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    Evarinya gasped, her mind going blank when she saw the condition of Risit and all the other dragons and Riders in the clearing. She fell to her knees when she saw Saphira and Eragon; Mizuiro immediately wrapped the bulk of her tail around Evarinya, the growl that emmitted from her giant, clenched teeth both angry and sorrowful.

    "Someone explain this." The sentence was not a question, nor a statement, but a demand. She looked around to all present. Despite being on the ground with her sword held limply in her hand, Evarinya intended to use her authority as an Elder to get the information she needed. "Now."

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    Eira shut her eyes, bracing herself for the nasty fall, expecting to have to heal broken bones, split skin, and damaged gear--- when something suddenly caught her after only a few feet. She blinked, twisted around slightly, and found herself staring at Amaterasu's giant eyeball.

    "Damn, you're fast!" she gasped. Ama had just caught her in his upturned claw. "How did you-"

    It was pretty obvious you were going to fall, Amaterasu cut in, though Eira could hear a little humor in his tone. Your footing was off the whole time.

    "Then why didn't you say anything?" Eira insisted, struggling into a more decent position. "I could have really gotten hurt! Come to think of it, why are you so moody all of a-"

    Grab your bow and let's get out of here, Amaterasu interjected yet again. Eira could sense a sudden change in his emotion again: from slight amusement and pride at saving her from a nasty fall to... anger? Panic? Confusion? Eira swore she could feel all three at the same time. What could possibly be scaring her dragon so badly that he wasn't speaking to her about it?

    "On one condition," she began seriously, holding the stare of his eye. "We'll talk... later... together. Okay?"

    Amaterasu was silent for a moment, and then nodded his head briefly in agreement. Eira swallowed a smile as her dragon lifted her up just a little higher so she could reach her bow. She secured the bow onto her back before climbing into her saddle and strapping herself in.

    What's the matter? Where are we-? Eira started the question, and then stopped; past the area of woods where they had found her bow, Eira could barely make out, in the distance, the form of at least one giant dragon... lying in a position that wasn't exactly natural. She did recognize Randen, Merik's dragon, and that was enough for her; if the teacher wasn't there for her to show she'd completed the task, what was the point?

    Don't worry, Amaterasu began. We'll be there in under a minute.

    No, Eira thought immediately. We should keep our distance for now; we don't know what's going on down there. Just stay in the air, above them.

    Right, Amaterasu agreed, and did just that.
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    Evarinya gasped, clutching at her heart. Mizuiro growled mid-flight, flapping her wings to hang mid-air. It took Evarinya a moment to catch her breath again; the sudden, terrified, urgent voice that had cut into her thoughts and left just as quickly had startled her beyond belief. She could feel the tension in the air, the mental and physical on-edge, wariness of her dragon, the way Mizuiro's flight pattern, wing beat, and heart-rate changed... it was all wrong. After just calming herself, too, due to her worrying discussion with Eragon, it all suddenly went to hell.

    Already? Now? So soon, with no warning? she thought desperately, her hand on the hilt of her sword. Eragon-elda said we still needed to gather information, to find out what was really going on before acting... but... what's happened?

    We should speak with Master Risit... now, Mizuiro said, her tone scared and sad at the same time. I have a feeling that Shadeslayer and Brightscales are... in trouble.

    Go, Evarinya said quickly, readily drawing part of her sword as Mizuiro swung around back toward the large tree and clearing where they had just left from. She was thinking fast as they flew, her mind linked perfectly with Mizuiro through the tension: What could possibly be wrong? We're safe here, and I cannot think of any Rider or dragon nowadays that would dare disturb the peace we've worked so hard to create. And Eragon... I admire him above all others (besides Saphira, of course.) But whatever has happened has upset Merik and Risit greatly... can it be that...?

    No, Mizuiro interrupted smoothly. Do not think that, Eva... not until we know for certain.

