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    The final update for mobile game Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road has been delayed from its previously-announced winter 2021/2022 release. No new release window has been announced.

    This upcoming update is slated to make Dark Road offline-only, as well as conclude the game's plot in one last go. Specifically, the announcement cites a significant addition to the game's scenario as the delay's primary cause. The game remains unplayable in the interim.

    Dark Road's Japanese Twitter account released a few new screenshots from this final update to tide fans over. KH13's Ryuji has translated those screenshots, as seen below:

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    Looks like the National Dex is still out; it's got the same disclaimer about Home compatibility that SwSh had. Hardly surprising; the dev statements on the subject during SwSh's release cycle were pretty clear that that's the direction going forward. We're going into this generation with even more individual Pokémon species than SwSh had to contend with, after all.
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    Right on schedule, The Pokémon Company announced the ninth generation of the core series today, Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet.

    The games, set in a region that seems to resemble Spain, will be fully open-world, with wild Pokémon wandering the overworld as in other recent Switch entries. You'll be able to pick from Grass-type Sprigatito, Fire-type Fuecoco, and Water-type Quaxly for your starter.

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    The games are scheduled to launch in late 2022. You can check out the official site here.

    I honestly didn't expect Gen IX to launch this year; I figured we'd get Legends: Arceus DLC for our yearly release, like how 2020 gave us the Sword & Shield expansion pass. But then again, it's also been the standard three years since the last generation now, so I guess that's on me lol. The game looks promising so far, though; looking forward to seeing more, not looking forward to Even More of the Same Discourse recycled from SwSh's release cycle.

    Anyway, I'm gonna start with Fuecoco. What about you?
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    Out, damned spot...!
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    I spent so long hoping that the series would come to the Switch...but these cloud versions just aren't acceptable. Not just out of the principle that cloud-based gaming is inherently bad for ownership and preservation and all that, but because the cloud systems for these games in particular just don't seem to be optimized well. Playing 0.2 in the demo for 2.8, I was experiencing frame stuttering during cutscenes--and not even the new original ones to 0.2, but the PSP-era flashbacks!

    So for me, I guess I'll just wait for the PC versions to go on sale.
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    wuh-oh! trouble in paradise!!
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    Looking forward to absolutely wowing the internet by setting a new KH2 speedrunning record!

    Granted, it'll be a record for the slowest speedrun, but hey, that's still a record!
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    bada bing, bada boom
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    15 and 26 here.
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    sucks to suck lol ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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