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Dec 22, 2014
Nov 10, 2008
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October 14
working man


Hollow Bastion Committee, Male

Sounds like a pretty good schedule. Not to hectic. Nov 30, 2012

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Dec 22, 2014
    1. nasirrich
      Soap its been way too long man what's going on?
    2. nasirrich
      Soap its been way too long man what's going on?
    3. Chie Satonaka
      Chie Satonaka
      long time no see(?), soap~~
    4. Soap
      Sounds like a pretty good schedule. Not to hectic.
    5. nasirrich
      Its kool dude I got to lab monday my actual lab and tuesday for extra help and he has a lab that day so its like why not
      For lecture I go at 130 tuesday and thrusday for a 1v1 with the teacher and have class tuesday and thurday
    6. nasirrich
      Nah its just cause electronics in cars so so f-ing hard man. I actual struggled with that and its cars. I got some extra help getting better, but I was gonna get some anyways its just I talked to my step dad. And to get extra he needs to see the final grades and what not. So if I can't provide then I can't enjoy the anime ride.
    7. nasirrich
      I'd actual love to see that happen. I'll take your entire clan on by myself. I'll show you what happens when Aqua comes out ~,^
      I won't though you have my word I can't cause the anime I wanna get is on the line
    8. nasirrich
      Naw see with me its only the 2nd time. I was legit sick for 2 weeks one time and like... Ehhh today. I'm destroying this graded homework right now. Unlike most of the marks in my class I was in AP Calc. Meaning the material in this math is stupid easy. I couldn't get placed in the proper math class cause my credits never transferred over, and other things -,-
    9. nasirrich
      College is really annoying
      Bout to cop some anime with that 60% off
      Played Halo 4
      And missed my Math class cause I didn't feel like going
    10. nasirrich
      Why hello there its been a while how's it going?
    11. nasirrich
      Soap my mans your AMV's are the business my g. But some of them are in 240p no... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOW COULD YOU??
    12. Jayn
      Hello again, fellow role player!
      Just a friendly reminder here! Please try to nominate and vote for the KHV Awards this year!

      The role play section of the awards has always been pretty dead, so please try to support us! Nominate your fellow role players, any fun role plays you're involved in (or were at some point during the year), etc. Even if you've already sent in your RP nominations, if there's anything you left blank, try to fill it! There has to be something or someone worthy of nominating from your time role playing this year, hopefully?

      You may recall me doing this last year. We actually got more nominations than usual, but let's try to kick it up a knotch and support our community here on KH-Vids. If you have any questions, please let me know and I will do my absolute best to help you out. It doesn't matter how often you RP, either.

      The nominations thread is here and you can PM your nominations to me.

      Please try to let other role players know as well.
      Good luck and thank you! ♥
    13. Itachilives
      the sky lol unless it fell down. Nm job searching and waiting for these rp to come back to life\ bleach dying / Avatar almost dead / Naruto didn't even have a heartbeat lol. How about yourself?
    14. Itachilives
      yo whats up
    15. CrownMoksha
      Need any help?
    16. CrownMoksha
      Any word on your digimon rp?
    17. Hiro ✩
      Hiro ✩
      Why wouldn't I? It's better than what I've made.
    18. Hiro ✩
      Hiro ✩
      Of course. Its really cool. like bowties *brick'd*
    19. Beau
      The OOC for the murder mystery, called 'A Night to Remember', is up! c:
    20. nasirrich
      I don't know man you know its that next, and I hope you won't have to wait and see the bad side of... The bad in it all there we go
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    October 14
    working man
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    You can call me Tay. I'm 21 years old, been here since the '07. I'm a fun guy to hang and talk with. Trying to find out what I want to do with my life right now. Things are always going in different directions for me.

    Training to be a mma fighter right now. Like doing graphic and movie design


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