    Faster, then, please, Evarinya insisted, and Mizuiro responded immediately, getting them back to the clearing within minutes. She was off of her dragon in seconds, her drawn completely drawn in the same movement. She stared across the way at Risit, her eyes suddenly filling with tears; she could see the answer to the question in her mind in his eyes. She bowed, making the proper greeting toward her fellow Elder, blinking profusely to clear her vision. Evarinya wasn't sure what to say, or how to say it, so she waited, weapon drawn, for the man in front of her to speak.


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    Eira unstrapped herself from her dragon's saddle, landing not-too-quietly on the forest floor. She figured that Amaterasu had landed here, without words, because he had an idea of where her bow was. Why he hadn't spoken to her or even indicated he was going to land, Eira didn't know. I'll ask him later, she told herself as she drew one of her daggers and looked around the area. Now is not the time; we need to finish this now and get back to Master Merik first.

    Eira thought for a moment about where her bow could possibly be. Come on, now... think like the smart, strong, Garrowson that you are. Use the brains part of your skills now, and later on you can use your strength. Let's see... my bow's a hell of a lot lighter than the other Riders' swords... so, if it was magically transported here, the weight of the weapon is sure to determine where and how it lands? So, since my bow is lighter, it has to be above me. Maybe... in the branches of these trees?

    She glanced up, aware of Amaterasu watching her carefully with one eye. Eira was surprised that he wasn't speaking or even suggesting help at this point, but she wasn't about to break her concentration right now if he was going to be so... insolent for no reason. Growling under her breath in frustration, Eira swung her head to the side to flip her bangs out of her eyes and stared up at the branches of the trees above her. The sunlight barely broke through the thick canopy, blinding and shading her at different, immediate intervals. Eira sighed a moment later; she glimpsed an odd-shaped shadow above her, and knew right away it was her bow. The weapon was resting sideways between several large, overlapping branches about twenty feet above her.

    "Ama!' she exclaimed aloud, relieved and excited. "There it is! You were right!"

    The dragon snorted, not making another word or sound. Eira ground her teeth for a moment, and then sheathed her drawn dagger, grabbed either side of the nearest tree, and began to climb. She ignored the light scrapings of several stray branches on her exposed arms, neck, and face, continuing to work her way up to her bow. Once she had the end of the smooth, slender bow in her grasp, Eira let out a triumphant shout. She glanced down at Amaterasu, but he merely sat still, his tail twitching, his teeth slightly bared, glinting in the sunlight.

    "Ama, we did it!" Eira shouted down nonetheless, starting to get a little irritated at Ama; he was usually so different. What was on his nerves? "What's wrong with you?" Eira pried, still looking down over her shoulder at her dragon while she worked her bow loose from the tangled branches. "Just talk to-"

    But Eira didn't finish; her footing slipped in her present, awkwardly twisted position, and she felt her fingers slowly release her bow as she fell from her perch, rushing toward the hard forest floor below her.
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    Eira growled under her breath, frustrated. The entire area of Edoc'sil was a very large place, and finding such a small piece of wood like her weapon seemed nearly impossible to her. Hell, if she had a regular blade like the other Riders, it would still be extremely difficult to find. Even with the help of Amaterasu's eyesight, she was starting to lose hope.

    You realize the point of the exercise is us becoming closer, right? Amaterasu began suddenly, surprising Eira as they flew. It's pretty simple; Merik wants to see how well we... know each other, no matter how long it's been between each individual Rider and dragon.

    Maybe, Eira replied. I just don't understand; shouldn't we be sparring or working with Mistress Evarinya if it's mental exercise we need?

    Without responding, Amaterasu suddenly banked hard to the left, making Eira tighten the muscles in her thighs, gripping the front of the saddle. Her dragon swung down now, at a severe angle, toward a large group of trees that Eira did not recognize. Had they really been flying that far? And, more importantly, what was making him choose to land without warning her or telling her why?

    "Ama!" Eira shouted, forgetting completely to speak with her mind. "What the hell are you doing? Do you see something?"

