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    Oh, the usual: running a business, teaching tiny humans, forgetting this place exists, fearing my account got purged when it actually didn't.

    Same old, same old.
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    I wanna go to one. I have a few friends who have realistic animal costumes and make chainmail. We might go to one in New York next month.

    There's a big one by me called King Richard's Faire that I've never been to.
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    I reread Homecoming and then read Dicey's Song. I remember reading the former in I think the 8th grade and stumbled upon it in a Savers.

    I also read this bizarre title called the 13 1/2 Lives of Captain Bluebear. And when I say it's bizarre, I mean it's bizarre. But it was a fun read, with lots of drawings smooshed in a Terry Gilliam-esque style (a cartoonist/artists for many of Monty Python's animated bits in films and television).
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    I realized I was trying to sign in as "Nashida" and not "The Twin", when I haven't used that name in months.

    How is everyone? Felt I was neglecting this place too much. Here's what I've been up to:

    -I teach preschool and teach Spanish to them and prekindergarten
    -I own and run a moderately successful art/Etsy business
    -My grandmother dodged yet another near-death experience last fall

    How's about youse guys?
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    Maybe I'm looking at it the wrong way, but in a weird way I'm glad there's so much hype because maybe it'll pressure people to keep themselves clean and healthy. Not saying it's not something that shouldn't be taken seriously, but hopefully folks will use this same caution in general now.

    Though I will say I don't quite buy the zombie story that surfaced last week....
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    Let me add my own personal bit to this.

    Last fall I met a guy at a convention. We had known each other online through a forum (not this one) so when we met in person something clicked. However, after the con was over, he flew back to Idaho and I stayed in Massachusetts. We tried to keep our relationship going online, but I quickly found that not only was it tough because I worked full time and he was two hours behind me, but I felt like I couldn't go out with friends or do anything because as soon as I got home and logged on, the first thing he would ask was "Did anyone show interest in you?". I called the relationship off in March when he insisted that when he made it out my way in August, or October, whenever he had the money, he was going to get me in bed, no questions asked, and I really didn't feel comfortable with that. Not to mention that yes we were "dating" but I didn't feel as deep a connection as I should have. We didn't "date" because we were too far away. We had maybe two things in common with one another. He'd send me pictures of his bits and ask me how that made me feel. And in December he announced he was bi, which made me worry he would start seeing someone on the side (he always insisted that he wasn't attracted to men when he was already in a relationship with a woman...I didn't really buy that).

    Now the guy I'm with now, we chat online, yes, but he lives about an hour and half away from me, so we do see each other more often. I can feel nerdy around him and he doesn't care, he finds it attractive that I do the same things he does. We try to make time at least every other weekend to spend a full day with one another.

    I guess the bottom line is your mileage may vary. I don't think I would do another relationship like the first again.
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    I didn't mean to infantilize anyone with my post and if that's the message that came across I do greatly apologize.

    I guess the point I was trying to make is that by focusing only on the things one could miss, they're going to miss out on getting to enjoy them. I mean, I'm guilty of this myself, I'm constantly going "What if, what if, what if." And by doing so I ruin whatever I'm trying to enjoy.

    So I guess it's fine to miss things (like man do I miss stuff I had growing up, I do get quite nostalgic) but don't let that get in the way of the now.
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    What a sad topic. I mean, why am I going to lament about what I'll miss tomorrow when I can get out there and enjoy it today?

    You kids are far too young yet to worry about mortality.
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    I know my brother loved dipping his peas in ketchup, or his potato chips in ketchup. I could never understand the appeal.

    There's a child at my daycare center who will dip a cheese sandwich in ketchup. It's the only way she'll eat it.
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    I am actually, if I'm really not expecting something, no matter how trivial it is, I jump three feet in the air. I got laughed at when I was working last week, one of the kids dropped a large pop bead on the floor and it rolled past me, and I honestly thought it was a mouse out of the corner of my eye.

    I blame it on the fact that teaching toddlers makes you high strung and on high alert cuz 10000000000 things can happen in the blink of an eye.
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    I read all the Ramona Quimby books growing up. Actually, I read anything Beverly Cleary when I was young. And Judy Blume, because Fudge reminded me so much of my little brother when I was growing up.

    Half tempted to mention picture books too.
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    **** i jinked it.

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