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    Sorry it has been a pretty long time, I just had some things to take care of, and I feel relieved now. Enjoy, and comment. =D



    I wish that I wouldn't lose any of my friends, and none of the people I work with. Half of war is being able to die on the battlefield, and without death it wouldn't be what it is. Fighting to the enemy wouldn't seem that bad to somebody you just ask on the road, but they're forgetting that the people we know will die to. Including them.......

    The group had been able to go through the most of the floors in the middle, but there was no lethal interaction with any aliens. Or anything for that matter. It had only been cold; of course dark in the whole area, but the tension had never left the air. To Kao, all of this was stressful, and only because he was worried about Brittri. The monsters seemed to be fond of darkness, but what if the power went out below? Zel on the other hand, was wrapped up in getting revenge, and not just for his face. Pretty much, they wanted to kick some butt, and conquer these floors. Trevon was starting to get worried, thinking that going deeper into the darkness would be bad, but Kao thought of a strategy. The threesome was in a triangle formation, that way they were watching each others back, and of what was their front. Each had some form of light, and might attract something. That didn’t seem to happen. Kao growled in anger, and shot his gun ounce making a big flash of light.

    “Come out already! I know you’re hiding!â€

    Zel rolled his eye, of course on the good side of his face, and looked at Trevon.

    “There doesn’t seem to be anything, and I got all steamed up for nothing...â€

    Trevon wasn’t even listening as he bonked Kao on the head, and told them both to shush. Looking back frontward, he started walking again, but he seemed to be looking for something. Kao followed his lead, getting back to his position, but he still was steamed.

    “What is it Trevon?â€

    Trevon barely made sound with his steps, and of course with his breathing too. Stopping again, he looked back at Zel, and started to whisper.

    “Did you guys notice not even an explosion? The bullet he fired had just disappeared. I think there’s something down there, but stay quiet………..If ya can.â€

    Kao slightly smiled, as Trevon tried to throw in a harmless tease, and Zel only grinned as he knew it would be pretty hard for him. The tension had gone over the limit now, as the group approached the end of the hallway, and were ready for anything. Step by step, sweat began to drip down Kaos forehead, and it was hard to not even breathe. Closer. Closer…………….There was nothing. Trevon lightened up off his grip on the lava filled sword, and started to kick the ground.

    “Just a stupid wall, I don’t understand! It’s not like your bullet just dropped in mid air, it can go long distance, and would have surely-“

    Trying to control himself, Zel looked down at the ground, actually looking for the light coated bullet, but Kao looked at the wall. Something was awfully strange about it, and he wanted to experiment. He started to reach his hand out for it, and touched the cold wall.

    “Eh? Hey guys, I think-“

    Suddenly Kao turned into a bright flash, and disappeared in a mere second after he started talking. Zel ran over to the wall, not even touching it, but trying to find out where Kao was. Without him here, there wasn’t much light to see now, but Trevon just started at the wall. He smiled.

    “Well, that’s quite an old trick.â€

    Zel didn’t turn around to face him, but was still looking at the wall.

    “What are you talking about?â€

    Trevon did a wild grin, his eyes started to turn dangerous, and he pushed Zel towards the wall. The flash had happened again, and Zel was gone out of his sight. Trevon looked back towards the hallway, and he too was starting to think about the other troops.

    “Stay safe, and we’ll be back.â€

    Jumping towards the wall, the white flash had happened again, and now he was gone. The group was no longer inside this building, but was they even on the same planet? Brittri could feel it, and she had no idea what was going on. Trevon was gone, she was in charge of the following groups now, but had no idea what to do. Right now though, she was just helping the soldiers that were coming back, and that at least kept her busy.

    â€Okay Jain, tell me what happened to everyone else.â€

    Jain had started whistling, and then looked back towards one of his comrades.

    “Man that sure was a bunch of mess, I can’t believe I got beat so-“

    Suddenly he was being lifted up by his shirt, and he wasn’t even in the right condition. Brittri pushed him away, sending him ten feet at the very least, and all got quiet.

    “Stop dodging me, and tell me what happened! Where are the rest of the group?!â€
    Jain had never wanted to attack Brittri before, but this was the first time she had made him think about it. Even if he was to lose his mind, she would still beat him, and even without his injuries…….

    “Alright, dang, just stop already……â€

    Barely lifting up, he looked at Brittri, and shook his head.

    “We got attacked as you can see, but not by some freaking weird creatures. Everyone got swarmed, including Kao, and your brother. All I know, is that there was a big explosion where they were, and the energy just floating……..â€

    Brittri just stared at him, her eyes not moving like a cat, but then they lowered down. Jain sighed, sitting down on the floor, and slowly reached for his gun.

