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    -Gokai Galleon-

    Watching, Kimberly and the other Rangers wondered if they had the same kind of abilities. Remus just watched and pondered if the animal that was the Ranger's spirit animal also gave them certain traits.

    Marvelous gave a small smile as fired at Tommy without any sign of hesitation, which any normal man would reflexively let go as Marvelous flexed his hand and brought otut he Gokai Celluar and produced a Ranger Key as it clicked into place as he inserted it inside the Key. "Hurricaneger!" as Gokai Red became Hurricane Red or in other worlds, Red Wind Ranger. "A ninja for a ninja, right? Kage no Mai." Marvelosus aid, charged at tommy as a Japanese sliding doors came down and Tommy and himself were behind the paper frames, like shadows as Marvelous leapt around in fast movements to strike him.

    ~The Capital, Outside Bus Station~

    "Yes sir!" Kiriko answered befor elookign to the lockers, of course it was convienent that the perp used something any normal public person would use, without Shirou's incredible sense of smell, they'd probably woudl fo taken much much longer in finding the clues and well, it wouldn't do for officers to open up every single one in eyes of the public, after all there had to be some sense of privacy
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    -Gokai Galleon-

    Marvelous turned around and and raised the Gokai Gun, firing a few rounds at the energy blast which exploded prematurely as he shouldered his sabre. "You got to be more strategic than that Oliver, your enemy isn't going to stand around waiting for you." Marvelous stated calmly before firing again this time, at Tommy's feet but instead, making contact with the ground to make him jump back a bit.

    "Your enemy isn't going to play fair, while it is honorable you have a code you follow, there are times when it isn't a viable option... I don't bother with it because I'm a pirate." Marvelous added before throwing his sabre up. "Gokai Change." Marvelous said as a flash of light engulfed him. "Gokaiger!" as Marvelous grabbed the falling weapon, suited up in his attire. "So, come at me with every bit of power you got, prove to me you so rightfully earned that treasure because if you don't..." Marvelous pointed the sabre at him. "I'm going to take it."

    ~The Capital - Outside Marty’s Auto Repair Shop~

    "Wow... you got all that from just by sniffing?" Kiriko said in genuine surprise, then again, it shouldn't probably come as one seeing as animals have keener instincts than any human and were more in tune with nature than anyone else, after all, studies did show dogs could hear frequencies that were invisible to humans as an example as he looked thoughtful. "I just hope it's not one with many of these lockers, we wouldn't want to have go through every single one." Kiriko added.
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    ~Gokai Galleon~

    Marvelous stared at Tommy for a brief moment before raising the Gokai Gun at him, it was more a test to see how good Tommy's reflexes were against a speeding projectile than having a up close and personal battle, Marvelous kept his expression in an uninterested look as Harold observed the fight, it was just more or less feeling each other out, but he could see why Marvelous was using weapons, he wasn't taking chances with the tales of the Great Power but also, to see if Tommy was worthy of such a gft.

    -Lor Starcutter-

    Yuuki bent down and rubbed the small fox's head, smiling.

    -The Capital, Outside Marty's Auto Repair Shop-

    "Then that must mean the person of interest knew where all the security cameras are based or likely had plenty of time to scope out where would be best to remain out of view." Kiriko said thoughtfully, it wasn't an easy task to do but it was possible provided you knew where the blind spots were but even then, if you were caught on camera, you'd just have to know when to keep your head down and not look inconspicuous, after all, it was a matter of perception to the brain.
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    ~Gokai Galleon~

    "Hm? Oh?" Marvelous asked, looking a bit interested in Tommy's suggestion. "Sounds interesting, I been wondering hat kind of Great Power you obtained, of course, we can't fight here, there's not enough room." Marvelous said and got up from his seat. "We're landing, I want to make sure we got all the room we'll need to make sure we see what benefits you've earned." Marvelous said, heading to the room with the steering wheel and sure enough, the Galleon was beginning to descend from the skies to a suitable plot of land, when it did, everyone was outside and a good distance away, Marvelous shouldered his Gokai Sabre on his shoulder, looking at Tommy.

    "Don't try to hold back, I need to see if that Great Power of yours was worth the trouble." Marvelous said calmly.

    ~The Capital, Police HQ~

    "Yes Sir." Kiriko said, saluting Vanitas and nodding to Looker and jenny, she was curious to see how this Ogami worked as a lone individual.
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    -Gokai Galleon-

    "Well, I can't say you can't test it outside on some bad guys but perhaps." Harold closed his book as he saved the page. "You can try sparring on deck and see if this Great Power changed any of your gear or something to that effect, it'd be smarter to get associated with whatever kind of upgrades you been given than just discovering it in the middle of battle?" Harold suggested to Tommy.

    "After all, you got to make sure you are all prepared and whatnot." Harold added as a footnote.

