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    I am only in christmas for them food.
    But my parents are christian and all....but I'm only there for the food. I grab food. and done.
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    AMD processors give ATI Video cards a high boost on graphics.
    So, if you are willing to get ATI video cards, go with an AMD processor. If not, and you want to get Nvidia instead, take an Intel processor.
    I recomend that by personal experience; at the moment I am using Intel + ATI, which is still good, but if it were AMD + ATI it would be better, regardless of GHz, cores etc.
    As for motheboards, I think it will come with the video card you choose, adapted to be DDR3, 4, 5 and so on... Also, if taking AMD processors, take an ASUS motherboard, and for Intel processors, take Intel motherboards(dur), I suggest these...Not sure if they work optimally, but they work well together.
    For memory, taking 4GB minimum is recommended if you want to use windows 7 64bits, since it needs at least 3 to run. The brand I recommend on memory is Corsair Dominator, or Kingston. Using 4GB ram on windows 32bits is a waste, since it only reads will lose 1GB in there, which will be used for nothing.
    However, as stated, there will always be newer stuff coming out. That's what keeps the companies alive, anyway.
    That's all I know! Hope it helps.
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    Can I have 22 and 29? !!

    Here is my render:
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    Its me again, I left the forums for a while, but I came back...I think. So, Hello, I think I will post more now eh...I got in this forum by request of my friend, Judge Sunrose. I thank him for this, this forum is amazing, I wanna participate more I dunno how to :p, so I came here, hi! 8D
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    I say hello

    hello. I'm Tekirai, I don't know who I am, But I like Pie and Pudding c:
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