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    The last character in such a game I've actually gotten a chance to play as was my multiclass paladin/gunslinger in Pathfinder 1e. That one was pretty fun.
    Post by: SuperJedi224, Jan 8, 2020 in forum: The Playground
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    Oh right this forum's a thing.

    Any less dead than it was a few months ago?
    Post by: SuperJedi224, Dec 12, 2019 in forum: The Playground
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    Hello everyone.
    Post by: SuperJedi224, Sep 9, 2019 in forum: The Playground
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    I still check this site occasionally (though not as often as I used to now that the song contest's dead).

    Anyway, on the subject of metal, I think I'm going to go with this piece for now (not the official music video):

    Post by: SuperJedi224, Jul 17, 2019 in forum: Music
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    Aviators - The Far Side

    Post by: SuperJedi224, May 14, 2019 in forum: The Playground
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    I think most of the codes in this topic are already RAW.
    Post by: SuperJedi224, Mar 30, 2019 in forum: Code Vault
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    So which way are we voting this time then? Should I change my votes back to the way they were?
    Post by: SuperJedi224, Jan 6, 2019 in forum: The Playground
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    ..that's not the way we've done voting in *any* of the previous rounds...
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    (Note: Am not a member of the website staff.)

    Yep, it looks like you're correct. Unfortunately, I don't have the correct link to the introduction files, though hopefully they're included as part of the "Download all cutscenes" link, so you should be able to get them that way.

    Edit: Have just downloaded the full cutscene collection for the HD 1.5 version of 358/2 Days; the first file in the zip archive does, in fact, appear to be the introduction file.
    Post by: SuperJedi224, Dec 31, 2018 in forum: Feedback & Assistance
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    Hey, I got that too!

    So far I've also gotten: A t-shirt, some socks, a bottle of strawberry soda, an Amazon gift card, and some cash.
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    I'm in. Will try to submit an entry within the next few days.
    Post by: SuperJedi224, Dec 10, 2018 in forum: The Playground
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    @burnitup I just started one of these song contests over on another forum, let's see how it goes.
    Post by: SuperJedi224, Dec 7, 2018 in forum: The Playground
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    Hello! Welcome to the site.
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