, Kurokocchi, Kagamicchi, this is Rosalina-chan. I met her at Papa Mario's when I had to pay for all those pizza's." Kuroko nodded, "I remember. Hello again, Rosalina-san." Kagami waved his fork at her, still unable to speak. Fuu smiled, shifting her gaze between Kise and Rosalina, "Nice to meet you. I'm Fuu. So this is what it looks like when Kise has a fan."

    Gadd Science:

    Cecile brought a cup of coffee to Shion as she waited. Sighing, she managed a smile, "This must be terribly inconvenient for you, Ms. Uzuki. Having to put your project in Lloyd's hands." Lloyd settled a smaller version of the float system onto KOS-MOS's back, making small tweaks here and there as he spoke up to Cecile, "I'll have you know, she's in no better hands than mine. Now...Ms. Uzuki, I've established the connection and applied the necessary features for KOS-MOS to be able to use the float system. Since moving through the water is hardly any different than moving through the air, she should be able to do both. But unless you'd like me to install an additional power cell, I'm afraid she won't be able to do both for very long. The propulsion will allow her to move freely, but since her stature is so small, she doesn't have much in concerns for extra power." He patted KOS-MOS's head, "I've also tweaked her weapons so they shouldn't have any problem working underwater."

    Park: Yosuke vs. Minato [Flashback]:

    Minato kept his steely gaze fixed on Yosuke, "You're wrong about that. Power Charge," he ordered again and Masakado drew his blade a few inches out again, boosting his physical attack. Yosuke grit his teeth, "What do you mean, I'm wrong? Did you not fight because you had to protect your friends?!" Flinging his hand forwards, he tried to understand the cold expression on Minato's face, "Garudyne!" The gale force winds hit against Masakado and Minato. "I fought because they asked me to. Because if I didn't...there would be no one else to save the world from the Fall. It was my fault. I said I would lead them to defeating the Twelve Shadows. I should've listened to my instinct when we faced them." He took a few moments and calmed himself, "Fighting Shadows...that wasn't all we did. It was my blade that killed Chidori. I left Jin and Takaya to die." Yosuke took a step towards him when Minato exhaled and laughed, "But what did I care? Takaya shot Shinjiro-senpai and Junpei. He deserved to die. I only wish I could've killed him myself." Yosuke froze in place, "What?" "Don't get me wrong, Hanamura-kun. I understand what they went through that made them believe they should let the Fall happen, but trying to take my friends with him drives me over the edge. Masakado, Tempest Slash!" Masakado drew his blade, slicing into Susano-o. Yosuke recoiled in pain, "So what do you get out of fighting with me?!" The question seemed to make Minato blink out of his battle fog, "Nothing. I want you to understand that this power I have...the Wild nothing like Narukami-kun's. The power of friendship did not sway our enemy to entrust the future to us. My sister and I died to keep you safe." The pair stood in silence. "Just finish this, Hanamura-kun. I will not argue our methods."

    Sakamaki Mansion [Flashback]:

    Reiji, Raito, Ayato, and Kanato laughed as Noize as Ulala bolted from the room. Yui frowned, "It's not very nice to treat guests like this." Reiji shrugged, "They ran away. What else can I say?" Awashima choked and Subaru eventually let go of her throat, dropping her to the ground. Coughing, Awashima glared up at Subaru's scowl, "I should have you all arrested. Tell me who you really are!" Adjusting his glasses, Reiji shot a look at his brothers and they disappeared from the room, "We are the Sakamaki siblings. Scepter 4,the police, the Japanese Army, all have no jurisdiction here. You humans, have an entirely different government than we vampires do." Awashima shot up from the ground and ran after Noize and Ulala.

    Wish Shop [Flashback]:

    Belle sniffed back her sorrow and nodded, "Sister, Blanc is right. I did this for Sei. There's no reason the rest of you should feel bad. You all will continue to be Goddesses and I will find a way to help." Sei waited until Belle had shook off her sisters to hug her himself, "I'm sorry, Nee-sama. I don't know what to say." Belle wrapped her hands around his clutching the key, "Take good care of this and find Aoba. You've made enough sacrifices for one lifetime, Sei." Yuuko clapped her hands, " complete Neptune-chan's price. Your most cherished belonging, imbued with the power of your country." Holding out her hand, a purple game console appeared, "Funny how a little thing like this is what you cherish the most. But, I suppose your heart will mature in time. Now, Natsume-kun, you're here about the job position, yes?" The boy that had quietly stood back as the CPU's finished up finally stepped forwards, "Yes." She smiled and pointed towards the kitchen, "You'll be helping Watanuki. Good luck."
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    Wish Shop [Flashback]:

    Belle frantically wiped tears from her eyes, "I couldn't ask you to also give up your powers. I help Sei and this is the best I can do for our brother." Swallowing past the lump in his throat, Sei stared at the green key, "What does it go to?" Yuuko wiggled her finger in front of his face, "That's what will lead you to Aoba. You must find it." Uncrossing and re-crossing her legs, Yuuko turned her attention to Neptune's second wish. "To find someone who found you first you must be willing to give up something you cherish." Yuuko rummaged through a box the black Mokona had pushed closer to her and pulled out a thin laptop, "Here. Take this to the Tech Club in your school."