    “You know, with you there, we could probably do better, and I’m sure Trevon kicked most of their butts……………â€

    Shaking her head, she pointed towards the area of the stairway, and frowned.

    “It’s blocked, and I don’t even know if there’s a way back. It feels like this building will collapse any minute, but it’s so powerful. I………I don’t even feel like they’re here anymore.â€

    Jain raised an eyebrow, looking at the other troops, and back at Brittri. She noticed the glances, and slapped her forehead.

    “It’s not that I have some weird sensing power, it’s just a feeling……a feeling of worry that is. I think…..I think we should just stay here, and wait for their return.â€

    The troops then went into an uproar, trying to convince them that she was wrong, and only because they all wanted to fight. Jain on the other hand, stayed silent, until he got sick of it, and stood up so fast you could here his leg bones crack.

    “Now see here, she is right, and all of you know it. To put it straight, we got jumped, and beat up. We need to continue to heal, and we shall not just act on our own. I know, you feel useless, and I even know most of you wanted to die with honor sadly like some. Just……just be thankful you’re alive, because I don’t know what I would do if all of you guys died….â€

    Brittri slightly smiled, and it was only because Jain had seemed to mature after this. All the other soldiers slightly nodded, and started to go to Brittri for more healing. Where ever they were, she just hoped they were safe, and that whatever happened to them doesn’t come down to their level……

    “Man, you didn’t have to push me.â€

    Rubbing his head, Zel looked up at Trevon, who was still grinning, and laughing his head off about the whole thing. Kao smacked his forehead, and then looked towards the waterfall.

    “Hey, I think what we should be worrying about is where we freaking are……...â€



    Where are our soldiers at? There’s a waterfall involved, and it’s making Kao worried. Mustn’t be somewhere peaceful, so stay tuned/reading for the next chapter. ^_^ And sorry it's so short.
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    .........................* laughs all the way to the grave*
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    Lol *just cracks up* Man, I'm sorry, but this seems so fake. XD Yeah there's the fact that they came on here posting, lovey dovey crap, but the way that it is............. =D Made me giggle. You're post seem like acting to me, only because I've seen it happen before......and you do it just like that couple. XD I know you guys are for real though, especially since you don't have any reason to lie. Im sorry, it's just your posts, Arc, Sara, and Annexio...just made me laugh. Seems a little to private though, but whatever.
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    Drop the knife and take one of the girls. >.> At leasts that's what Crono would do.
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    ......................Taco? D:
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    Heya, welcome to this big thing called KHV. Remember to follow the rules, make friends, and stay cool. Make sure you visit the spamzone too, that's where usually all the fun stuff happens. ^_^ See ya around!
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    Lol, nah, that's just Sj. XD I can't wait to make you guys bad......well badder. Crap, that isn't even a word huh? D:
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    Ello Ello Chappello!! Been a long time! Approximentallyy............wait, I think I spelt that wrong.:sweat: Now, you kids be good in this next episode!


    * In the bus*

    Arc: I can't believe this, why am I here?........*gets hit with a paper ball* Hey!

    Cronoking: *hides under the seat* Alright Jube, let's get Sara now.

    Jube: *takes out a bendy straw* Let's do it! Spit style! *high fives*

    Rosey: ? What are you guys doing?

    Cronoking: Ah just having fun with the teachers. Hey Jube, remember, don't bend th-

    Jube: *launches* Yeah there it goes, get ready to-.....wait where did it go?

    Cronoking: You owe me new shoes.........

    Destined: You know, i'm just glad we didn't have to pay for this trip. My parents would have never fallen for the trick you pulled off.

    DPWolf: Yeah, worked like a charm. Bubble gum can stick to money so easily.

    Gamefreak103: was a free trip.

    DPWolf: Who said anything about using this money for a trip. >.> <.< *runs to the back of bus*

    Darkwatch: *sticks out foot and trips* Ha, friggin geek!

    Kitty: *pokes him in the ribs*

    Darkwatch: D: *falls down in the chair*

    Muffin: Huh, I thought I only knew that trick.

    Laurence_Fox: Please, you should have seen me when he tried to steal get me dirty at that food fight. Tofu never looked so disgusting......

    Shadowjak: Yeah, that was before someone become a wild hog and ate it a- Woo a speed bump!

    *The whole bus jumps up, making people hit their heads, and their bottoms*

    Mish: *falls right infront of Kitty's feet* Woah!

