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    I'm definitely seeing some awesome progression from your first few drawings several years ago to now! Your proportions and structure looks like it has improved greatly!

    Some of my favorites are the Chain of Memories (Namine, Roxas, Riku), "I Just Wanna Go Home" from Steven Universe, Sh*tty Anatomy, Feels Bad Now (But It's Gonna Get Better), Sebax's Secret Santa, and the Face Practice of Hiro.

    I noticed in some of your work you don't draw the eyes. I'm curious if there is a reason behind this?
    I'd love to see you re-illustrate your old works now just to see the difference between the choices you'd make now vs then ^-^
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    Thank you everyone!

    Fearless that's a great idea! I'll have to look into the art section! I'd also love to see your illustration work :D

    Hey KHgrl! great to see you here too ^-^ I'm only looking to get more fish xD it's becoming an expensive hobby

    Roxam I've heard rumors say November... which would be amazing because that's my bday. However, I'll believe it when I see it!!
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    I signed up a bit ago but never said "Hi"...

    So... HEY THERE!

    I've been playing KHUX for a quite some time and have been anticipating KH3 since what feels like forever (CAN I GET A RELEASE DATE?! PLEASE SQUARE ENIX I'M DYING HERE!)

    I enjoy:
    - Photography
    - Fish keeping
    - Streaming on Twitch

    I do photography as a profession. I love anything commercial in the field. Not much of a fine art type of gal.
    I've been keeping fish for around 6 years now. I have tons of freshwater fish and have 3 tanks in my house and one at my desk at work. I have plattys, tetras, a betta, a bristlenose pleco, and tons of shrimp!
    I actually stream KHUX on twitch and plan to stream DDD as well as KH3 in the future.

    I'm looking forward to seeing you guys around! Thank you for having me :D
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