    Sasori turned away from her, "Your expectations will be shattered on your own, little Goddess." Walking away from her, he thought about what she'd said. 'She's a Hidan. They'd probably get along... I should make sure they never meet.'

    Heinz(?) Mansion [Flashback]:

    The glasses wearing man narrowed reddish purple eyes on Ulala, "Absolutely not. Paparazzi shouldn't even be allowed inside this house. How did you get in?" Yui bit her lip, "They entered just like how I did..." The man vanished from his place at the top of the stairs and reappeared, glaring down at Noize and Ulala, from a few steps away from them. Awashima reacted, fluidly swiping her rapier towards him. Taking a step back, he dodged the blade's tip by a hair, "My name is Sakamaki Reiji. Karl Heinz is our father. I was not informed of your coming here."
    "Oooh~ who do we have here? A new little B!tch-chan?!" Reiji rolled his eyes and looked up to the stairs, watching a red headed young man wearing a hat descend with Yui tucked under his arm. "They're not staying, Raito." Raito winked at Ulala, a broad smile on his lips.
    "They're not? What a waste." A small boy with purple hair, clutching a teddy bear with an eye patch spoke up from a cushioned bench on the right side of the stairs. Awashima stared wide-eyed at the boy, "When did he get there?" Yui slipped out from under Raito's arm and ran to sit beside the boy, "Kanato-kun, these people are reporters. Do you know where Karl Heinz is?" Kanato frowned and shook his head, "We don' we Teddy?" He looked down at his teddy bear as he spoke.
    "Why do you want to know about the old man?" Another red-headed young man appeared sitting on the top of the stairs. Awashima stared at the boys as they appeared one after another like magic. "If you bow down to me, Ayato-sama, then I'll tell you something."
    "Leave!" Spinning around, Awashima gasped as a pale hand reached out and wrapped around her throat. The hand belonged to a white haired young man that looked less than pleased to see people in his home. He grabbed ahold of Ulala's microphone and broke it in his grip. "No one wants to remember that man!" Reiji folded his arms and sighed, "Subaru...if you kill them, more of them will appear at our doorstep. That man isn't going to show up just to clean up your mess." Subaru glared, conflicted, at Awashima as she struggled for air.

    Clear and Crow's House [Flashback]:

    Clear gave him a thumbs up, "No worries! Master also said the same thing." Crow dropped a hand on Mito's shoulder, "Ignore him. He's just being a busy-body because his Master hasn't returned yet and he's growing lonely. If you want, Mito, you can stay here and go to school with me tomorrow. I may not look it but, I'm a first year in high school now."

    Park: [Continued]

    Pushing Yosuke along, Minato listened to the data about his Persona Susano-o. 'A wind type, huh... I suppose it would be unfair of me to simply use an electric type right off the bat.' His hands left Yosuke's back and the brunette stopped, turning to face Minato with confusion. His brown eyes widened at the sight of Minato holding a gun to his own head, "What the hell?! W-Wait, you can't just...!" Minato lowered the Evoker, "I've already explained to you what this is. We're going to have a small battle, Hanamura-kun." Yosuke's disbelief was written all over his face, "You're joking. Sure it's getting dark, but..." "Are you afraid?" Minato's eyes were cold and his words biting. Pride made Yosuke straighten his spine, "No way. But I haven't been able to call my Persona freely in the real world. No one can." Tossing the Evoker at Yosuke's feet, Minato held out his hand, palm up, "Until you can use your own power, you can borrow that. Sanada-senpai, sister and myself can use your way of summoning. It just takes a bit more focus." Breathing deeply, Minato focused on his power until a blue card dropped down from the sky and into his palm, slowly rotating. "Masakado." Crushing the card, Masakado appeared behind him, "Marakunda," he ordered. Barely pulling his blade from its sheath, Masakado cast the simple spell, lowering Yosuke's defense. Shaky, Yosuke picked up the Evoker, his thoughts rampant, 'This guy is insane! He wants to fight with Personas? He's not like Yu, he's completely different. There's...something wrong with him.' The realization of the difference between his best friend and the young man standing before him with a Persona hit him like a truck and made him angry. "Is this all there is to your experience with Personas?! Fighting people?" Lifting the Evoker, Yosuke shut his eyes and prayed this guy wasn't lying, "Persona." The bang was startling but it did feel the same as when he used to call his Persona. Opening one eye, Yosuke stared at Susano-o as he stood there in front of him. "That's cool, but even if it hadn't worked...I'd still have beaten the fact that fighting people like this isn't all there is to it, into your head. Get ready!"

