Sep 26, 2010
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Apr 23, 1993 (Age: 31)


Merlin's Housekeeper, Male, 31

    1. nasirrich
      Here you go XD
    2. nasirrich
      Ashley- Well well this is new to me.*Jumps out another window landing elegantly, and uses the force from the drop to pulse her forward to gain on Zy.*
    3. nasirrich
      Ashley- THAT'S THE SPIRIT!!!*Is all fired up thanks to Zy bolting to the door to head out so they make it in time to sign up for the tournament.*
    4. nasirrich
      Ashley- Y-Yea I can see that ^^" Anyways we gotta hurry and get to the beach so we can sign up for this tournament, and scope out the "Competition"*Giggles as she finishes food and drink.* I wonder how today is going to go.
    5. nasirrich
      Ashley- I can help you pay, but this is really a lot of food here Zy. How hungry were you when were on the train?
    6. nasirrich
      Ashley- Yep I'm A OK CAPTAIN n..n But quick question Zy if it isn't to much of a bother. Whose paying for all of this =,=
    7. nasirrich
      Ashley- Oh th-thank you Zy heheheh ^^" I'll be sure to eat something.*Looks around wondering how much of a hassle she was for Zy.* I have to make it up to him, but I wish I knew.*Looks at all the food he ordered.* ^^" H-How much is this gonna cost us?*Sighs picking and choosing what she'd like to eat digging in after she gets her share.*
    8. nasirrich
      Ashley-*Still sleeping, but gets the urge to fight for something or someone is sending out a very bad vibe.* What is this I'm sensing? Do they want themselves to be found out?*Her vampiric aura becomes more noticeable to her waking her up so her wings and fangs retract instantly.*
    9. nasirrich
      Ashley-*Sleeping soundly and her fangs are now very noticeable same with her vampiric wings.*
    10. nasirrich
      Ashley-*Too tired to wake up and a frozen tear can be found on her chest.* Don't leave me... I don't want to be alone anymore don't go.*Saying in her sleep.*
    11. nasirrich
      Ashley-*Sighs rolling her eyes and continues to play with her aura.* Wonder how Zy will do in a fight its been a while since I've seen him fight besides the training.*Thinking to herself and slowly starts to fall asleep.*
    12. nasirrich
      Ashley-*Slightly red in the face looking away.* Y-Yea... You better mean that too.*Slightly snuggles on Zy a bit.* But ever since I got this curse in my eye I've always been losing people thanks to this.*Saying in her mind.*
    13. nasirrich
      Ashley- Since I met you were always like this so never. I just hope you don't end up being lost to me like my sister and mother which is why I'm always extra careful out in public.
    14. nasirrich
      Ashley- That's something I thought I'd never hear you say at all. Although we can't take it too seriously unless we have some surprise guest, but still they shouldn't be that much of a problem.*Has a bit of each of her aura come out and just plays with them having one charge up, the other create clones of itself, another teleporting away, next one bringing out her other auras.* Aura control practice ~,^
    15. nasirrich
      Ashley-*Sits right next to Zy.* Well it might be it might not all depends on the people here and the train stops ahead as well.
    16. nasirrich
      Ashley-*Sighs* Ok well that was taken care of come on.*Walks to the line waiting for the train to come up.* The faster we get there the better tired of being stared at.
    17. nasirrich
      Ashley- It might take an hour give or take on who we encounter on the train. It shouldn't take no longer than an hour really. And speaking of tough guys..*Points straight ahead of them because of group of thugs are heading towards them.*
    18. nasirrich
      Ashley- Alright let me just finish and...*Downs everything cleaning her lips with her tongue.* Tasted wonderful, but what took you so long geez? Its was like you were in there for weeks on end.
      Old Man- Maybe because he needed some alone time because of the girl he was with so you know how guy tend to get at times ~,^
      Ashley- Woo =/= Have a nice.*Leaves the vendor creeped out.*
    19. nasirrich
      Ashley- Oh alright cool I will just hold the fort and eat here ^-^*Continues eating her food.*
    20. nasirrich
      Ashley-*Keeps eating her food ignoring Zy trying not laugh at him and the old man going at it with one another.*
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    Apr 23, 1993 (Age: 31)
    I'm a pretty shy guy, but with time will eventually open up if I get to know you.

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    Some of the greater things in life are unseen thats why you close your eyes when you kiss, cry, or dream.