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Oct 12, 2012
Sep 8, 2009
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May 7
in a houes
yang to a ying

The Mender

Traverse Town Homebody, from in a houes

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Oct 12, 2012
    1. mojxar
      okay The Mender: what is the meaning of life? (and don't answer to marry a Hypello)
    2. NightofNights
      Ah well if you REALLY want me to. *gets out a couple of charts* naw I'm kidding. *tosses the charts in a bonfire*
    3. mojxar
      lol yes that was random, didn't really consume that much time but yup I have time =P
    4. sephiroth256
      well i am finished now lol
    5. sephiroth256
      lol well are you actually doing work i am a little
    6. sephiroth256
      yeah same what you listening to?
    7. sephiroth256
      same really lol
    8. sephiroth256
      hi you ok lol
    9. mojxar
      well it's worth the wait right? and we can always do other things while waiting.
    10. NightofNights
      lol ya. it's like it's nonexistant now a days.
    11. mojxar
    12. mojxar
      conversation at the base of the world tree between the conquering hero
      and the disembodied voice of the spirit father
      by Dennis Cass.

      Hello? Is anyone there? Yoo-hoo!
      You made it.
      I did.
      Did you cross the Vast, Deep Ocean?
      What about the Obstacle Mountains?
      Of course.
      Have you slain the Twelve-Headed Ogre?
      Dude, if I hadn’t, then would I be talking to you?
      Good point. What do you want?
      My boon.
      Your boon.
      Yes, my boon. The boon that was promised to me. For undergoing
      the aforementioned trials, not to mention several others.
      Aren’t your accomplishments enough?
      I didn’t think that was the point.
      Because it would seem to me—and this is just me talking—it seems
      to me that the journey would be its own reward.
      No one is knocking the journey.
      Then it’s settled then.
      I’m starting to sense that either you don’t want to grant me the
      boon, or that you don’t have it.
      Of course I want to grant you the boon.
      Then grant it.
      Slight problem.
      What if I said I don’t exactly have it on me? That it’s around here
      Define ‘here,’ please.
      The Cosmic Space Egg.
      You mean the endlessly unfolding vessel of Space and Time, that
      which holds everything that is known and unknown, and yet is without
      shape and without end.
      So you’ve heard of it?
      How long is this going to take?
      It’s not what you’d call a small egg.
      Because I have to get back.
      What’s the rush?
      My people. They’re waiting. A lot is riding on this boon.
      Let me guess: salvation.
      Not just salvation, but all that comes with it. Which, as you can
      imagine, is a lot.
      So you go out, risk your life, undergo trials, are yourself forever
      transformed by said trials and they expect you to save them?
      You have an alternative?
      I don’t. I’m just saying that if I were you, I would be out shopping for
      new people.
      Just grant me the boon. Every hour I spend talking to you is the
      equivalent to ten years in mortal time.
      You want to get back in time to enjoy the fruits.
      Are you even looking for it?
      I am . . . but like you said . . . endlessly unfolding, without end, blah,
      blah, bl—.
      Boon, please.
      Okay, okay. Sheesh. You’d think being the Spirit Father would get
      you a break.
      Give. Me. My. ****ing. Boon!
      Fine. Here.
      Nice, huh?
      Yeah . . . I mean . . . wow.
      Worth the wait?
      Well worth it! Goodness . . .
      What’s wrong now?
      I don’t know . . . I guess I’m looking at this boon and wondering if
      anyone will believe it.
      I’m sure they’ll be very accepting.
      You don’t know these people.
      Well, you’ll just have to take your chances, won’t you?
      I suppose I don’t have a choice.
      You don’t.
      I guess this is goodbye.
      Goodbye, Hero.
      Goodbye, Spirit Father . . . and about before—.
      Don’t worry about it.
      I could have been nicer.
      You could have.
      No hard feelings?
      No hard feelings, my Son. You’re a Hero. You solve puzzles with
      your wits. You face grave dangers with your courage. You slay beasts with
      your strength. Nowhere is it written that you also have to be patient.
    13. mojxar
      waiting sucks right?
    14. NightofNights
      Been good. But I've been traveling alot recently. so My sleep scedual is out of wack @_@
    15. mojxar
      yea I kinda only play Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts these days when I play which too is kinda rare at the moment. Playing a bit IX and VII when I feel like it. Kinda been "busy" and busy heh. guess I could buy some other games for ps3 then. so how 'bout you? How your doing? you have any ps3 game recommendations for me?
    16. NightofNights
      lol yup. so how have you've been??
    17. NightofNights
      Yup. but it'll burn ya^^
    18. NightofNights
      lol ya it'd pop right back, *pop*
    19. NightofNights
      Ah well if you insist. *takes out a book of how pplz are stupid* Naw. *tosses the book aside* You already have a copy lolz
    20. mojxar
      I think your time off computer can be admirable as in I'm everyday on computer. Anyways good to hear from ya how is everything?
      I don't have a ps3 neither but must get one, thinkin' about buying ps3 in like december-january so i can play XIII through (and maybe 100% completion dunno) before XIII-2 release in EU february.
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    May 7
    in a houes
    yang to a ying
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