Sep 26, 2010
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Apr 23, 1993 (Age: 31)


Merlin's Housekeeper, Male, 31

    1. nasirrich
      Ashley-*Gets Ultra red looking away from Zy and drinks some of the water and continues to eat her food.*
      Old Man-*Throws some dough at Zy's head using it like a backboard so it goes in his soups.* ON THE HOUSE!!! =.=
    2. nasirrich
      Ashley- Killing them will get us in trouble with the perverted law here so we can kick their ass, but that's it. So we are able to use whatever means to win just limit the power use.*Starts to eat her soup blushing a lot for how good it and and burns her tongue a bit making some get on her nose.* Ow ow ow hot hot hot DX
    3. nasirrich
      Old Man- Here you got you snot nosed punk.*Hands Zy his food reckless like hoping some of the soup spilled on him.* And for you young lady*Hands Ashley her food with a lot of tenderness and care.*
      Ashley thank you very much good sir.*Smiles at him and goes back to Zy.* Well it all depends on what the prize is really. That prize is what leads to the secret mission.
    4. nasirrich
      Ashley- Just about who's the strongest really in the area and to see where we stand for the secret mission. I already know where going to win, but there's supposed to be a surprised fighter.
    5. nasirrich
      Old Man- You got balls kid you got some balls to come in here acting like this so you know what...*Gets them both their dishes and more.* Everything is on the house. But you're still a punk who lucked out.
      Ashley- ^^"*Feels horrible for all the trouble she's been putting Zy in.*
    6. nasirrich
      Old Man- Sure thing punk I'll make you 7 and charge your for 12
      Ashley-*Trying to hold in her laughter.*
      Old Man- Also since you got this pretty little thing right here you don;t even offer to pay for her stupid punk she eats free your price will be everything on the menu.
      Ashley O,O
    7. nasirrich
      Ashley- Wow... May I please get the same.
      Old Man- Yes pretty little lady I'll get yours he can wait =.=
      Ashley-*Giggles* Please can you get all of ours?
      Old Man- Well alright but he says anything like that again I'll spit in his ramen stupid punk.
    8. nasirrich
      Ashley- Ok well then Ramen IT IS YEA c:*Heads out the shop and goes to the Ramen vendor.*
    9. nasirrich
      Ashley-*Blushing ultra hard now.* R-Right then we can get something to eat.*Heads over to the counter and to pay for her bikini.* What would you like to eat now that where done here?
    10. nasirrich
    11. nasirrich
      Ashley- I wonder which one he'll like me in. Also I need to pick one where I'll look amazing kicking so much ass its going to be a BLAST!!! I just need to think if any of these are something he'll gawk at. Watching him blush is so funny, but first off I need to speed this up food is a must right now.*Rushing herself to just pick one to where.*
    12. nasirrich
      Ashley- What you don't want to be with me or something*Pouts and giggles again looking at more bikinis finding some she likes.* Ok be right back ~,^*Heads into the changing room.*
    13. nasirrich
      Ashley-*Jumps and waves to Zy.* Hey ZY I'm over here*Giggling a bit hugging him and kisses his cheek.* Come on I wanted your thoughts on this outfit.*Takes him by his biceps and heads towards the bikini isle of the store.*
      *Other guys are getting jelly, and smile at the guy for the girl he's scored giving him the look.*
    14. nasirrich
      Ashley-*Blushes as she's taken into an alley with him.* You clean up nice Zy so let's get going then just let me get out first and head over to the store and you meet me there ok. Us walking out one by one coming from an ally would be very weird.*Trots along out of the alley and heads to the store nervous, but happy Zy with with her.*
    15. nasirrich
      Ashley-*Grabs his hands and hides behind him pointing to the beach store for them to go shopping.* Th-the last time I came here alone I was abused for having these powers so I just try to mask myself and keep with the crowd.* I don't like going to these places with Humans its hard, but Az-.. I was taught to always forgive since I come from the depths of where sinners dwell.
    16. nasirrich
      Ashley-*Her fangs begin to show a bit and she retracts them.* Y-Yea that sounds yummy and I kinda forgot about that CX I'm ready to leave when you are.
    17. nasirrich
      Ashley-*Pouts and blushes slightly.* W-Well its not like I don't like it when you call me princess or anything... Baka*Smiling a bit* Well I guess that's it for training for today we should get on with our current mission. I hope you didn't forget... VACATION TIME!!! And also to join in the Beach Fighting ring where all being with power meet on this day ^=^
    18. nasirrich
      Ashley-*Comes out from one of her portals behind Zy placing her hands on his back with a sly grin on her face.* Crystal Flare*Her aura explodes out and a blast with crystal aura shoots down on from the sky and a cannon in charging from her hands.* AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!
    19. nasirrich
      Ashley-*Comes out from one of the portals stunned and teleports just before she gets hit as the after image blows up and she speed dashes through the next portal dodging the attacks.* I never thought he'd come out and do all of this w-wow.*Stops moving to dodge another arm and pulses herself to seek a way to counter attack.*
    20. nasirrich
      Ashley-*Has her aura create and ice trail that she dodges, and spins around ever so elegantly and gracefully so she has more time to avoid, block and counter the oncoming attacks.* He's gotten so much stronger this is so much fun, and his control of his power is incredible.*Pulses in random directions to create Pulse portals.* Hmm my turn*Sly grin on her face.*
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    Apr 23, 1993 (Age: 31)
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