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    Haven't been on in a while. Wondering if there's a code that allows bosses to attack other enemies, instead of just Sora.
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    I hope I am posting this in the right topic.

    Is there any way to add a music player to my signature with a certain song? If so, how?
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    You guys have good points. Most of it is predictions anyway. I should probably either change the title or the word "review".
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    I predict they will release info on KH3 late 2012, when we'll all be dead. :3

    The Keyblade Wars took place before Birth by Sleep even happened. Xehanort said that millions of people looked for a certain keyblede in the Keyblade Graveyard, and a great war raged. They never found it, though ._.
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    This is a review on the upcoming game for the new Nintendo3DS. Honestly, there is not much to review, since they've only posted bits and pieces of it. But I'm going to review those bits and pieces.


    The upcoming game "Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance" for the Nintendo3DS basically is training Sora and Riku to prepare for the return of Master Xehanort. Mickey and Yen Sid discussed how the obliteration of the two parts that make Master Xehanort "Ansem (The leader of the Heartless) and Xemnas (The leader of the Nobodies)" will give Xehanort the perfect chance to re-generate. But, since the 3 original knights aren't there to stop him, the closest chances they have is King Mickey, Sora, and Riku. Now, I don't understand the whole "ReConnect" part, because I THINK it has something to do with Sora having to gather up or "save" those who are connected to them, because they are "hurting". Even after the whole thing is Re: Coded, I'm still a bit fuzzy on it. Anyways, since Mickey is already a keyblade master, they only have to train Sora and Riku for the impossible.

    First off, I wanna criticise the fact that once again, they used the pre-teen versions of Sora and Riku. In the new series, I would have liked it if they used the KHII versions of them, because they already wore out the classic KH1 antagonists in KH: Re:Coded. So, I'm a bit disappointed that they are using them again. Second, I wanna talk about some of these moves. If you saw the E3 trailer, you would of noticed that some of those moves they displayed in the gameplay were pretty bad @$$. With the whole Arial Dodge move with Sora, and the bounce-off-the-wall move with Riku, you better believe that they will be MUCH more powerful in Kingdom Hearts III.
    I also wanna discuss my prediction on what might happen. I read the Holiday 2010 Edition of Nintendo Power, where they discussed a certain topic. In the interview with Tetsuya Nomura on Kingdom Hearts 3D, they noted the part in the trailer where Sora's were falling out of the sky, and Nomura quoted that "It's basically a nod that something impossible may unfold". And that gives me the feeling that the gameplay will be pretty tough. Seriously, if you didn't have those bad @$$ moves in the game, you would never complete it, IF my prediction is correct. So, be prepared for a pretty intense game.
    Next, I wanna discuss the settings. In the trailer and most of the images posted on IGN, the main worlds are Destany Island and Traverse Town. I honestly have no idea on where that one world was where Sora jumped off the bell tower. Radiant Garden? Twilight Town? Dwarf Woodlands? I dunno. It was a bit of a teaser trailer, so I'm pretty sure that there will be more worlds, but it's just that there were only 3 worlds in the entire trailer AND the pics on IGN. That gets me thinking. Maybe they only train in 3 places. I mean, there aren't many worlds in Kingdom Hearts that would be eligable to train in. So, basically, maybe only Square-Enix-created worlds will be in the game.
    Now I wanna talk about the weapons. This is kind of another prediction paragraph. Since Sora and Riku are being trained for the reconstruction of Master Xehanort, do you maybe think that they will recieve new Keyblades in the end? No offense, but the Kingdom Key and Way to the Dawn/Soul Eater aren't very effective keyblades. But, ones like Terra's and Ven's, now THOSE give some damage. It's just a hunch, but it makes sense.
    My last prediction, and last part of the review is on the game AFTER this one. After they are finished with there training, and have increased in strength and ability, I'm guessing that they will set off on a new adventure. I also assume that Sora and Riku will be accompanied by Donald, Goofy, and Mickey. You would think that only keyblade masters would set off on the journey, but as both Ventus and Sora stated "My friends are my power!". I think that they will journey through a completely re-newed set of worlds where they will face Unverses. I haven't played BBS, so I don't know if they are called Unbirths or Unverses or they are just different species, but whatever. The whole business with "ReConnect" makes me think that Sora throughout this game will indivisually save Terra, Ven, Aqua, Namine, Roxas, and Xion from some kind of sleep or slumber (same thing, lol). And in the end, Xehanort will be complete and try and take over Kingdom Hearts again. But, the keyblade masters will obliterate Xehanort, and POOF! Darkness is turned into light, and the whole KH series will be ended. Hopefully not though, cause it's a REALLY great series.

    SIDE NOTE: I want Sora and Kairi to kiss.
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    Is there a Play as Cloud Un-DMA?
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    What is the Game ID for this game?
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    (Off Topic) You guys should check out the khcoding forums
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    I asked that code a while ago, and when I got it, it didn't work.
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    Well, SoraRawks, I've never heard of such a code. Did you try turning on the full party code?
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    I don't want this code, but is there one to make Ven wield his Keyblade forwards?
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    Okay...well how bout... can somebody give me some enemy weapon digits (besides the ones on the first page)?
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    Okay. Well how about Play as Mickey w/ Reaction Commands?
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