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    All right, I have 3 entries total! You have until tomorrow at 6:00 to get me your entry!
    Post by: SoulboundAlchemist, Sep 26, 2017 in forum: Production Studio
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    2 days remaining! Get your entry in by then if you want to participate in this round!
    Post by: SoulboundAlchemist, Sep 25, 2017 in forum: Production Studio
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    Wow! I totally forgot the deadline is tonight. Because of that, I will be extending the deadline to Wednesday. Good luck!
    Post by: SoulboundAlchemist, Sep 22, 2017 in forum: Production Studio
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    Just PM. The song title, and what it is from to me
    Post by: SoulboundAlchemist, Aug 19, 2017 in forum: Production Studio
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    Alright, in case you guys weren't aware, the new theme for this month is Showtunes. Please remember that you must sing a song that originates from a "show", this includes Broadway musicals, movies, and TV showes, as long as the songs were originally written for a TV show, movie or Broadway musical. Please send the information for your chosen song as soon as possible, preferably before you record so that I can confirm that it is within the rules of the round.. You have until Friday September 22nd to get your entries in.
    Post by: SoulboundAlchemist, Aug 19, 2017 in forum: Production Studio
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    Remember guys, if you are participating in the next round, which is showtunes, I need you guys to post here.
    Post by: SoulboundAlchemist, Aug 15, 2017 in forum: Production Studio
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    Alright guys, sorry about the wait, Round 2 voting is up!
    Post by: SoulboundAlchemist, Aug 14, 2017 in forum: Production Studio
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    Hey guys, sorry about the wait. I was moving between apartments, so it made this round difficult to do a video for, so you're gonna have to live with audio only. Enjoy!

    Thread by: SoulboundAlchemist, Aug 14, 2017, 0 replies, in forum: Production Studio
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    Hey guys, so about the current round. I've been away from my computer for a week or two now, so I haven't had a chance to post it yet. So, because of that, I'm going to post it at the end of this month. Consider this your opportunity to tweak or send in any entries.
    Post by: SoulboundAlchemist, Jul 12, 2017 in forum: Production Studio
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    Alright everyone, if you haven't gotten me your entries yet, be sure to get it to me by 10:00 tonight
    Post by: SoulboundAlchemist, Jun 23, 2017 in forum: Production Studio
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    Hey guys, so I've gotten a couple requests for an extension on the deadline, so I'm gonna extend the deadline to this Friday. Good luck everyone!
    Post by: SoulboundAlchemist, Jun 20, 2017 in forum: Production Studio
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    OK guys, slight rule change. I wan everyone who plans on, but is not sure if they will be able to enter sending me a PM to let me know. I also want everyone who plans on, and is definitely going to be able to enter posting in here. You don't have to post what song you're doing, but I do want to be able to see who is planning to enter, and be able to plan accordingly. Its mostly because one of the future rounds will involve me picking a song for you, so I want you all to be in the habit of posting in here, or PMing me. Thank you all for participating, good luck on this next round, and, most importantly, have fun!
    Post by: SoulboundAlchemist, Jun 7, 2017 in forum: Production Studio
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    Alright everyone, the starting post has been updated! Good luck to everyone!
    Post by: SoulboundAlchemist, May 31, 2017 in forum: Production Studio
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    Thats it folks, the poll is closed!

    In first place, with a total of 5 votes, and earning her 3 points for the leader board, with have Day~Dream!
    In second place, with 1 vote, and earning them 3 points each, due to the extra point they earned for being in a group, with have Triphonica, consisting of SoulboundAlchemist, Hakumei Eien Ibusaki, and Caanan!
    And finally, in third place, earning 1 point, we have Zelda!

    Congratulations everyone, and I'll see you all for next round!
    Post by: SoulboundAlchemist, May 31, 2017 in forum: Production Studio