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November 13
somewhere out there....
Visual Effects/Animation (College Student)


Gummi Ship Junkie, Female, from somewhere out there....

If your heart is in your dream, no request is too extreme... Aug 22, 2012

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Feb 27, 2016
    1. The Twin
      The Twin
      Yay, that makes 2 people who like it. :3
    2. greater_bloo
      That's cool! Summer is when crazy things happen lol. And no problem in the words of Sora "If a friend needs me to be there! I'll be there!" Well...I'm not sure if you needed me but I'll be there anyway! XD

      Ah I'll be sure to accept you when I get back on my PS3, it's been awhile since I've played it.

      Yup I've been very well. I've been spending my time getting some voice acting things done. And somehow I've gained more roles without even auditioning! >_< Busy busy busy!
    3. ~Acy_XIII~
      That's okay, I was about to send you a message since I didn't see you on since a while ^^''
      So how are you on this nice vacations?

      For your question, I would like to do a tour of Europe, it would be pretty expensive but there's so much stuff I wanna go see XD But I think if I only have one place to begin with I would like to go to Italy or France.
    4. Scarred Nobody
      Scarred Nobody
      Yeah. my computer is dead for good. I actully cracked the screen trying to get it to work. i should get a new one soon though, or maybe an ipad. Hp and i are not cooperating anymore.

      Toonami has been okay; I tune in mostly for Deadman Wonderland, which is awesome. i already saw it in japanese, but the dub is really good. can't wait for more episodes.

      I saw black butler a while ago, and didn't really enjoy it. i didn't like the characters and the pacing was off. to each their own though.

      The last show i finished was Cat Planet Cuties. i detest fan service shows, mostly because of shallow characters and lack of story, but this one was different. it actually had a lot of heart behind it, and there wasn't as much fanservice as one would think (excluding the OVA though...).

      I've been okay. i got Arkham City and planning on getting Lollipop Chainsaw soon. I also got a few good movies from a yard sale last week. My dad made me sit through Act of Valor, which was a terrible movie. I don't even think i could call that a movie. I saw Rango on Netflix though, and that was surprisingly really good.

      Sorry for the wall of text. XD How are you?
    5. greater_bloo
      Heya! Everything alright? I haven't heard from you in awhile! :)
    6. Mysty
      I miss my Kairi <3
    7. greater_bloo
      Ah well better late than never! :D
      And apparently I should make the same apology. *bows* Sooowwwwwy! DX

      But yeah, very different from what I said last time but I decided to not use an avatar for now. It gives me a mysterious vibe lol, that and I decided the character I picked out doesn't represent me at all.

      Anyways let's talk about something new! You said you play Uncharted 3 right? What's your PSN name maybe we can play together one day! XD
      Mine is bloothegreat
    8. ~Acy_XIII~
      It's not a profession, just a summer job in a bar terrasse. I'm just cleaning the glasses and doing some other tasks...
      I'm still studying in college during the rest of the year ^^ Vacations are the moment I choose to work since I don't have any allowance from my parents.
      I'm saving money in order to be able to go out during the rest of the year, pay some stuff for my studies or maybe travel next summer depending on how much I will get for this season.
    9. Scarred Nobody
      Scarred Nobody
      Yeah; it definitely is better. I'll only be using one costume though; the rest are probably just so I can say I unlocked them.

      Mmhmm; and I've been completely ignoring studying for the past few days. XD I need to read up on a lot of stuff for Wednesday and my computer is just being a big derp. I think my screen is broken, which isn't good because it's a laptop. It works sometimes and sometimes it doesn't. Next time I get a computer, it's not going to be on HP.

      Toonami wasn't too bad; it's kind of the same as I slightly remember. I stayed up until the end of FMA: Brotherhood. Casshearn Sins (?) didn't really grab my attention like I thought it would. Deadman Wonderland was awesome though. I will admit that when I heard Ayres was voicing Ganta, I wasn't a huge fan of it though. I got used to it though. Monica Rial as Shiro was perfect though.
    10. ~Acy_XIII~
      That sounds fun. X3
      I'm not doing that much for this summer since I'll be working all night four days a week. ^^''
      I'm planning to go to an anime convention with my sisters and hang out with some of my friends during my days off or swimming all day if they're busy XD
    11. ~Acy_XIII~
      Hang in there! :D
      3 days, such a short time before summer's vacations.
      So what are you planning to do this summer?
    12. Mike
      You too. Thank you.
    13. ~Acy_XIII~
      Well, good evening!
      I'm doing rather well, I just need to re-adapt to myself to my night job.
      Summer is kinda already here where I am. All that's missing is a pool ready to use! >:3
    14. ~Acy_XIII~
      Hey there!
      How are you doing?
    15. Llave
      Hugs 8D

      Yeah it just took a day or two to get back into the swing of things lol.

      Oh goodie! That always feels great to finally have that off your shoulders.

      S'all good. My apologies for not getting back to you lol.
    16. Mike
      Yea, I'm glad the summer is here. We need it.
    17. Mike
      I'm good. How are you?
      Thank you by the way.
    18. Scarred Nobody
      Scarred Nobody
      Mmhmm; although I've gotten so used to sitting a certain way in theaters, I just have a bit of a default on everything. XD

      Yeah; and I found out that all the costumes are unlockable throughout the game anyway, so there really is no incentive for me to pre-order.

      It's alright; I'm pretty busy myself. I have one final to study for and then I have to write up the first act (25-30 pages) of my movie script for my script writing final, but I'm going to relax for a few days before then. I'm excited about Toonami coming back, although I wasn't a huge fan of it when I was younger. They're showing Deadman Wonderland though, which I love, so I'm going to stay up to watch that.
    19. Llave

      It has, just kinda disorientated from being away for so long lol.
      How have things been for ye?
    20. Krowley
      Thank you kindly,
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    November 13
    somewhere out there....
    Visual Effects/Animation (College Student)



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