    -Kentucky, Grassy field-

    Yuuki couldn't help but agree with Hermione's's statement and she noted Mario and Luigi emerged after a period of time. "Guess they are done with... whatever they were talking about." Yuuki noted

    -The Capital, Police HQ -

    "Oh... No, I haven't due to being busy with other assignments by the prefecture, you tend to not really notice anyone else until it's done or you get tapped on the shoulder to pull you away from whatever business you happen to be doing." Kiriko sheepishly admitted and looked to Jenny. "Well, if he is that much of a popular investigator, then he must have a very good track record to be highly recommended considering our relationships in our required professions." Kiriko added.
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    -Gokai Galleon-

    "That depends as you said, on the mood of the Captain and well, if you are good with wandering the length and breath of the world considering I never usually stay in one place for too long, Missus heart is somewhat used to it after I had to bail her out before, but if you have this new Great Power at your disposal, it may help with some diversions of smaller camps or whatever pockets of resistance we come across, we don't exactly have one of those nifty wireless communications things or such and well, the Galleon is more or less a ship without any course until either an attack or they see something they don't like." Harold shared with them.

    -Kentucky - Grassy Field-

    "Well... considering how much of a garden this guy has, he must be quite a cultivator or loves gardening alot, I mean... doesn't it seem like his own personal Garden of Eden or something?" Yuuki poinited out

    ~The Capital, Police HQ (Conference Room)~

    Kiriko got up to follow jenny and Looker. "That Ogami certainly feels intimidating.. If nobody said his job is, I probably would of passed him off as one of those shady types you see in an alleyway." Kiriko admitted to her fellow female officer. "Or sir, that you and Ogami might of been two peas in a pod with your... similar attire sir."
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    ~Kentucky: Grassy Field~

    Yuuki looked at the surroundings, it seemed to be a rather quaint place there was more or less out in the sticks but appeared have its own bubble of not having experienced any of the ravages of things happening outside. "I wonder if that guy maintained all of his on his own... He must be very lonely." Yuuki noted, hand to her chin as Mario and Luigi wer ein the man's house to talk with him.

    ~Gokai Galleon~

    "Pretty much all we can do at this point, we can't exactly leave the planet in the state its in, plus with the S-types and what damages the Galleon sustained before repairs, it'll be a hard press to escape Earth's atmosphere.. Besides, we're pirates, we do what we want where we want." Marvelous stated to Emma.

    "You should of probably asked me instead of your girlfriend." Harold said, earning a jump from Kimberly as Harold, was leaning in the doorway, arms crossed. "I can't say much on it since right now, it's an unknown where this ship is going for starters, no doubt I'll eventually need to meet with various other contacts I managed to make before everything changed, plus the Galleon doesn't exactly have a a television or a radio to inform us what changes are happening in the world." Harold added.

    ~The Capital, Police HQ~

    "Yes Sir." Kiriko added, she looked over at the new hand, he looked like he was more or less a lone wolf by the way he was feeling out the room and just by the way he was emanating his presence, the attire Ogami wore appeared to be rugged and easy to replace should something go wrong, but there must of been a very good reason why Ogami was the best at what he does that he was recommended to this sector.
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    ~Lor Starcutter~

    "I see.. " Yuuki said as she hopped off her seat and stretched her arms out as she headed to the hanger with Hermione and Nico. "Sounds like Banjo's place is like... an animal community... Reminds of that well known one that's popular in children's books.. Oh what was his name... He loved honey, had a small pink friend and a hyperactive... tiger?" Yuuki said thoughtfully, finger to her lips as if she was trying to recall what the book was.

    ~Gokai Galleon~

    Harold closed the book as word that the seven returned. "Well about time..." Harold thought to himself, question was, where do they head towards to now? That was a good question as Marvelous put his hand on Navi. "What else did you expect bird? You make it sound like you didn't believe they were stubborn enough to actually get their hands on the treasure." Marvelous stated.

    ~The Capital, Police HQ~

    Kiriko sat at her desk, typing something as Looker was informing all available officers head to the conference room, she paused for a moment and saved her work before closing down the computer as she pushed herself up and straightened her uniform out, breathing before heading to the direction of said room.
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    ~Morehead, Kentucky: Rebel Base~

    Yuuki sat within the blue vessel, swinging his legs a bit as the assembled parties. "So.. what's this location supposed to be like and this... neighbour?" Yuuki asked out of the blue.


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    A young white haired male crouched down within a small pile of dead Stormtroopers as he picked up one of the rifles, his lone eye staring at it with a frown. "Do these guys even know how to aim?" The male asked in genuine disbelief, he was just briskly riding his bike before he was pulled over by the small unit and that his appearance didn't match anyone in their database so they were going to isolate the unknown factor and arrest him, unfortunately they didn't account for the male's disobedience and ruthless counterattack as evidenced by the many bullet holes that some of the lifeless Stormtroopers had while he himself had none on his person, he was a survivalist.