    [END OF DAY]
    [FRIDAY, APRIL 12th, 2013]
    Faculty Office:

    Yawning, a collection of teachers at Nintendo High stared at their lesson plans. Skipping three whole days threw a wrench into their lessons. Minato Namikaze slid his gaze to an old report from back when he was in high school about a similar case. It worried him greatly. 'What's going on around here lately?'

    Cooking Club:

    Fuuka frowned as Luigi was tossed out of the room, "That looked painful." She turned her attention to Minako, who was busy drooling on a table as she slept. "'re back to sleeping and spacing out again. Oh, that reminds me...Yoshi-kun, Kotobuki-senpai said he wouldn't be able to attend the meeting this morning. Something about...negotiations with his producer."
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    Ciel Phantomhive (Black Butler)
    Sebastian Michaelis (Black Butler)
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    Wish Shop:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Yuuko quietly nodded her head, "Your resolve is admirable." She lifted a slender hand and a white, luminescent glow shone from her palm. The light settled on the girls that held Neptune's wish in their hearts and with it, the combined pain and wounds from those that had fought in Toshima appeared on their bodies. To those that had their pain and wounds removed, the exhaustion remained but the pain was gone. Shiro, along with her sisters, collapsed to the ground. "This is...what they all felt?" Yuuko reached out and gently patted their heads, "Yes. By making this wish and fulfilling the price you have truly shown the light in your hearts. You all are welcome back here anytime, for wishes or simply for tea." The black puffball that had told the girls to enter, rolled across the floor and hopped into Yuuko's lap, "Freaky how you guys made the same wish Watanuki's friends made." Kuro frowned, "The same wish?" Yuuko idly tapped her pipe against her lips, "Watanuki has a bad habit of never wanting people to be hurt because of him. When he was hurt after taking on a spider's curse from Doumeki-kun...that girl and Doumeki-kun wished to take away Watanuki's pain. The result was the same as yours...except, Watanuki could've died from his carelessness." She stopped talking and looked up when Senri and a young boy walked into the room. "Senri-kun... Oh, is this Natsume-kun?" Senri nodded and the boy nervously bowed, "Um...Natsume Takahashi." The large cat on his shoulder spoke up, "You're the Dimensional Witch. Rumor has it that you can grant any wish. Hmph, sounds like a power an Ayakashi would have." Kuro jumped back, "Th-th-that white pig spoke!" "I'm a cat!" he yowled and Natsume covered his mouth with a hand. Belle smiled, "How cute, but can we get back to our problem?" Kuro, Belle, Natsume, Senri and the cat turned towards the dejected looking Sei.
    Yuuko beckoned Sei towards her and he came obediently. She smoothed her hands across his cheeks, "It hurts you, doesn't it. Not to know where your brother is." Sei quietly nodded, "Virus and Trip...said he was gone. That I would never see him again. Did they lie to me? About where he is." Yuuko removed his hat, setting it aside, and lifted his head, trying to meet his eyes, "Your wish is something that demands a high price. Do you think you can pay it?" Sei swallowed back a swell of tears, "To demand for Destruction...I have to give up Creation. Anything for Aoba." Belle touched his shoulder, "No. Sei shouldn't have to pay a price to get his brother back. I will pay his price for him." Yuuko placed her hand atop Belle's on Sei's shoulder and a blinding light filled the room. As it died away, Belle's power as a Goddess manifested into a green box of light. It settled on the table and shrunk into a green key. Yuuko slid the key towards Sei, "Your price transformed into the answer to your wish. How interesting." Sei picked up the green key and clutched it to his chest, staring wide-eyed at Belle as she staggered back. " shouldn't have." Holding her head, Belle smiled weakly, "A sister should be willing to do whatever for her family...including giving up her power as a Goddess to make your wish come true."

    Surprised by her kiss, Sasori took a step back and winced as he felt her nails dig into him. Feeling pain in his newly human again body wasn't something he wanted. Grabbing her shoulders, he separated himself from her, "That hurts. I don't like pain, just as I don't like to keep people waiting." Licking his lips, he glowered at her, "What are you, the typical party girl? Don't you have anything that you are actually serious about?" He didn't particularly dislike being kissed, but someone with no passions was boring.

