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    Vance quickly worked the boat that once brought him to this island back together, and, after collecting a few essentials for the trip, set sail back to mainland. Without any compass or map, he set sail just trying to reach any land.

    Sailing for three days, Vance was beginning to lose hope of ever reaching land alive. But as the top of the fourth day, he spotted land... and what looked like Wutai.

    "What luck!" he sighed, remembering hearing about the War ending. This will be the perfect place to hide for the time being. Shinra thinks I'm dead... and, even if they still had tabs on me, somehow... why would they explore their time and money here of all places? he thought to himself. Vance wasted no time, quickly sailing to the shore. He fell to his knees in joy as he felt the warm sand between his toes and, more importantly, solid ground beneath his feet.
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    OOC: Hi everyone! I'm Tana and I'm so excited to start this RP! :D

    Vance took a long drag on his joint, finishing it off. He stood up and moved deeper into the cave that was now his home, the soft, green glow of the Mako pool at the back seeming to emanate even brighter. He passed out a moment later, his body exhausted from the drugs he’d just put in it for the last few hours. But sleep never sat well with Vance since arriving here on this island; he woke from a nightmare about his dead child, and, while he wiped the sweat from his brow he noticed the Mako glowing brighter than ever, nearly blinding him. He slowly walked over to the source and found an unmistakable formation of Materia in the middle. He sighed, his head spinning, higher than an airship; Vance had no reason, no drive to even try and bother with the pool of Mako or the Materia.

    How long have I been on this stupid island now? he thought to himself. A year, I think? And still no sign of anyone, no reason to try and change the world. It’s all Shinra’s fault; I was First Class SOLDIER… but it’s just a title they give you to make you feel like you’re going somewhere and making the world a better place. What a bunch of bullshit. It’s the damn nightmares; I gotta smoke to keep them away, but it rarely ever works.

    Vance rolled his neck from side to side, stretching the stiff muscles there. “It’s always the same,†he said aloud, his voice echoing around the dull, damp cave. He and his child would be playing outside in the yard of their home in Midgar, and his ex would come and call them inside for dinner.

    “She comes down the stairs,†he continued to himself. “The most beautiful girl I’d ever seen. She tells me to go get the kid, but…†When Vance goes outside into the yard again, the once-green and beautiful scenery is now dead and desolate. He looks for his child but can never find what he seeks, and, running back into the house in a panic, he finds it is also destroyed and empty. Just like my heart, he thought depressingly.

    “That’s when I always wake up,†he whispered. After the loss of the kid I let the most beautiful girl I’d ever known drift away. She left me, and, by the time I went after her, it was too late. “She was killed in an accident at a Mako reactor. That’s when I stole this stupid raft of a boat and ended up on this island… talking to my damn self.â€

    And that vocalization of how long he’d been here, by himself, smoking is life away, was enough: Vance put out his joint, and stumbled to the very back of the cave to the gentle green glow of his salvation. As he stood of the edge of the pool he thought one last time about his lost family and closed his eyes, letting himself fall in.

    At once he felt as if his mind was being pulled apart as the knowledge of the Lifestream invaded his head. He felt his very sanity being yanked away from him and his lungs burned as he used up the last breath of air he took before taking the plunge. Just as he was about to slip into nothingness, two voices rang out inside his head:



    He knew one of the voices as his lost love, but the other was nothing he knew.

    “You must move on and change the world,†his ex continued. “You have the power to help, so do something. Don’t join us just yet; you must carry on.â€

    “What do you mean ‘us’?†Vance tried to shout with no success.

    “We will be waiting for you,†the second voice spoke. “I know you don’t know me, but I am your child.â€

    Even in the Lifestream his tears began to slow as the child spoke to him for the first time.

    “You are a knight of justice and your heart is true,†his love spoke to him. “You are a knight for those that don’t have to power to protect themselves… a knight of the world.â€

    The words struck Vance’s heart like a blacksmith striking hot iron, forging his mettle stronger with each word.

    “We are with you; we are your Knights of the Round. In time we will help you change this world so that everyone can be truly happy.†And with those last words, Vance knew it was now or never; with his remaining strength he kicked and pulled his way to the surface. Breaking the surface and taking a deep, life-saving breath, Vance climbed out of the Lifestream. He turned his eyes to the Materia forming at the center and he swore, for a moment, he saw it sparkle and heard his ex’s voice saying “I love you.â€

    That’s it, he thought determinedly, trying to get his breathing back to normal. I’m fixing up my boat to get the hell out of here and setting sail in any direction. I don’t know what I’m going to do or where to even start, but, if I keep my eyes open, I’ll find what I need to change the world.
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    Not much whats up with you?
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    Sounds like a good one!
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    Well if Edward died like.... immediatly that would have made it better.. but probably if anyone in the world other than Stephenie wrote it it would have been great!
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    Profile Post

    Hows it going?

    Hows it going?
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    Nope it was green :)

    Nope it was green :)
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    Psh spiderman all the way! Wanna know why? I am spider man you can ask anyone that knows me.. its true.
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    ok i am going to let you all in on a little secret on 12/12/12 the world will not be ending but it will be the second comming. the time of the 1000 years of peace starts then my friends... Beleive me? well if you dont i would like to see you prove that what i have said is wrong.
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    This one is pretty simple in my opinion. If your GF is the one your going to marry and be with for the rest of your life then you choose her over your Best Friend. If she is just a GF you like to hang out with then i would definatly not loose your best friend over her.
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    Stop acting all emo about it. you know what she wants? she wants you to tell her what you want and show her that you can get it. Dont try to fix the friendship.... show her that you want her and your more than enough for her if not more than she can handle. maybe she doesnt hang out with you any more becasue you just werent acting man enough for her.
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