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    I can only go 'WHAT THE HELL' at my screen right now.

    Thank you Nomura.
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    That was beautiful. A trailer on a building! OK not only that but, wow! I love it when they project stuff on buildings. And the trailer was cool itself, of course. And that quality...
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    Diva Mode.

    I feel like making cross-over jokes, but let's forget about the every so popular KH x Vocaloid stuff on Pixiv for a while.

    And yes, the links are broken for me too.
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    KH dying? I don't think so. There are franchises still alive after having no games for a decade. (Hlf-Life, Duke Nukem...) So I don't see this one dying so soon. The complicated storyline (it's not really /that/ complicated) only does the franchise good. In a different fandom I'm in, new**** are so friggin anno- Wait that's mean. Let me rephrase. Sometimes something can grow so fast so huge the francise dies because of it's fans. Because this franchise isn't as easy to follow, we don't really have this. So it's good it's not growing as fast as other things. Fast movement doesn't do most things good.
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    I love the game. Seriously. I found 13 a pain in the nether regions sometimes and 13-2 seems to flow so much more in comparision. Mayor improvement? More puzzles. Ever since 10 I felt the need for puzzles in every FF-game I played. This just is amazing, on the verge of driving me insane. (Not that I am sane, but whatever...)

    The last world (not really the last world, but the last city). That's my heaven. Puzzle mania. I'm in love with this game.

    Story-wise it's great too. I kinda need more Sazh though, good I can get him in the DLC.
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    While I think the article makes some valid points, I think the article's off in as many ways as possible. IGN, in my eyes, is an informative site, not a place to post your rants of frustration. Also, metaphors used are entirely wrong. Also, loads of stuff mentioned here happens in Final Fantasy-games too. Over-complicated plot? Yes. Emotions not entirely visible? Yes. (Altough I think it's not entirely legit to say this, but maybe I'm a woman and I can spot emotions more easily.)

    But yeah, where's the informative, educational purpose? To me this is just whining, but it looks more shiny because it's on IGN.

    I also want to make a Half-Life joke, but I guess only thinking about it makes me laugh out loud. At least we get new games.
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    Hello everyone who is discussing this, let me throw some facts on you. Just to get everyone informed, since I saw some confused people here.

    1. The new games are on DS and 3DS because Gamefreak wants this. That way they can reach out to a wider audience. Junichi Masuda was asked about this a while ago and replied that however the 3DS is the newest system, he would not make the next games for only the 3DS because of the public.

    2. There's already a new game announced that's not a sequel. It's Nobunaga's Ambition. I would not expect them to make another new new game.

    3. There are a lot of hints in the original Black and White for a sequel. It has also been hinted by Gamefreak itself that there was enough material for a direct sequel on the storyline. So the expectations are that we will be continuing from where we left off.

    4. If you know the legends talked about in B/W, you know Kyurem is the shell that's left over after Zekrom and Reshiram split, both following their own hero. So these fusions actually make sense. Also, since Kyurem was already available in B/W, they would never just make a regular Gray version.

    Hope that helped answering some questions.

    What I'm interested in though, is compatibility with the things the older games set up. How about my party? How about C-Gear and the Dreamworld? Will they still use that? Can I migrate my Pokemon? Stuff like that.
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    That kid wiould get expelled in this country. And since ourt school work together in one region, it would get tough going to a different school...

    That put aside, this happens way too much. I think it's terrible if bullying gets taped, which seems to be a trend right now. To me, however, I think the teachers/school council/whatever are not acting strict enough. At all. It's like they secretly agree with qhat the bully has been doing.
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    Is the background as dark as our hearts then?
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    I should... Stop wearing bright pink and glitter then, should I?
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    Yeah, some people get defensive pretty quickly. It's not only with gay people, but I see your point. And I also agree with making out in public spaces. For all couples, gay or straight, because there are closed rooms for that. A small kiss is ok, but eating each other's faces off is definetely not okay for me. It makes me feel sick, to be honest.
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    Those marriages were legal, yes. If they weren't they would've been good examples, right?
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    Considering there are people married to video game characters and body pillows, I guess in some countries you might be able to marry your car. I don't think that's quite... Normal... But it happens. And it makes people happy too.
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