    Shinjuku Central Park:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The raido became silent for a while as Liara tapped away on a computer, "Alright, I'll keep a tab on the signature I found. By Friday...I should be able to get to Earth. There are some things I need to do in Tokyo personally." Tali scoffed at Garrus and Wrex's guesses at what she looked like and turned away to talk to Liara, "We'll be here for a while. I'll keep these guys out of trouble." Warm laughter came through the radio, "Thanks."

    Heinz(?) Mansion:

    As the knocks echoed around the entryway, the door creaked open on its own. Fushimi tilted his head, "Looks like no one's home but they left the door unlocked. What should we do, Munakata-san?" Munakata patted the woman's shoulder, "Awashima-kun, go with them. We'll stay here and watch out for Fuse." Following Ulala and Noize, Awashima drew her rapier from her belt and nudged her way into the mansion ahead of Ulala and Noize. "Hello? Karl Heinz-san, Scepter 4 and Channel 5 are here to interview you," she called into the empty mansion. Not getting an answer, Awashima looked around. The foyer was huge, with red carpeted stairs in the middle. Quickly, Awashima tested the door to the right of the stairs. "Locked? Or rather...stuck," she twisted the doorknob but the door refused to budge. Releasing it, she swiftly moved back to the group before hurrying to test the door to the left and found the door to be the same. "Looks like we don't have much choice but to head up the stairs."
    "That's not a good idea, entirely..." Awashima looked up to the top of the stairs and found a blonde haired girl standing there. Moving back to the group, Awashima lifted her rapier, "Who are you? Where is Karl Heinz?" The girl lifted her finger to her mouth and nervously looked around, "Please keep your voice down. Ayato-kun are still slee--" Awashima's rapier glowed blue, "Who are you?" The girl folded her hands together and bowed deeply, "My name is Komori Yui. I live here." Awashima was taken aback. Lowering her blade, she frowned, "Is this not where Karl Heinz lives?" Yui stared at her with wide, red eyes, almost baffled.
    "It isn't." A voice startled Awashima. Gripping her rapier tighter, she jerked her head up to the purple haired, glasses wearing man standing on the landing above the stairs.

    Abandoned Apartment:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Satomi sighed and helped Bomberman pick up Rush's body, "A robot dog...and I thought I'd seen a lot of things." Looking over the damage on Rush, Satomi was at a loss, "I'm not a mechanic, but you said Dr. Light was coming to get you all? He'll fix your dog." The large, silver dog behind him poked his muzzle over Satomi's shoulder and sniffed at Rush. Almost curious, Satomi watched Yatsufusa as he sniffed at Rush and turned his nose towards Rock.

    Clear and Crow's House:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Clear hustled away, "We have water." Returning with a glass of water, Clear handed it over to Mito. Crow shoved him away from Mito, "You're creeping him out! Why do you even wear that mask in the house?" Clear touched a white gloved hand to the gas mask on his face and spoke as if remembering a fond memory, "I promised Grandpa I wouldn't take it off's still a bit frightening to show my face to new people."

    Tokyo Hospital:

    Minako and Koji arrived at the hospital. Confused, Minako tilted her head, "The hospital?" Scanning the front entrance, her eyes landed on another Koji, minus the bandanna. Koji waved to the boy and the pair rushed to meet one another. "This is Kouichi. My twin brother. Kouichi, this is...Minako Arisato, I guess. She's nothing more than a no good evesdropper that Neji made me take along with me to pick you up." Kouichi smiled warmly at Minako, "Nice to meet you. Koji and I have been training with Neji for a while." Minako nodded and eyed the odd, large egg sticking out of Kouichi's backpack, "Is that an egg?" "That's right, this is Ophanimon. Of course, she's just an egg right now, but...she's still Ophanimon," Kouichi affectionately touched the top of the egg. Minako lifted a perfectly arched brow, "Who's...Ophanimon?" Koji and Kouichi exchanged looks, "Um, well...she's a Celestial Digimon from the Digital World." "She called out to us and brought us to the Digital World to save it a few years ago," Koji added. A look of awe spread across Minako's face, "Wow, so cool! So when the egg hatches...she'll be a Digimon? Like a Persona? Awesome." Exchanging stories of how they saved different worlds, Kouichi, Koji and Minako slowly walked back to Neji's place.

