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Oct 12, 2012
Sep 8, 2009
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May 7
in a houes
yang to a ying

The Mender

Traverse Town Homebody, from in a houes

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Oct 12, 2012
    1. rhaxama
      Yo how ya doin?
    2. mojxar
      yes I shall write very detailed reports for you and scatter them around the world... okay I'll tell something but not now i'm on a bus

      Happy Summer mate looking forward to this summer

      okay talk later
    3. mojxar
      yea i was, now i'm back in Finland
    4. mojxar
      it's a beatiful day
    5. mojxar
      lol I'll try my best mate
    6. mojxar
      lol of course I'll come back from afterlife to tell you that yeah that hamburger ate me whole and then see yea in another life brotha
    7. mojxar
      yes' done it with something already, lol no I haven't yet been eaten by a hamburger.
    8. mojxar
      Greetings from Hungary, popped in to say that lol
    9. mojxar
      Yea I didn't know hes name until now. lol ...okay well I'll get back to you after 4 weeks and hopefully James have stopped flipping tables by then / (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ - ~~~~ See Ya!
    10. mojxar
      yea I'm only talking to you and sephiroth256 too, I've found that kh13 site is kinda better with info now that 3D have been released with the livestream links and all, but Mikes a pretty a cool guy too lol and yea you guys are here.

      so I just told sephy about it so i just copy and paste;

      at school we were given a chance to go to Hungary.
      it's this European eTwinning; Leonardo da Vinci Go2Gether, Leonardo student mobility thing.
      We get financial support for the trip.
      There In Hungary, Nyíregyháza, we'll be studying the culture and language for 1 week and then on-the-job learning for 3 weeks.
      Yea I'm pretty excited :)

      And next year there would be a chance to come to London for job practise, I've been itching to tell ya this, but we'll see next year about that trip, hopefully I can get to travel there too and I'll buy you that ice cream lol
    11. mojxar
      okay yeah maybe some other time mate
    12. mojxar
      Distant Worlds: Celebrating 25 years of FINAL FANTASY

      London, England
      Royal Albert Hall
      The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra plus choir
      Friday - 2 November, 2012 - 7:30pm

      This concert goes on sale MARCH 15TH, 2012 at 9am (London time) at or by phoning the Box Office on 0845 401 5045 or +44 20 7589 8212 if phoning from outside the UK.

      Tickets from £25 to £65 plus a special VIP meet & greet ticket at £135 see details below

      Tickets been already on sale for 5 days, the concert itself is in november.


      Nope I haven't really been thinking about going, just thought to inform you about it. Maybe if they do come to Stockholm.
    13. mojxar
      btw there's Final Fantasy concert in London, You thinkin' about going? There was a Final Fantasy concert in Stockholm once and I really wanted to go, but ...i was pretty helpless back then, I hope there is still upcoming concerts to come and Kingdom Hearts concerts too.
    14. mojxar
      well yea I'm doing better, I'm schoolin' to be a hotel receptionist
    15. mojxar
      yea thx mate
    16. mojxar
      heh thanks
    17. mojxar
      way to go my mate thats sweet
    18. Charonus Rex
      Charonus Rex
      Yep, no worries at all
    19. mojxar
      hey you know me:) that's great! i'm happy for you. so how did you two lovebirds met?
    20. Charonus Rex
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    May 7
    in a houes
    yang to a ying
    i'm a light person that prefers the darkness

    playing vids games and beating my twin