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    Yes, you may be Kairi. ^^
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    Yes, you can be Cloud. And namine-kairi, yes you can be Namine.
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    High School Never Ends (On temporary hiatus)

    Okay, guys, I made the stupid mistake of posting this the day before I left on a trip to Philadelphia. So until I get back, I'm not starting this officially. You can still pop on and ask to be certain characters, but we just don't be starting right away.


    Yep, I know this has been done to death but this is a pretty fun concept and I haven't been able to find any of these types of RPs here that aren't full. Now time for the rules:

    1. Please abide by the site's TOS.

    2. No killing. This is high school people. Fighting is fine though.

    3. Romance is accepted and encouraged. Yaoi, yuri, het. Whatever. Just keep it PG to PG-13.

    4. PLEASE BE LITERATE. I hate to be a grammar nazi, but I am. It annoys the heck out of me when people don't use proper grammar and spelling. It's fine if you typo once or twice (everybody does it) but please don't make a habit out of it.

    5. NO CHARACTER BASHING/ABUSE. (i.e. pedo!Vexen, emo!Zexion, ect.)

    6. Be respectful of your fellow RPers. We're all here for a good time and let's have one.


    If possible I'd like to fill up the canon characters before accepting any OCs. And yes, you pay play more than one character.


    English/Literature- Xaldin played by _______

    Biology- Vexen played by TheWickedHaveMoreFun

    Music- Demyx played by TheWickedHaveMoreFun

    Physical Education- Larxene played by _______

    Mathmatics- Luxord played by _______

    Physics- Xigbar played by ______

    Art- Lexaeus played by _______

    Librarian- Zexion played by ______

    Drama- Marluxia played by ______

    Principal- Xemnas played by ______

    Vice principal- Saix played by ______


    Kairi- sorafangirl
    Namine- namine_kairi
    Cloud- kingsora

    If you have a character you'd like to play that's not listed, please let me know.
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    8D Someone else voted for Vexen, yay!

    I'm honestly torn between saving Vexen or saving Demyx...I want them both to LOVE! D8
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    ...*SWOOON* Oh man...I actually got a little faint for a second...Alan Rickman would be SUCH an amazing Vexen. I've always imagined Vexen with some kind of British accent since a lot of Radiant Garden natives seem to have them.

    And Christopher Lloyd? Also an excellent choice. THaving him voice Vexen would make me a very happy fangirl.

    And as for the question about Marluxia...I actually thought of this a while ago. I think Steve Blum would be the perfect Marluxia. I can hear him saying "Vexen" perfectly clearly in my head and is it ever chilling and sexy.
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    ^_~ Wishing everyone here a happy April (i.e. Vexen's Month <3)!

    *spreads the Chilly Academic love like butter* <3
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    Ohh, okay. :3 I'll just toss this over there then. Thanks!
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    Oh, I wasn't quite sure. ^^; I figured since Vexen is in CoM, this would be the best place to put it.
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    This is just kind of a random thing I wasn't sure where to put it...but since it's the 4th month of the year, I've decided to wish everyone a happy Vexen month! ^^

    *spreads the Chilly Academic love around* lD
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    *sigh* Yeah, I've noticed that. I'll admit I do like Axel, he's a great character and I love his KH2 development...but the Vexen fangirl in me is still pissed because he killed Vexen. I will say he redeemed himself a little for me when he showed at least some remorse for what he did.
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    ...*jawdrop*...I've never gotten to see Vexen's CoM death...I'm actually crying a little bit now...

    I really don't know why most girls fawn over Axel, he was horrible in CoM and Re:CoM. Poor Vexen...

    I kind of think his Re:CoM death was worse because you actually got to see the look on his face right before it happened. The poor man was TERRIFIED, he didn't want to die. And Axel struck when he was weak from two fights with Sora and one with Riku. If he'd been at his full power, there's no way he would've been taken down so easily.
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    Vexen looked back down at his book, smoothing the page her fall had dogeared. "Vexen."
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