    Kirijo Enterprises:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Releasing Yosuke's cheeks, Minato gave him a side-long glance, "So? You're just going to stand here until Narukami-kun comes back?" Yosuke rubbed his reddened cheeks, "No...I was told I could stay here, or something like that." Looking back to the large Kirijo building, Minato pointed at it, "You mean here? With Mitsuru?" Tilting his head, Yosuke scratched his head, "Mitsuru...I know that name. Oh, yeah! Mitsuru...the woman from the tournament! She's really scary. How do you know her?" Bombarded with information, Minato touched a hand to his forehead, "She's my girlfriend. We saved the world a few years back." Yosuke winked at him, "Nice. You're a real lady-killer, aren't ya?" Ignoring his comment, he pushed Yosuke away from the building, "Mitsuru lives on the top floor. I believe there are some guest rooms. First, I want to have a chat." Dragging his heels, Yosuke frantically walked, "S-So where are we going?" Pulling out his Evoker and hiding it behind his back, Minato continued to push him down the street, "Your Persona...what's it called? Your strengths? Weakness?"
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    Wish Shop:

    Yuuko took a seat at a table and listened to the girls' wish as well as Sei's. Her face was grave as she looked at the girls, "Are you sure that's your wish?" Shiro narrowed her eyes, "Of course we're sure. It's our fault they were hurt." Lifting her pipe to her lips, Yuuko replied, "For every wish there must be a price. I do not ask for money. Your price must be equal to that of your wish. Nothing less and nothing more. Understand?" Exhaling a breath of smoke, Yuuko crossed her legs and glanced briefly towards the kitchen where it had grown silent, "For me to grant your wish, you must accept the price. You must take on the wounds of those that were hurt in the battle. Their scars will be yours...their blood loss will be yours...their pain...all of it. Will you still wish for this?" Shiro hesitated. Taking on all that pain would triple or more their own pain.
    Sei, Belle and Kuro looked at their sisters with fear. "You can't...that's too much. Neptune, Noire, Blanc, everyone..." Belle reached out to her sisters. "We'll do it," Shiro stated bluntly. Shocked, Belle and Kuro stared at her. "It's our fault they were hurt. If we hadn't been careless and fallen into their trap, we could've ended the battle quickly without getting all of them invovled." Yuuko set down her pipe, "That's a lot of guilt you have." Shiro huffed, "What's the point in being a Goddess without a bit of guilt over your mistakes. If we divide the price up, we should get by alright." Kuro looked to Neptune, "Neptune?"

    Sasori yanked on a thread and Pururut's arm ceased to move, "Did you really think I'd let you draw a weapon? How stupid do you think I am?" Swishing his arm out and bending a few fingers, he manipulated her into pulling her arms behind her back and twisting painfully. "I remember you from that night. Yuuko has never ordered me to save someone with such explicit orders before. I thought it was strange how she insisted I grant her wish. Me...along with the others who owe her favors." He drew her chin up and showed her the kunai covered in purple poison, "Who's the one who needs to be disciplined here? Tell me, who's winning here? The tied up Goddess or the Puppet Master with a blade to your throat?"
    "You've been talking a lot to that woman, Sasori."
    Sasori's hazel eyes widened and he halted his movements. Turning his head a bit to see who had interrupted him, Sasori found the one and only Senri Shiki staring at him with those lax eyes. Shifting his gaze slightly, he noticed the boy and fat cat behind him. Sasori glared at the boy while Senri munched on a Pocky stick. "You're in the way," Senri bluntly reminded him. Irritated, Sasori released Pururut and stepped aside. Quietly, Senri and his guests entered Yuuko's shop, leaving Sasori to glare at Pururut.

    Shepard's Car:

    Nihlus laughed, "Yes, I've read your file. I only remember a few things after I woke up, but I remember being handed a bunch of files on you and your crew. Reading them all...and about your exploits, I'd say it was more like a fairy tale than a history lesson." The more he tried to remember, the more a blinding pain seared through his head. Every time, the woman's voice he heard telling him things would split into two. Obviously, he pinned that on his partially alive status at the moment.

    Shinjuku Central Park:

    Tali sighed, "You boys lack a serious amount of imagination." Liara's voice came through the radio channel they used quickly, "Sorry to interrupt. I managed to get a lock on a Soul Reaper close by. At least...I think it's a Soul Reaper. The readings are a little different, but there can't be a mistake that it could be one of them. Are you going to go after it?"


    Having been dragged along, Ai and Fushimi glowered at the flashy system. Sensing their disapproval, the man who'd spoken to Fuse chuckled, "What did you expect from a TV station? Just keep your eyes sharp, Fushimi-kun. We're here as security in case things go bad." Sighing out a 'yes', Fushimi stared out the windows. Ai spoke up, "The chances of Karl Heinz welcoming a television station into his home are less than thirty percent. I have calculated several back up plans, if you have need of them."