    Amaterasu did not respond, though; he flapped his wings at full-span, swirling the air around them as he neared the ground, crushing several small trees underneath his bulk. Eira lowered her head, holding onto the saddle with one hand and most of her long hair in the other. When the wind finally settled down and Amaterasu was settled in place on the forest floor, she finally opened her eyes. Instinctively, Eira reached toward her shoulder blades, ready to grab her bow and string an arrow, but--- nothing. She cursed, looking down at the daggers on her belt that she rarely used; whenever her bow was gone, all she had were the small blades for close-combat that she was only an amateur at using. Eira glared at the back of Amaterasu's head, but didn't say anything.

    He's usually not like this, she thought to herself, confused. Yes, he's arrogant and wants to win, just so he can protect me... I know that. I've known that about him since the first moment I touched him five years ago... but... why is he so moody? Is it the new Riders? Or... what? Eira sighed; the worst part was she had no idea how to talk to him about it.
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    Eira quickly noticed that the the shades of brown around and below her were much more distinct than any other colors. She wondered why this was the case... did all dragons function this way with their vision?

    Because of my color, Eira, Amaterasu said suddenly. He sounded slightly uncomfortable, as if the saddle wasn't fitting correctly on him, or he was thinking of something unpleasant that Eira knew nothing about. It's alright, Amaterasu added suddenly, already able to tell Eira was concerned about him. It's nothing; just focus on your bow. We will complete this task first and return to Merik before the other students. Besides, he added with even more pride than usual, Your bow is a lovely shade of brown. Fate has coordinated this day perfectly for you. I will help you look.

    Eira nodded, continuing to look down and around her. She focused on the types of brown she could see instead of everything else, but she had no luck so far. Furthermore, she was worried about what was bothering Amaterasu; he was hiding something, something that was making him uncomfortable and distant from her. He could obviously read her mind as well as usual, but she couldn't read him much at all right now. His attitude was still the same, just as confident as ever, but... was it because of their combined vision? Were they not as... bonded as she assumed? Was her performance lessened now because she wasn't seeing as well as she potentially could? That frustrated Eira; if she could be better, she sure as hell would be. No matter what.
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    Evarinya nodded; she knew Eragon did not need to speak any further, and neither did she. Mizuiro and she both shared his grief at the loss of fellow Riders, and all she felt like doing right now was going on a long, leisurely flight with her dragon to clear and settle both of their minds. This was an exercise they shared regularly, whether they were troubled or not. Evarinya bowed to Eragon silently and was strapped in Mizuiro's saddle within moments. The dragon took off very slowly, as if she were conscious of the amount of movement, wind, and commotion that occurred when a larger, older dragon took flight.

    They circled over the meeting place a few times before Mizuiro started heading west. Alageasia was home to neither of them anymore, but they both still held memories of the land that seemed another world away now.

    You are restless, Mizuiro began. Evarinya could hear the concern and slight frustration in the soft tone of her dragon. She nodded even though the physical gesture wasn't needed. Tell me, dear... what is wrong? You usually handle all situations with ease and logical kindness.

    I will be fine, don't worry, she responded, feeling a little guilty for making Mizuiro upset. I am just surprised, that's all.

    Mizuiro remained silent for a full minute, and Evarinya could feel the dragon poking at her mind, sorting through her emotions, trying desperately to understand what her Rider was feeling. Tell me, then, Mizuiro began, why does it feel as if you want me to fly directly to Alagaesia and hunt down the culprit of these unforgivable crimes mercilessly? That is not who you are, Eva.

    I know, Evarinya sighed, unable to stop from smiling at her dragon's intuition. As I said before, Eragon is right. We will wait till the information is gathered properly. Though... she paused, trying to calm herself further. I do hope with all my heart we can resolve this quickly before anything else goes horribly wrong.

    She could feel Mizuiro's wordless, strong agreement.


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    Eira blinked for a moment, her hand going over her shoulder immediately when she felt the weight of her bow vanish from her back. She ground her teeth for a moment in frustration (both at not having her weapon and being the only one not looking to an empty scabbard at their hip). Amaterasu growled next to her, but she put a hand on his side, calming him.

