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    I didn't know where else to put this since it technically doesn't fit into any of the off topic forums... but what happened to this place? I took a VERY VERY VERY long hiatus, checked up only occasionally, but now.... everything is different. I used to roleplay in the "It's a Beautiful Day" thread, and when I went to check it out in my subscriptions folder, it was gone. And I have no posts now..... and I'm very confused. and foxxie's gone :nono:.

    has the world gone mad?!?!
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    *sniffle* its so beautiful! thank you so much!!!!!! im sorry i had to leave, but i may come back and visit and throw some crazy twist at you guys! bwahaha! im glad to see though that you and Jack are working to keep the thread going. if you still dont have a Vexen by january, PM me or email me and i will definitely consider coming back. i should be less busy by then (i hope)...

    SUPER GLOMP!!!!! thankiesssss!!!!!! :kiss:
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    OoC: Jack and Foxxie, you guys are going to kill me... I have officially decided to leave this RP, and maybe even KH-Vids. I have so much going on and will only have more in the near future. I don't see myself having time for this place. I am really sorry and I hope you guys continue it without me. It was fun while it lasted, and you guys could still go on with the plan to make a new thread with sign ups. I'm sure you'll fill in all of the characters in no time. Just make sure to fill in Vexen with someone amazing... though I'm sure you won't be able to find anyone as amazing as me ;). Anyways, have fun yoy guys! And I'm sorry, again...
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    peronally, i would have no problem with the drinking age being lowered to 18. i find it a bit ridiculous that you are considered an adult at 18, yet you cant drink. you actually cant get jobs in certain places at 18 because of this, even though you are technically an adult.

    also, concerning resonsibility, people at 21 are not much more responsible than those at 18. there will always be immature people at any age. so i dont think that is a valid argument.

    what i do understand is that the human brain continues to significantly develop until age 21, where things kinda are in place, so i can see concerns there. but people at even younger ages drink anyways. also, people in other countries drink at age 18 and they seem to have no problems.

    also, consider the fact that if you prohibit someone from doing something, you make it more desirable. so maybe lowering the drinking age might not be too bad.
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    thanx for the comments, guys. i really do need to spend more time and effort on these. and yeah... opacity... heehee.

    anyways, i posted a new one. its really cool to see these on facebook because you can replay the art and see the strokes from start to finish.

    oh, and as for the text... it was hand written. there is no text tool on facebook.

    hope you enjoy!
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    yeah, the background was last minute. as for opacity... there is no tool like that. the only tool you get is a paintbrush, whose size you can change. and then you pick colors, and you can change their intesities... such as almost see through or full color. i guess thats kinda like and opacity tool. its really basic, the program. but i tried. these are my first two attempts with this kind of stiff ever. im going to be doing some more. thanx for the comments. ill work harder on the next one.
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    OoC: Awww, I'm so sorry Foxxie. *hug*

    As for me, I am taking a bit of a hiatus. I'm looking for a job, applying to colleges, trying to make an excrcise routine, helping around the house, and trying to study some things for a story I am writing. I have also been trying to start some art projects for practice. So, I will try to return soon, but for the time being I do not have the energy to think enough for a decent response. Forgive me, Jack. I hope you don't mind taking a bit of a break. When I come back, I hope to be refreshed!
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    OMG, me too!!!! i thought i was the only one... hmmmm...

    oh, and i also used to believe in everything, EVERYTHING. (except God, i never was religious, even as a little kid). people able to fly? uh, yeah! breathe under water? you bet. mermaids, unicorns, vampires, Peter Pan, for real? Uh-huh.

    of course i still believe in some of them... tee hee. like Peter Pan. and fairies.
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    My Facebook graffiti art. Feel free to post your own.
    Also, comments are welcomed!!

    pic 1= Charlie Chaplin, who is amazing!

    pic 2= One of the Davies brothers who originally inspired J.M. Barrie to write "Peter Pan." The background sux, but I was lazy...XD

    pic 3= Audrey Tautou as "Amelie"- I worked the hardest on this one.



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    someone i know mentioned that maybe the haitian erased his memory. hmmm....
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    hmmm... that usually happens when i post.

    lets see if it'll work this time...
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    yeah, i remember so weird, though its not too old.

    how about E.T? loved it!
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    yeah, when i named this thread i was afraid people would think it was about the movie "Blast from the Past," which does exist.

    but im glad i could take you back down memory lane. all the ones you mentioned are great, too, Mish. Roger Rabbit cracks me up every time! and labyrinth is such a classic, not to mention goonies!

    as for the land before time, i really do cry every time i watch that movie. the rock part is so sad... and the song is like a slap in the face of nostalgia.

    anyways, yesterday i was such a geek and i sat on the comp watching videos of the four i mentioned on youtube. i havent seen an american tale or casper in years and it made me feel like a little kid again!
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