    Crystal Order HQ:

    Linda blew on her brand shakily trying to blink through the tears in the corners of her eyes. Looking around as the members dispersed, Magic tried to make out any of their faces but without much luck. Some wore hats and a collection wore masks, despite the masks being unique in their own right and the rest were simply too quick to get away. "Is everyone in this order as eager to flee and hide their identities?" she growled. Chuckling, Izaya stepped closer to them. He was still highly amused by Al Mualim's speech. "They'll show their faces when the time comes for those hands to be played. Showing all of your aces doesn't make for a very exciting game, now does it?" Magic glared at him, "You! You're the one that told us Arfoire-sama was coming...and about the Goddesses." Sweeping a flourished bow, Izaya grinned, "Nice to meet you. I am Izaya Orihara. What the Crystal Order does with blind faith and brutish strength, I guide what's needed to where it's needed with information. Since they've all convinced themselves they can magically transform this country into America, I work just a little bit harder than they do to keep them believing what they want to." Magic lifted her scythe, "Shut up and die!" Rolling reddish-brown eyes, Izaya hopped out of the way as she sliced at him. "So violent. It's not very becoming of a lady like you." Linda sniffed, "You guide them? I thought the leader did all that." Refocusing on the previous topic, Izaya's smile faded, "In a sense, yes. You see, Japan has a parliamentary system of Britain and Canada." Linda sighed, "Oh boy, here comes the lecture." Ignoring her, he continued, it was, after all, important to understand; "Unlike the Americans or the French, the Japanese do not elect a president directly. Diet members elect a prime minister from among themselves. Get it? Citizens vote in the Diet and the Diet chooses the Prime Minister. Having a bunch of angry citizens gets you no where." CFW Magic looked towards Arfoire as if asking if he was right before speaking, "And you claim to guide them where they're wrong." His smile returning, Izaya calmly attempted to walk a straight line on the floor, "Correct. I've taken their riots and their sermons and put them to use in making sure their canidate is chosen among the Diet members." Linda folded her arms across her chest, "Hmph, blabber mouth. And how are you to do all this stuff you say?" she said haughtily. Wobbling, Izaya jerked his chin towards the members that had left already, "Since you don't know...we have a few Diet members already in this organization. Manipulating the remaining ones is my job." Linda pursed her lips and mumbled, "For some reason, I really hate this guy."

    Abandoned Apartment:

    Satomi glared down at Bomberman and Megaman as he received his phone back. "I don't care if you 'think' you're not welcome. Since neither of you have any knowledge in the spiritual world, you'll attend Church starting tomorrow." His chilly glare along with Yatsufusa's constant gaze on them intensified, "And you will come. I can make your lives very unpleasant."

    After leaving the Hospital:

    Crow dragged Pino and the quiet Mito through Minato's residence district to a more run down section. Hauling the pair to a house, he reached up and turned the handle, letting himself in and taking them with him. "Yo, Clear-san. I'm back!" A white haired, gas-mask wearing head poked out from around a corner, "Oh, welco--" The person choked and began fluttering their white gloved hands around nervously, "Ah! Crow-kun, you're all dirty! And your friend looks like he was hurt!" Crow glanced back at Mito, "Yeah...he hit his head pretty bad. We already went to the hospital so you don't have to worry. Only he was looked at." The gas-mask wearing person slumped onto the floor before straightening, their tone of voice brightening considerably, "I'm glad you're back. You brought Pino-chan with you. Does Vincent-san know? Re-l-san is going to get angry at me again." Pino saluted the gas-mask wearing person, "Pino will explain!" Crow took over holding onto Mito's hand as Pino ran off to call Vincent and Re-l. "Hey, Mito...this is Clear-san. I live with him, so he's not as crazy as he looks...well, he's a little crazy, but it shouldn't bug you that much. Clear-san is a pretty good cook, do you want anything to eat?"
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    Wish Shop:

