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    The last book I read was The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan. It is the third book in the Heros of Olympus series. I found it rather enjoyable and a very engaging read.

    Last book for school was one of my textbooks... Can't remember which haha. College doesn't give me really any exciting reads
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    Happy New Year!!!

    Hope I'm not too late, had problems with internet past few days >.<
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    Sorry for double posting! But I finally got the next chapter done!! So here it is! Chapter 1! Enjoy! Please comment!!

    Chapter 1

    Sora’s muscles instantly relaxed when he heard the voice of his best friend. He heard the sound of someone heaving themself up on the tree. Without opening his eyes, Sora said

    What are you doing here Riku?â€

    Sora heard Riku give a soft sigh.

    “I think that’s the question I should be asking you. Sora, why did you come out to the island in the middle of the night?†Sora finally opened his eyes and turned to face Riku.

    “I just wanted to think is all. My room was really warm so I figured I would just come out here, where it’s peaceful.†He purposely didn’t mention his nightmare; no need to worry Riku over that when he, Sora could figure it out on his own. Riku gave Sora a look if disbelief.

    “Sora, there is no way you had to row all the way over here, in the dark, just to think. The mainland has a beach that is just as peaceful. No more lies, just tell me what is bothering you. Please.†There was a very worried tone in Riku’s voice. Sora gazed up at the moon.

    “Riku, do you remember everything that happened to you when you were lost to Ansem?â€

    Riku gave Sora a confused glance.

    “You know I don’t really like to think about that at all. But, since you asked, yeah I do remember pretty much everything. Why?â€

    “I was wondering… If you could tell me more about it.†Sora’s words came out hesitantly; he didn’t want to make Riku uncomfortable or make him think that something was up with him. Riku took a deep breath.

    “Well Sora, honestly it was the most helpless time of my life. There was nothing I could do after he took control of my heart. Before that though, I thought I had control but really Ansem was the one who was pulling the strings.

    “It was after you took the Keyblade back from me that Ansem took control. You have no idea how much it hurt me inside to have to fight you. All I wanted to do was tell you what was really going on and have you not look at me with anger. But after that, I was completely in the darkness. That’s where I met the King. We joined forces to try and stop Ansem.

    “I tried to sever his control over my heart, but he had such a strong hold over it, that it was next to impossible. I felt it though, when he started to weaken after fighting you. That was when I was able to finally shake him off. After that, there was more with Castle Oblivion with him, but he didn’t have any control of me then.â€

    Sora’s brow wrinkled as he frowned.

    “Castle Oblivion? That name sounds so familiar… But I can’t place it…â€

    Riku inwardly cringed.

    “It’s just some place in Kingdom Hearts.†He lied, “Nothing important. Anyway, after that I met Diz and I realized you were asleep and needed help. So, I gave into to the darkness a little bit in order to help you and become stronger. I became Ansem in all but my heart. And that’s all.â€

    Sora still looked confused as he tried to place the name of Castle Oblivion in his mind. Releasing the thought for the moment, he pondered what Riku had told him.

    “Riku… You are so strong. You may not think your heart is that strong, but to withstand that much darkness, you have an extremely powerful heart. I wish mine was that….†Sora trailed off before he said too much.

    Riku caught on to the fact that Sora had cut himself off. He was tempted to question him, but he restrained himself.

    “Sora… Why are we talking about this right now? That is all over and done with. We should be focusing on the now and what we are going to do next. And now, you should be getting some sleep.†Riku stood up and jumped down from the tree. “Come on Sora.â€

    “In a bit. I’m going to stay a bit longer.†Sora turned to Riku, and catching the look on Riku’s face, added, “Just a few more minutes. I’ll be home in about fifteen minutes. If I’m not then you have permission to drag me back.â€

    Riku grinned.

    “Fair enough. Fifteen mintes then I am dragging you back no matter what.†He turned away from Sora and walked back to where he left his little rowboat. Sora turned back to the water and closed his eyes again.
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    Thank you so much! I'm going to try and get the next chapter done later and hopefully post it tonight.
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    This is really good! I'm guessing this is with the Tenth Doctor?
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    This is just a little idea I've had in my head after playing both KH and KH2. Sora's character has always interested me, so thus my story was born! I hope you enjoy it!
    Darkness of the Heart


    Into darkness…

    Sora jerked awake, panting and sweating. “Just another dream…†He whispered to himself. Thinking he saw a shadow move, he sat up in bed and threw back the covers. Looking around his messy room, he realized it had been his imagination. Rubbing the back of his neck, he sighed. Feeling a little warm, he threw open his window. Leaning out, he let the cool night breeze caress his face. Suddenly, he felt stifled and knew he needed to get out of his room. Heaving himself onto the windowsill, Sora jumped down onto the ground below. He began to run toward the beach; not noticing a figure in the window of the house next to his.

    Sora tied his little rowboat to the dock on the island. He made his way across the beach, heading toward the usual hang out spot. Climbing over the trunk of the tree, he put his hands behind his head and closed his eyes, listening to the waves crash against the beach.

    Why were these dreams still happening? It had been such a long time since the events of Hollow Bastion when he had become a heartless to save Kairi. Even though everyone thought him to be this wonderful hero of light, he still had his own issues with the darkness. Just because he had come back from being a heartless, that didn’t mean he didn’t have some sort of reaction to what had happened. Now that there was no more danger around him and he didn’t have to fight all the time, he had more and more time to dwell on his past.
    Back when he and Riku were in the darkness together after defeating Xemnas, he had mentioned to Riku that the darkness might be getting to him. However, all thoughts of that had been driven from his head when he had to help Riku up after he had fallen. Now that they were back in the realm of light, the full memory of his journey through the darkness came back to him.

    Sora shook his head, trying to eradicate the memories for the present at least. There was no way he would be able to permanently erase these memories. He just wished they would stay out of his dreams. Just as he was think he should start to head back and go to bed, he heard some almost inaudible footsteps coming up behind him. Out of habit, Sora’s muscles tensed up and he prepared himself to summon his Keyblade.

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