    What kind of childish trick is this? he snapped angrily. Could Merik think of nothing better than a hide-and-seek trial? How juvenile...

    I've never flown through your eyes, Ama, Eira thought back quickly, this her obvious concern in the lesson. I know the word in the ancient language, but we've never tried it.

    Ha, Amaterasu laughed, rolling his eyes. Simple. How hard can it be? Get on and let's go before one of these... hatchlings gets ahead of us.

    Right! Eira agreed, jumping up onto Amaterasu's back. In her rush, she only buckled half of the straps keeping her legs held down. She looked down at her fellow students for a moment, nodded respectfully in Merik's direction, and then took off in a flurry of wind. Amaterasu let out a harsh, deep roar, making sure his voice resonated around the training camp for all to hear. Eira knew that, despite his mere five years of age, Amaterasu felt as if he were five hundred. His arrogance boosted the courage in herself, but she knew she was the one that had to keep them logical and in-check... otherwise she had no idea what would happen.

    Amaterasu swung north of the training area, not flying very high at the moment. Eira sighed; she knew there was no other way to possibly find her bow without linking her eyesight with her dragons. Ready? she asked.

    Of course, he replied swiftly. She could feel the excitement practically emanating from him.

    Okay, then, Eira thought, mostly to herself. "Skulblakas!" she shouted, loud enough to hear herself above the wind, and gasped: her vision quickly changed in a flurry of colors. Amaterasu grunted when the connection was made, and Eira had to catch her breath. Was this really what her dragon saw constantly? Everything was so crisp and colorful; looking down at the ground below them, she could discern every shade of green in the foliage, every living creature that roamed the land... yet their connection kept wavering, and Eira found her vision blurring and sharpening, as if she were looking through a thick piece of glass. She shook her head, ignoring the feeling, trying her best to look for any sign of her weapon.
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    Ha! Tell Arch that one; he needs to post so you guys can finish your fight and the rest of us can finally get on with this thread, too~! ^.^
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    Taralynn clapped her hands excitedly, almost like a normal, Muggle schoolgirl. She almost wanted to put off her antics with the ghosts until another night so she could tag along with Jack and watch him... work. But, she knew her task was important and, since it was now time for dinner, she figured she might as well get started.

    "Well," she began. "I'm not really hungry, so I'll... be on my way. Want to meet back here later and I'll let you know how it went?" Taralynn wanted to succeed, no matter what, but she knew that her task needed to be planned out, so she intended to walk the halls and floors, looking for Peeves or whatever ghost she could find.

    Iris smiled. "Brilliant!" she praised, silently wishing she could have thought of a spell herself first. "I guess we'd better get out of here, huh?"
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    Claire thought quickly; she may be "sick," and hard to talk to, a person with issues that not many other people understood, but... she wasn't heartless. She could still understand what Jaden was trying to do, how kind he was being despite the fact that all she'd done was act like a depressed, spoiled child crying all the time since she arrived.

    Scolding herself harshly in her head, as usual, Claire cleared her throat, summoning up the best smile she could manage. She hoped with all her heart that the expression didn't make her look like she was forcibly in pain instead of grateful.

    "Sit down, Jaden," she began quietly, surprised at how smooth and easy his name sounded coming out of her mouth. "And thank you," she added, trying her best to say a "normal" response. No, I'm not used to this, she added to herself. But, then again, neither is he; if he's willing to try, I sure as hell better be willing, too.
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    Evarinya nodded, though, for some reason, she felt like crying; she knew Risit as well, of course, and the fact that Eragon had brought the name up in his suspicions made her very upset inside; she loved her fellow Elders, as well as the teachers and all the students she knew. This was her purpose, here, doing all of her work for the good of the young Riders and their dragons. To think... that the word murder was even thinkable in this day and age was--

    Very saddening, Mizuiro finished toward Evarinya. Do not despair, though; Eragon is right. We must wait until we have gathered all the necessary information before acting. Doing anything now would be rash and unhelpful to the younglings.