    "Sorry but I don't like authority." The male muttered to himself before throwing the rifle away as it made a clanking sound against the ground just once as he stood fully upright before taking a moment to observe the mess he made. "I suppose a lot can happen in however long I spent in that damned labyrinth... now... back to the main subject at hand... Just where the hell am I?" The male asked himself as he rubbed a hand over his white hair, walking over the dead corpses to return to his ride.
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    ~Morehead, Kentucky: Rebel Base~

    "Well... at least its going out somewhere than being cooped up in here." Yuuki said as the decision as made, looking pumped to explore outside again with a determined expression on her face and clenching her fist. "I do hope something exciting will happen though, need something to look forward to!" Yuuki said before going to get ready for the adventure, a string in her step.

    ~Gokai Galleon~

    Harold took a moment to think on what to do, he ha d a book open with a list of spells he gotten from Diagon Alley, more or less Duelling ones which some sounded like more ro less humourous ones like Pumpkin Head spell or the blindfold spell, frowning a bit.
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    ~The Capital-

    Yuri moved his shoulders a bit, last night's walk out on the town was a bit fun as Alice was in the kitchen of their shared home, cooking something. "That was a fun night to let loose for a change..." Yuri said with a smug tone.

    Kasumi was walking to school as she spotted Narukami and ran up to him. "Senpai!" Kasumi claled out and Yu turned around. "Oh, Yoshizawa-san, morning." Yu said and kausmi nodded. "Yeah, I got practice again and a meeting to attend to." Kausmi said and Yu chuckled slightly. "Always doing your best huh, you are setting an example to everyone being a first year." Yu said as the pair walked together.

    Kiriko breathed and sipped her mug of coffee at her desk in the office, letting out a refreshed sigh of relief. "Nothing like a hot mug of coffee to get you started..." Kiriko said in a lightly happy tone.

    ~Morehead, Kentucky-

    Yuuki yawned and rubbed her eyes. with well, notable bed hair as she was eating breakfast, it did seem like she was more or less on auto-pilot than anything else.

    ~Gokai Galleon~

    Harold sipped a bit of soup a she was in the kitchen with Gai, getting food ready for the group. "Hmm... needs a bit more salt." Harold noted, grabbing it and shook some into a pot he was stirring, it wasn't special but anything was better than getting takeout for breakfast, he did check in his briefcase that Anna and Elsa had written in their communication paper they were arriving in a place called the land of cheese as Olaf called it, Harold was a bit left a bit bewildered by that statement but after looking up information, he understood where they were and written back to them the usual spiel of being being careful and how he missed their company..
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    Well after much debate on two possible candiates I thought up, I decided this one was less well.. OP than the other one I considered.

    Name: Hajime Nagumo
    Description: A lone youth who once was a bright and cheerful student on a field trip with others before the S-Types attacked and he fallen down into a chasm where they built underground labyrinths, he observed he was the sole survivor of his class and in a brief moment, lost an arm to an S-Type within the maze, finding a well of densely magical healing properties, he was forced to purely survive by any means necessary after a few days of having no food or water, he used his own skills of craftmanship and blacksmithing to trap S-Types or create weapons using their bodies as well feed on whatever he could eat but however, by doing so, he would of died had he not located said well which healed the damage, by undergoing a rigorous cycle of healing and destroying his body with nothing but having a strong iron will, he mutated into somewhat a human/S-Type combination, changing to someone who is ruthless and sadistic with small embers of what he once was.
    Faction (Rebel/New Word Order/None): None
    Series Character is from: Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saiyoku
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    -Yuri and Alice's home-

    "Of course they will be, I don't know the process behind it but my clothes change along with me so I'm not exactly tearing up my attire every time, if I did, I may as well just go stark naked and stay in my transformed state.. Nice to see you you are interested in my ass though."
    Yuri said, stretching his arms before cracking his knuckles.
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    -Yuri and Alice's home-

    "That depends how Frollo takes to me." Yuri said, hands on his hips with a small smile on his face. "I been wanting to scare that old geezer for a while now anyway since you initially told me not to transform around him, besides, things have gotten boring lately so it'll be nice to spice things up and actually travel again." Yuri noted, rubbing a hand behind his head.
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    ~Yuri and Alice's Residence~

    Yuri stretched his arms out. "Wonder what that woman would want to do at the Cathedral? Is she planning like a rebellion like everyone else in the world who doesn't agree with the New World Order?" Yuri said in a half-interested tone, not like he cared much about politics or new governments or whatever, question was, did he have a chance to cut loose for a bit? AFte rall, he had bene unable to vent by fisticuffs for a while since well Stormtroopers regularly patrolling and enforcing the law.

    ~Rooftops, Location: Unknown~

    Evolt had one leg dangling over the edge of a rooftop and a hand moving a she was catching a small rock and tossing it back up again, he was just bored out of hid mind at the moment.
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