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    Well, it seems they have learned their lesson, because she will compose for the Last Ranker.
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    It's possible with a code but i heard you can also get pass that by having a BBS save on your Memory stick, but no one confirmed because there isn't a save on gamefaqs and they don't know people with a save.
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    Just thinking i have been waiting for the game since i saw KH2's secret ending and now it's almost out...just hope it isn't a disappointment like 358/2 days (well, i'm pretty it wont be).
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    I whould prefer Sai, since in my country (portugal), Isa it's a girls name x)
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    I found this pic, so i guess it's confirmed xD
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    The PSP got 2MB of GPU and PS2 got 4MB of GPU, but the PSP got more Hertz than the PS2.

    I can't wait to play the game, January never comes :D.
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    For first game i whould recommend Dissidia: Final fantasy, it's awesome and offers lots of hours of gamplay (Bonus content and replay value, but it will be more because of reaply value), i also recommend Crisis core (You won't belive this is a PSP game when you play it, it's huge and got alot of content and side missios, same with Dissidia), GTA Stories (Try get Liberty city stories first, the story it's fun, one of bests and my favourite in the GTA series (i never skipped a cutscene in this one)), Soulcalibur: Broken destiny (alot of reviewers taked alot of points because it lacks of arcade and story mode, but don't listen to them, the game it's really cool and don't people play a fighting game for only a mode or two?), Ratched and clank: Sizes matters (Crazy weapons, good boss fights and Cool enemies), MGS: Portable ops (It's so small as MGS1 but it's really fun to play, great boss battles, good multiplayer and it's freaking Metal gear!), Syphon filter Dark mirror and SP: Logan's shadows (Great game and for most people, considered the best games on the PSP), Resistance: Retribution (The game it's crazy, the single player it's awesome, the action it's always there and it got lock on but don't think it's a easy game, it's hard as hell, the multiplayer it's great, but the single player mode it's better (and i bet the multiplayer it's full of hackers by now, i don't know since i don't play the multiplayer mode for a long time), God of war: Chain of olympus (don't buy this one as first game, because it's a little small, but it's awesome), Daxter (funny and awesome game).

    From the Star wars saga i recommend star wars battlefront: renegade squadron (the game plays well and the multiplayer it's awesome) and Star wars: The force unshealed (the game it's really fun and the powers you see in the movies are all in the game...i think).

    Hope i helped :D.
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    Hell Yeah it is on the PSP, i bought the PSP for Crisis core and i knew one day a KH tittle was going to be on the Sony handheld
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    Finally, some news and pics of Birth by sleep :D

    Same here :D.
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    It's possible, 358/2 days got Co-op and Birth by sleep, i heard it will have.
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    Tidus vs sephiroth (requested by chargedcloud):

    There you got, chargedcloud, a Tidus vs Sephiroth battle.
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    Yes, it's worth getting the game, i gave a 10/10 to the game, the game will make you don't take the console out of your hands and i know, because i got 98 hours and 5 minutes, plus the 60 hours of my old save and i'm still playing it.
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    Then, if we think that way, Sony it's the smartest, because the sony consoles got games for all ages, for children and teen (ratchet & clank, Jak & Daxter, Sly cooper, Crash 1, 2 & 3 and more) and for adult (Resistance, God of war, Uncharted, Killzone and more)

    And i think people bought the Wii, because they think the Wiimote was going to be Wow. I mean it isn't bad, but nothing replaces the classic controller.

    Hmm, i don't think the Iphone it's more powerfull than the Wii.
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    Last i remember, wasn't a Lord of Vermilion port in development as a PS3 exclusive?
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