    Evarinya sighed, bowing her head. Yes, of course, she thought back. I am praying that the rumors are not true, either way.

    Mizuiro lowered her head till her bottom jaw touched the ground softly. Act wisely and kindly, Eva. No matter what happens.

    Evarinya wanted to smile in recognition of her dragon's encouraging words, but found herself unable to. Instead, she spoke aloud, "We agree, Eragon-elda. Wherever and whenever you need us, we are ready to serve."


    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Eira rose up from her crouching, aiming stance, securing her bow over her shoulders when she saw the other students arriving. She glanced over at Amaterasu to see his nostrils flaring and contracting constantly, smelling the air with the scents of the other dragons and their respective Riders. She could tell, from the small twitch in his nail that he was excited beyond belief to prove himself... even though he'd never admit it.

    Oh, my, Amaterasu chuckled, buffeted Eira in two pillars of smoke that she batted away with her hands. Just look at how... small some of them are! Could they not put us in a better ranking class with those of our own skills and abilities? This will be embarrassing.

    Embarrassing for us if you get too cocky, Ama, Eira added as she crossed her arms over her chest, shifting her body weight from one leg to the other. She couldn't help but smile, though; the blood in her veins knew the glory of battle, the intellect of strategy, and the overwhelming love of a warrior. She was ready as well.

    Amaterasu did not acknowledge or respond to Eira's warning statement. He merely ran his tongue across his teeth once, and then knelt down to curl into a ball to Eira's right, only keeping one eye open in the direction of the arriving students and dragons. His attitude was nonchallant, but Eira knew he was hiding his anticipation.
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    Ha... I just realized that the group title says "tight-knight" in it ^.^
    I feel so heroic!! xD
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    Evarinya was about to reply with another standard greeting, but stopped herself mid-stride, shocked at her fellow Rider's sudden words. She listened silently, clasping both her hands over her chest in anticipation, her fingers laced tightly together. Feeling the confusion and sadness in Muzuiro as well, she respectfully bowed her head; she could tell that the eye-contact was bothering Eragon, and she did not want to upset him.

    "This is wrong," was the first thing she said after thinking for a moment. "The abomination of the murder of a Rider hasn't happened for... hundreds of years."

    Not to mention the dragons of these Riders, Muzuiro interjected, both in Evarinya's and Eragon's minds. Her tone was respectful and woeful like Evarinya's, but the elf could feel the anger underneath as well.

    Evarinya nodded swiftly, a sad, thoughtful look in her eyes. "May I ask, Könungr-Vergandí," she began quietly, "... who isn't accounted for?"

    As well as the fate of the Rider's dragons, Muzuiro added quietly.


    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Eira sighed at her dragon's usual, arrogant comment. She had learned not to argue with him when it came to modesty, even when it was about her own. Swallowing a retort, Eira strung her bow once more, pulling the string back until the feathers of the shaft tickled her right cheekbone. She shut her eyes for a moment, focusing her breathing and clearing her mind of all but her target. When she opened them again, it was only half-way, in an almost comical squint that was locked onto the dummy sixty feet from her.

    Just below the collar, she thought as she aimed. You might be good at aiming, but you're still a small girl; that recoiling bow will pop your shot up whether you want it to or not. Placing the tip of her arrow underneath the dummy's throat, Eira exhaled through her mouth... and fired. Almost a full second later, she heard the familiar, satisfying sound of her mark hitting home: steel arrow against burlap sack and straw. The noise made her smile, and she felt Amaterasu's pride instantly. That, above anything else, made her want to be even better.
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    Evarinya stirred from her meditation when she heard the voice in her head. She smiled, no fear or weak anticipation clouding her thoughts; whenever she heard from Eragon, it was always for a good thing, and she knew exactly where to meet him.

