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Jul 15, 2010
Feb 24, 2009
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Moogle Assistant, from Iceland

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Jul 15, 2010
    1. ^_^zexion's real wife^_^
    2. Zexion
      Nothing in particular. :/
    3. ShibuyaGato
      metal, rock and idk what the last one is. i dont even think that the rock one is rock. but i know for sure that the metal one is metal. and i'll give you a hint on the metal one. its hard and its 7 minutes long.
    4. ShibuyaGato
      im doing with three songs in particular right now. and they're all going to be hard to make. cuz i gotta live up to the standards that other people have set for all three songs. plenty of people have made vids with these songs before and i just wanna make all three of them great.
    5. ShibuyaGato
      here's a link you can use to watch them all (all 40+ of them ^_^) just make sure that the ones you watch are the ones made by Cat<3Sora because any of the others aren't mine. and a few arent in there just most of them. hope you like em all.
    6. sorashark5
      hi how r u doing
    7. Zexion
      me? i'm fine. :)
    8. sorakairilovers
      I did, its so plain campared with the US flag! Dude, have you heard of Monty Oum on Youtube? I want you to look up "Dead Fantasy" on there and watch 1 through 5. It is sooooo epic!! I think you'll like it. XD
    9. ^_^Xion^_^
      lol :rofl:
      Well it's fun, especially running from security xD
      Weird as it is, yes ^.^
      But the radd part about it is that I don't really like chocolate xP
      Have you ever found yourself wake up but standing? (sleep walking)
    10. ShibuyaGato
      yeah you can. all you gotta do is click the user portal button up on top and it takes you into a "youtube without copywrite infringement" ^_^ you can post vids on there and watch other peoples stuff too. its great. its the only place i can post my vids.
    11. ^_^Xion^_^
      Tehe xD
      Yay, I guessed! *crazy dance*
      Yeah :xp:
      Ever gotten kicked out of some store?
    12. ShibuyaGato
      yeah. im scary good ^_^ just check out some of myh vids in the user portal. same account name i've got a playlist of all my vids (or most) that ive posted in there and others.
    13. KingdomHeartsFanGirl7952
      lol yep and thanks ^^
    14. ^_^Xion^_^
      I know right?
      lol :lolface:
      It's just that you seem to be those who always have a smile on their face person type.
      Am I right or am I wrong?
    15. ShibuyaGato
      I make vids with Vegas 9.0 it gets kinda tricky but seeing the end results makes it all worthwhile ^_^
    16. KingdomHeartsFanGirl7952
      Un not exactly originaly its a Sig that my friend made me but I made it repeat over and over again to get it to look like it is now ^^
    17. KingdomHeartsFanGirl7952
    18. Zexion
      so? how are you?
    19. ^_^Xion^_^
      lol, I hate chocolate :3
      It's weird I know but I don't like it at ALL :P
      Wtf? :rofl:
      Umm sure, I guess I do but with cereal^_^
      Can you handle not smiling for an hour?
    20. sorakairilovers
      wow, Iceland was formed due to volcanic activity over 20 million years ago! And the name came from one of the settlers finding a floating piece of ice during one winter and gave it the name because of that! What a way to gain a name.
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