    Within the building, following Maru and Moro as well as Mokona, the Goddesses and Sei found themselves inside a smoke filled room. Coughing and waving her hand to clear the smoke, Shiro grumbled, "Man someone needs a nicotine patch." A feminine chuckle came from within the smoke, drawing the Goddess' attention to the slowly appearing form of a bench-like sofa and a woman lying on it, pipe in hand. "That's cute, but I have no desire to quit." Sei took a step forwards, "Ah...Yuuko-san?" The woman smiled, "In the flesh. You must be Sei and your new Goddess sisters. It's adorable how some of them are older than you. Being the new little brother to some and the new big brother to the rest must be entirely thrilling." Shiro coughed again, "Sure, but I know of someone who could use an air freshener." Yuuko sat up, long black hair spilling over her shoulders as she moved and snapped her fingers. The smoke cleared instantly from the room, leaving Shiro feeling embarrassed. "Maru, Moro...thank you for showing our guests inside. Would you two please go help Watanuki with dinner." Maru and Moro clapped their hands together and skipped happily off towards the kitchen. Kuro sniffed and her stomach grumbled, "Smells good...but, who's Watanuki?" Yuuko tilted her head, "Hm? Oh that's right, you've never met him before. This will be a really fun evening. We should have a party. Watanuki~ could you bring me some sake~?" A ladle came flying out from the kitchen, only to be caught skillfully by Mokona's black paws. "Do you want dinner or not?!" Yuuko's ruby colored lips pursed into a pout and she chewed on the end of her pipe, "Meanie, Watanuki!" Belle's steely gaze fastened on Yuuko, "I see you're as flippant as ever, Yuuko-san." Reddish-brown eyes lifted to Belle's and Yuuko's playful pout was lost in an expression of complete seriousness, "And you're finally ready to voice the wish that's been festering in your heart. You all are. I've been waiting for quite some time, but I knew it was soon when I heard of the battle in Toshima." She stood, her long kimono dragging on the ground as she walked past them, "Come...shall we discuss your wishes before dinner? You all have...very interesting things in your hearts, but you'll have to voice them for me to grant them. I'll tell you now, every wish comes with a price. I cannot grant your wish if you are unwilling to make the sacrifice that is equal to your wish. I'll ask for no more and no less than its worth." Sei's fragile body trembled, "I need to know! Where is my brother?"

    Sasori stared back at Pururut for a while. His fingers twitched and thin, blue chakra threads attached themselves to her limbs. Spreading his fingers wide, her limbs followed until she looked like a marionette puppet, "No one has seen me cry since the day I was born." Moving his fingers little by little, he made Pururut dance around, though his face remained unamused, "Hmph, you don't even have any redeeming qualities. Useless... I don't even want you for my collection. Turning you into a puppet wouldn't be much fun. Maybe I should just poison you until you can't move anymore and let it kill you. I have just the thing."


    Tali, Thane and Mordin exchanged looks of surprise as Shepard called out to Nihlus. He gave them a stern look, "Go on. We'll contact you when we have a decent plan." Watching Nihlus follow after Shepard, Tali snorted, "Shepard with a decent plan? There's something I have to see." Thane nodded, "The usual plan of rushing in, guns blazing doesn't seem to be something the Spectre Nihlus is used to." Mordin folded his arms, a minor look of confusion settling on his features, "Odd. Used to being confined in small lab on ship. Shepard's chats were enlightening. But now, with bigger world. Shepard chooses to take only Nihlus with. Could be minor attachment to old ally. Or perhaps, more to story than we know." Tali touched a hand to her mask, "You're suggesting Shepard and...Nihlus? No way. Though..." "They would make a good combination," Thane finished for her.
    Nihlus glanced back at the group as he caught up with Shepard and climbed in her car beside her, "Your teammates seem to have developed some sort of misconception about us. Being with a team difficult to get used to."

    Channel 5:

    Fushimi sighed, "Sounds more like a waste of time. Interviewing those bunch of zombies." Ai watched him turn on his heels and head off to, hopefully, work. Turning back to Ulala, Ai scribbled an address down and handed it to her, "The politician Fuse spoke of, Karl Heinz, lives at this address. At least, it was the only one listed back in the old days. Currently, he has no address. You'd be lucky to find him at all."


    Within the Astrobeat sat already a blonde haired woman wearing a blue uniform and a black haired, regal man also wearing a blue uniform similar to Fushimi's. They wore sabers at their sides and emitted an air of professionalism and lethal power. Standing the pair saluted Fuse as he arrived, "Sir!" The man lowered his hand and almost smiled, "I had a feeling you would be going somewhere dangerous. As members of Scepter 4 we are employed not only by the country of Japan but by you to protect you in times of need."

    Crystal Order HQ:

    The roots retracted and the same member spoke again after Discord thanked them. "Our pleasure. After all, it's nice when family get along. It would be better if this woman didn't speak to us as if we were lesser than her. What a nuisance." Linda flinched away from the glowing brander, "Oh man...this is getting seriously real. I don't wanna be branded!" Magic snatched her up by the hood and held her aloft as Linda's legs worked to try to run away. "Shut it! We are loyal members of ASIC. We will endure any and all pain for our Goddess!" Magic turned a hateful glare towards the branding poker being handed to Astral-S, "But to mar our beautiful Arfoire-sama like this! It's unbelievable!"

    Abandoned Apartment:

    Satomi peered over Rock's head at Rush. His question was answered with Satomi holding out a rather fancy, white cell phone. "You should've been less concerned about taking a piece of the door to be analyzed and more aware of the situation," he started to lecture, "This wasn't just being careless, it was complete disregard. A demon was released into the world and something I can't even classify as an ayakashi is running loose looking for a person named Shepard and you thought only of the door? Where did you even come from? Did your parents teach you no common sense? Honestly, the Church would forgive me if I held you three in confinement until you repented this idiotic idea of isolated ideology, if that's even what this could be called." He droned on and on about how Rock and Shirobon shouldn't have tried to leave the battle.

