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    Yeah, I linked the pic (which has now fallen off the internet... I shoulda imgur'd it). Every repost is a repost repost, so I can't take credit for that either.

    I'm sad to say that I've never had a pet that's done more than eat, swim and poo. We're a fish family, I guess. The companionship of an animal that accepts you into its clan in spite of your species is something I'll have to wait to find. Maybe one day I'll be a crazy cat lady. I'll have to become a lady first though...
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    Oh Pyramid Head, you so silly.
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    It has come to my attention some people don't like cute little ponies.

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    Well, mine's a little more tame, and not my own story (it's my mother's), but here goes...

    It's about a family member she didn't know too well but one night she had a dream about her. She was standing at the edge of the bed poking her incessantly in the arm, saying, "Hey!" and "Listen!" (paraphrased) and wouldn't let her sleep, in the dream.
    eventually she's like, "Okay, what?"
    this woman says, "Tell our Julie and Nigel to stop fighting, and not to worry about money."
    "Yeah, alright" *rolls over back to sleep*
    "Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey."
    "Promise me."
    "Okay! Just leave me alone!"
    then she woke up, there was a bruise on her arm, and it turned out she'd died that night.

    The kicker? She'd left them both a load of shares in the will that nobody knew about until after she died.

    There are other ones too, like a strong smell of a deceased grandfather's cologne, not available in this country anymore, along with a warm feeling. Or the room in another family member's house in which many people not related by blood to the family suddenly develops oppressive feelings and breathing difficulties; the homeowner's dog once broke the door down to get out of that room and won't go in without one hell of a fight. This has happened to various people separately, and we aren't allowed to tell my uncle, the homeowner's son-in-law, because he hates going there for that exact reason, and my aunt doesn't like the idea of him being right about something supernatural.

    Then there's always phantom cats. Those are pretty common though. Seeing a cat who died a couple of years ago, especially one with distinctive markings and mannerisms. It's not unpleasant, though; cats are grrrrreat.
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    He's paraspriting.

    I'm a proud brony, saddened that such high quality shows didn't exist when I was young. First thing that was really "good" in the same sense (as in, a show for kids that doesn't treat them like absolute idiots) was Dexter's Lab... which was also a Lauren Faust project.
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    Well, this comes as no surprise seeing the sheer amount of respect devs are giving the testers. Game balance and system complaints such as "hunter's sidestep and ranger's roll are too overpowered" and "in-game menu is hell for gamepad users, please fix it", down to little aesthetic choices such as "I want my droid to run instead of hover, please let me choose" and "Make the map bigger and put other players' icons on there" are all being addressed.

    At least there's been work done on it. Sega don't have the best track record for releasing quality products all the time. As long as they're actually doing work and not just flipping coins to decide how much to charge us, I can live with delays.
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    That would require, shall we say, blue balls of steel, and a self-refuelling ice pack for your crotch.

    I mean, think of all the cosplay girls! And some of the guys even! We saw that Tali cosplayer and she was the sexiest thing to have ever been completely covered from head to toe!

    As for my own... I can pretty much do this with things I have lying around my room.
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    People's stuff! I'LL STEAL IT! NO-ONE WILL EVER KNOW!

    Also, if time is frozen, what happens to things like light? Since sight is based on being bombarded with photons, if they're frozen mid-transmission it means you'd basically never see anything again. Or hear. Or anything really.

    Sounds like a pretty crappy power to have, the more I unnecessarily over-think it.
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    Of Essence

    ”You're kidding, right? Tell me you're kidding." Merin looked at him quizzically. "You didn't see the A☆-tech skyrunner out there? Fastest airspeeders available on the open market? Only fourteen ever made, twelve ever sold?" She scratched her head in disbelief. "And here I was thinking you knew who I was.

    "Then again, if you didn't notice it, and you're the expert on being followed..." she mumbled. "Alright, let's go. I'll stick to street level, no fancy flying, and even... even..." she gulped, "turn off the neon."

    She downed her drink, loath to waste any, and casually strolled out of the bar, twirling the key as she went. She pointed the key fob at the airship in the car park, taking up more than its fair share of parking spaces, and clicked the button. The A☆-Tech logo on the side glowed briefly before going dim, and an outer panel on the hull of the cabin swung gently down to form a ramp before rotating its inside plates into a makeshift set of stairs. She climbed aboard, turned around to face the outside and leaned against the doorway, a cocky smile on her face.
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    Of Essence

    "Well..." mused Merin, nursing her newly refilled potion, "It's not like I had anything better to do. But still, you could at least have told me not to be so early! I have other stuff to do!" She glanced out of the dusty window to the Trasting Town skyline, black silhouettes on a fiery orange sunset.

    "Looks like it's nearly time to go," she gathered, turning to Swift and cocking a thumb over her shoulder at the view, dangling a key from her pinkie finger with an emblem resembling a capital A set into glowing cyan star embossed on the fob. "You gonna need a ride, or would you prefer to walk?"


    Nightshade said nothing to Agile and turned her head slowly to Veiran. "Was it not you who came to the Troquin estate for me before?" she enquired impatiently. "Broke my concentration as I toyed with the abyss, and left me with this mark?" She drew back a lace sleeve to reveal what appeared to be a shifting dark tattoo.

    "I can understand Mr. Kurse being cautious, given the circumstances, but is time not of the essence?"
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    Phantasy Star Portable 2 is a really good game for the PSP; it's pretty good and addictive enough in singleplayer, but then there's the free multiplayer too. Think, basically, combat somewhere between Monster Hunter, Zelda and .Hack... then throw it into a soft sci-fi environment with (mostly) likable characters and INSANE amounts of customisability.

    Disgaea 1&2 are other favourites of mine; originally on PS2 but with updated rereleases for PSP. Strategy RPGs like Final Fantasy TicTacs... but with humour, in a crapsaccharine world. I was in love from the moment I saw a friend playing the first game on PS2, and have bought every one new ever since. Third and (upcoming) fourth games are PS3 exclusive, however.

    And if all else fails, you can't go far wrong with some kind of sega collection!
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    GAME originally had it for a £250 release price, which was ridiculously greedy. That's what you get for allowing companies to set their own RRP.

    To be fair, local GAME retailers are even now selling them for £150, so that's nice in a way.

    I can't help but feel that the 3DS was a little rushed and ill-conceived. Motion control, I can deal with. Keeping the system in a rigid position to get its primary effect, I can deal with. Both at the same time, though, doesn't quite work so well.

    I sort of regret buying my 3DS, but not because of price, or the price drop... it's mostly because in eight months' time, there WILL be a larger improved screen rerelease with triple the battery life, a 32GB solid state hard drive for downloadables, TV & WiiUmote connectivity for 3DTV one-console multiplayer, and a Kindle-esque perma-Internet connection. A bunch of things that would have made the 3DS the amazing killer console it was meant to be.

    In fact, if this happens, I'll be really jelly.
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    Final Fantasy 2.
    Shadow the Hedgehog.
    Makai Kingdom.
    SoulCalibur 3
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    Worst pickup line: "Were your parents ******ed, 'cause you're a very special lady."

    Best pickup line, used by a girl: "I call 'em Christmas and Easter. It'd be nice if you could visit between the holidays."
    - She was talking about a pair of something. Legs, maybe. works for other things too, I guess.
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