The Fuk?
Jul 2, 2008
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The Fuk?

Dead, Male


Goodbye KHV. You've been okay. Dec 5, 2015

    1. Fork
      Oh man, that is amazing.
      I know I'm late to reply, but I was in my library when I saw this VM, and I couldn't watch it at the time.

      You've finally made a famous video o:
    2. muff monkey
      muff monkey
      I'll see you soon, future husband. <3
    3. muff monkey
      muff monkey
      You're cute. I'll go up there and we'll get married. :3
    4. muff monkey
      muff monkey
      It's nice up there because you're up there.
    5. muff monkey
      muff monkey
      It will be special!

      I had a dream I was going to college in Boston. :'o
    6. muff monkey
      muff monkey
      I still vote we get married.
    7. Fork
      Depends on how well I do, really. We'll see. I might end up richer than most of KHV.
      Except for spdude.
      No one is richer than spdude.
    8. Fork
      And then I'll buy KHV. yes.jpg

      But not necessarily rich, lol.
    9. Saxima
      That's too bad. Still, it's nice to see you dropped in to visit. I hope life has been treating you well and that everything is alright.
    10. Fork
      Yeah, that's what I keep telling myself ;~;
    11. Fork
      I started my first year of Law, lol. I was doing others things before that.
      So I need like 4 or 5 years until I actually start working .-.
    12. Fork
      Stressful. Uni has been taking over my life lately. It's not all so bad though, I'm surviving.
      Skyrim is amazing, by the way.
    13. Fork
      I see. Still, I would like to talk to you more, but I wouldn't want you to stick around if you're not happy of course.
      How's life been treating you?
    14. Fork
      Holy **** welcome back dude.
      You're not back are you? :c
    15. Saxima
      KHV misses you. I know you and I didn't talk much, but I miss your wit.

      Hope you come back soon man.
    16. king_mickey rule
      king_mickey rule
      Hey there, remember me? :) I'm the guy who made that Blackout cover from Linkin Park. I made some new music actually since then, now I made Kingdom Hearts songs for a project I'm in, if you want, you can check'em out in the auio-project forum :)
    17. Radiowave
      college is funsies
    18. reptar
      Yeah, ages ago. It is supposed to be about the First Contact war or something.
    19. Rissy
      You could have sent my things back. Instead of throwing them away.
    20. Rissy
      I threw my Calender out. I couldn't stand the stuff I wrote in there, since it was all stupid.
      And I'll probably get a new calender in 2012.
      And seeing all that stuff in January about you, kills me.
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