    Tokyo Streets:

    Minako happily skipped along until she came across an odd site. Peering over the property wall, she hauled herself up to the top and dangled over it. Watching a long haired young man wearing white and a...standing wolf(?) fight in the middle of an open area. "Wow...I guess this is what Aki does during boxing club. I wonder, though, who are these guys?" The pair slowed their speedy clashes and separated. "Alright, that's enough for today," the young man's pale eyes lifted and met Minako's gaze, "And you, what are you doing spying into my home?" Minako smiled sheepishly, "Whoops...caught me. Hi." The wolf she'd seen became surrounded in white strips of code and transformed into a young boy wearing a bandanna. "You're interrupting my training," he complained. Climbing over the wall, Minako dropped down on the other side and dusted off her skirt, "Sorry about that, though it didn't look like you were winning. It looks like fun. Fighting a friend like that. Mind if I..." She let her sentence trail off as the bandanna wearing boy's cell phone began to ring. He walked away to speak in private and Minako turned her cheerful smile to the other man. "My name is Minako Arisato. And you are?" "Neji Hyuuga...aren't you the girl that the school issued an amber alert for? You don't look like a little girl that's kidnapped." Minako set her hands on her hips, "Very funny. I was kidnapped by a weirdo but my brother saved me." Neji shook his head. Fortunately he was spared from responding to the oddly sunny girl as Koji returned. "Neji, would you mind if I went to pick up my brother?" Minako bounced, "Can I come?" They both frowned at her, "Who is this girl and why is she even here?" Neji pushed the pair of them towards the gate, "Her name is Minako Arisato, take her with you. She appears to be a very bored girl." "N-no, I was supposed to find Aki. He went to get me some food," she whined as she and Koji were pushed out the gate.

    Kirijo Enterprises:

    Minato quietly left Mitsuru to finish her work when he bumped into another person. Falling backwards, Minato winced, "Ouch... Ah, sorry about that." He opened his eyes and found a brown haired boy laying on his back on the ground. 'I didn't run into him that hard...did I?' Standing, Minato flicked blue hair out of his eyes and stared down at the boy, "You alright?" His eyes opened and he lurched to his feet, "Oh, yeah, sorry about that. I took the bullet train and ran as fast as I could to get here. That woman from the...tournament called me...and said Yu was here." Gasping, the boy leaned his hands on his knees, "Crap...I'm too late, aren't I?" Minato shrugged, "Yeah. You're talking about Narukami-kun, right? Do you know him?" He winked at Minato, "Sure do. Yu and I are best buds. Man, it's been a long time since I've come back to the big city. Things sure have changed." Minato tuned out the rest of the boy's words, "Friends, huh? Oh, I'm Minato Arisato. If you're friends with Narukami-kun then that means you're also a Persona-User." The boy stiffened and slowly looked Minato up and down, "How do you...?" Taking the hint, Minato pulled his Evoker from its holster at his belt, "I'm like your friend, Narukami-kun. I hold multiple Persona's also. Sound familiar?" His jaw dropped, "HOLY...! Y-You're...?! Ah, um, my name is Yosuke Hanamura. This is so cool! I didn't know there were others with Yu's power." Minato glowered at him, "It's not 'Narukami-kun's power'. I had this power when you were still in middle school." Yosuke grabbed his shoulders and shook him, "What are you talking about? You look the same age as me." Minato sighed, holstering his Evoker and pulled on Yosuke's cheeks, "Idiot. I was a Seal on something you couldn't even begin to fathom. My body might not have aged but I'm older than you are." "Owwwww~"


    As a night society prepared for just another night, their esteemed Kuran family were busy sending multiples of letter and email invites to anyone they could locate an email address or home address to. This invite was none other than an invitation to a Vampire Ball the next Tuesday night. Lined with gold trim, the invitation held a map to a mansion as well as a very cryptic message about the future of Vampire-Human relations.
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    Sorry to hear about that.

    In the meantime, reserving:

    Karl Heinz (Tougo Sakamaki) [Diabolik Lovers]

    Name: Karl Heinz a.k.a Tougo Sakamaki
    Description: The husband of Cordelia, Beatrix and Christa. he is the brother of Richter and the father of all six of the Sakamaki brothers. Karl is also the current Vampire King, leader of all the vampires. In Japan, he is a famous politician whose known as a prominent philanthropist.
    Occupation: Politician
    Series character is from: Diabolik Lovers
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