    Kitty: Hey, respect the toes!

    debralizjr: * hits up against Repliku*

    Repliku: You know, I would make a really long statement about how that hurt, and that you would never, ever feel the pain that has just been stowed upon me. It all started on a storm-

    Everyone: *falls asleep*

    Repliku: Man you losers..............wait, who's driving?

    *Everyone wakes up to see The Great Gatz asleep still*

    Arc: Hey.....wake up! No pay check for a week!

    The Great Gatz:zzzzzzzzzzzzzz....hmmm fudge pudding........tofu...................Pizza Hut!...zzz....

    Arc: I hope one of you guys know how to drive a bus.

    ~Amber~: Ah move aside! I maybe afraid of tables, but not buses!*pushes TGG out the way*

    Arc: Wait no! That's not what I-


    *The bus goes to an amazing speed*

    Kiburedo: Ah, stop this thing! *falls in the middle of bus*

    Xendran: *looks at the emergency brake* Spike! Emergency Alpha Plan Florange!

    O R A N G E: What?

    Xaldin: *pops up* Who?

    Roxas: *wtf?* Where?

    Arc: * throws MasterSword at them* Shut up!!!

    Spike: Wait a minute, what is that plan exactly?

    Xendran: *grabs spike, and throws him at the Emergency brake*

    Spike:* Hits right into it, and everything goes forward, including him* Doh! *goes through window*

    ~Amber~: * hits forehead on horn*

    Arc: *goes through two seats*

    Sara: *used Spdude as a shield from windows*

    advent_of_apocalypse: *finds a nickel* Pretty shiny.

    * Everyone pretty much was screwed.....everyone but advent_of_apocalypse*

    Shadowjak: *crawls towards ~Amber~*D<*eyes red*

    TheFro: Run Amber!

    ~Amber~: *tries to crawl away*

    Darkandroid: Hey, I think I see civilization!!! Not here...........T_T

    RVR: *stands out off bus* Woo! Welcome to Six Flags everybody!

    *Everybody's eyes widen with excitement, except RVR*

    Tootsie: Man! I haven't been here since forever!

    VGN: You're that old?

    Tootsie: It's not too late for the poke trick.

    Darkwatch: *grabs him by the shoulder* Trust me man...........

    GhettoX: Dang, I can't wait to mess with Daffy again! I cut off his tail last year...seemed pretty real though.

    TheChosenOne: You will be avenged tail..............AVGNED!!!!

    HigherBeing: You spelt that wrong. >.> *zips away*

    TheChosenOne: Argh! *tackles Ghetto*

    GhettoX: Hey! Don't Playa hate!

    Soush: Seriously! Stop talking like that!

    Libregkd: I wonder if that new wii section is open yet. Nah, i'd rather have the PS-

    KnightReaper: *shoots* Don't speak teh nonsense!

    Catch the Rain: Yeeah, I think im gonna go inside now.

    Soku: Yeah, atleast we won't have to wait for them in line. *sneaks off*

    * It was about two more hrs of bickering before they realized that they were missing all the fun. Now everyone was in the park, and the adventure begins!*

    Hissora: Wait, is this in TX? D:

    Soku: Yeah sure, wait, what's wrong with TX?

    Rosey: TX has a lame saying now. Don't Mess With Texas.

    Soku: I like it, kind of catchy...

    Catch the Rain: You can never Catch the Trash.*puts thumbs up* Oh yeah! Take that Chuck Norris!

    * Everyone claps*

    Soku: Wait! What about my movie?!

    XRoyale: Technically, it's a script. :3

    Rat: I can't wait to get security on everybody! >D

    Cronoking: I wonder what it will be like to get kicked out of sixflags. They'd have to catch me first!

    Catch the Rain: Catch the Crono.

    Way2Dawn: Wait a minute, there's gonna be two parts?

    Soku: Yeah, im trying to eat, and I know I wouldn't have the stuff to finish it later. So i'll just make another one.....continuing off this one.

    Shadowjak: *blows horn*

    Soku: Yeah it'll be in the same topic! Gosh you're ruining my life!*slams random door*
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    Snake/Marth/Link. The best ones. Nuff said.
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    I totally agree gerbil, and I feel some excitment coming on. Im defiently gonna love the stream though! =D
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    Catch the Rain is the virtual equivalent of Catch the Rain.

    Oh yeah, that pwns! *thumbs up* she can't snap her fingers though. >D
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    Who the hek is this Chuck Norris guy? What it should say on the rep is:

    _____________ is the virtual equivalent of Fonzie

    Heeeeey!*thumbs up*
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    Yeah, thanks for the comments. I'll try to keep the chapters up daily.
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