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    Ahaha, I love that episode! I was watching TOS 'A Piece of the Action' yesterday; I love it so much! Can't get enough of how funny that episode is, even more so with Spock and Kirk in those suits 8D
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    Yah! Finally a family for us Trekkies 8D

    SoranRikunKairi / Captain Janeway / TOS & The Voyage Home / Leonard 'Bones' McCoy

    Oh, BlueDino 8D
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    Amatae looked up, pulling at her gloves and giving a smile. "Hey, where did you pop off to?"
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    OOC - Okay, I admit, I gave up on the thread. I waited two weeks for someone to post before I gave up. (Admittedly, this thread was the only reason I came on KHVids)


    BIC - Amatae leaned on a wall, making small drafts of wind float over her to keep her cool.
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    Wow... I completely forgot about this group... It's kinda dead here, guys! :nomore:

    So... What are we all writing Ffics about? :D
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    OOC - Thank you! I'll just wait until there's a slot for Amatae to pop back in xD
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    :stupid: OOC - Ack! I'm so sorry! My wifi wasn't working on monday or tuesday, my dad ripped it out and I've had to wait until today to get a new broadband because 'it's so busy' that Sky can't send out new ones via post, they have to deliver in person:/gasp: >.< What have I missed?!
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    Amatae hissed through her back teeth, careful to not be seen. "It's his fault." She muttered, jabbing her thumb in the direction of the modern day Pierce, who had been the reason she had jumped and yelled out in surprise.

    "My apologies."
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    "Maybe seeing that cat is what gives you the inspiration to turn into an orange cat?" Amatae asked, looking over to the past Pierce and Amatae, keeping her eyes on them as they conversed.

    "My my, what unusual outfits for two ladies of this time."

    At that, Amatae turned around quickly, knocking slightly into Rita and spluttering in a completely undignified manner. "P-Pierce!" That was shouted rather loudly, loud enough to reach the ears of the past Pierce and Amatae, and possibly even the past Rita.
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    Amatae gave a small laugh at Rita's words. "No, not a mid-life crisis. Pierce's fog on my memories faded just before I attended the school, and I'd accidentally opened my wings one night in my old home. My wings are black, because I used to be on the side of darkness, but I'd forgotten about that fact. I assumed that wearing black was the best thing to do, since it went with my wings. Mid life crisis might come into that too, somewhere." She watched the past Rita petting a cat. "Did you have a thing for the colour orange?"
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    Amatae gave a nod. "I hope so. Because Pierce hasn't changed a bit, and if the past me is currently flirting with present Pierce, I may stab her." She then checked the clothing of the past Amatae. "Weird, huh? I went from yellow frills, to dark gothic clothing, to this." She indicated her smart outfit.
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    As Amatae waited for Rita to form a reply, she watched the scene between the past Amatae and Past Pierce, wondering where the present one had gotten off to after he'd accompanied them to the past. "Say, Ri, where did Pierce go after he accompanied us here?"

    "Well, monsieur Bannidlues, I'm afraid I must be off. It was a pleasure meeting you." The past Amatae spoke, giggling. She was wearing a light, soft yellow dress, one that the present Amatae thought clashed terribly with her red tinted hair. A white bow was wrapped around the waistline, and the hem of the dress reached just above her ankles. She was wearing the shoes of the time period.

    "Wait! I- um... Will I see you again?"
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