    She was sitting on Mizuiro, balanced perfectly between her mid-spine and the joint of her wing. Their minds were joined perfectly through the meditation process, and they were wordlessly sharing memories as they usually did. No matter what the time of day it was, they always made the time to complete this exercise; it was what she taught the young Riders, although Evarinya didn't really consider it a "lesson." For her, meditating with Mizuiro was just a fun, exciting part of their days; they would laugh at each other's memories, her elf-like experiences making Mizuiro chuckle lightly, and her dragon's excitement at a mere hunting kill made her giggle. Their more-serious, mind-filled discussions helped teach other their strengths, weaknesses, and details of each other's subconscious thoughts that neither had realized before.

    Therefore, being brought out of her meditation bothered her a little bit, but Evarinya smiled and stood lightly on Mizuiro's back. Ready, then? she asked her dragon, not feeling the need to speak the word.

    Of course, Mizuiro answered in her usual soft, sweet tone. She waited patiently for Evarinya to strap her legs into the stirrups of her saddle, even though, with the elf's quick speed, it only took a few seconds. She did not need her Rider's mental or verbal remark to know she was ready to fly; once she was settled, they took off in a flurry of dust and wind. It didn't take Mizuiro long to land not far from the hollow trunk where Eragon stood; she knew the place very well from past meetings.

    Evarinya was off her dragon in a moment, wanting to make sure she arrived with the correct, prompt timing that she thought should be expected. With the traditions elvish greeting, she began, "Eragon-elda," she began, a small smile on her face. "How can I help you?"


    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Eira was up hours before the morning star showed itself above the mountain tops; she was already awake, clean, dressed, armored, and practicing on her own. It was hard to see with the lack of light in the time before dawn, but she preferred to start her days this way. So many wanted to sleep in late, getting much more rest than necessary (in her opinion) and she could not understand this concept; why waste time lying, doing nothing, when in the morning, there was no one around to bother her in the training areas?

    She knew she was different; being related to their leader through her family's proud, ancient bloodline was something that made her stand out on its own... not to mention that fact that she refused to work primarily with a sword like most other Riders. Eira could understand the constant teasing of the fact that she used her entire name when being introduced, as well as knowing her family's history to the day. She was used to the most common question of, "if Roran Garrowson's blood runs so strongly in your veins, where is your hammer?" To that, she rarely replied with words. The truth was, she'd tried, but her small, female figure couldn't handle the weapon as well as another male warrior could.

    The bottom line was, she loved her bow.

    That much is obvious, Amaterasu butted into her thoughts, making Eira loosen the tension in her drawn bow, aimed at a dummy nearly sixty feet away, and smirk. It is plain to me and your teachers that you are the best archer on this island. This early practice is not necessary.

    Eira laughed, hunching back on the balls of her feet, laying her bow across her thighs. "Now that's just silly! I'm good, but not good enough. I'll keep practicing till my arms fall off, Ama... you know that!"

    The dragon snorted haughtily, a deep, growl-like grumble that echoed and vibrated in his throat. This arrogant, high-spoken mannerism was something Eira heard very often. The other students will arrive soon, no doubt... get in another few shots before those weaklings arrive.
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    Pretty much anyone that isn't RPF >> Angelina has to write a re-cap for them, though '^^
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    Claire nearly jumped up off the bed when she heard the door open, but she swallowed a moment later, smoothing her hair self-consciously. She didn't actually expect Jaden to come talk to her, nor did she notice him not knocking. Hell, all I'm worried about is how awful I must look right now after crying through the night. Why is that the case?!

    "Hiya," she managed back, sitting up and wiping her cheeks subconsciously again. She stared at Jaden and the tray of food for a moment, not quite understanding what he was--

    "Is that..." she began slowly, clearing her throat and blinking, "... for me?"

    A million other questions rose in her throat, but she decided to not speak them aloud: did he really take the time to do this for me? How does he expect me to react? Isn't it my job to get him breakfast? Did he already eat so I don't have to feel bad? Better yet... why?

    Claire moved over to one side of the bed, smoothing the sheets. She assumed Jaden would want to set down the tray and talk to her, but she tried to not look too desperate; after all, how well did she really know her husband? The actual question being thought in her head made her want to inexplicably cry again.
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